FreeBitco Pay » Proof of Payment | win

FreeBitco Pay » Proof of Payment | win

FreeBitco is a website where we go to earn bitcoins totally freethis platform pays per day without problems, here we will earn in the easiest way you cánido imagine, this is one of the oldest websites that has been running for years.

Here we will find games, a contest, a faucet, mining, a referral program among other functions that may be of interest to you.

If you are looking for a fácil way to earn free bitcoins, I invite you to continue reading.

What is FreeBitco?

FreeBitco is a faucet in which we will earn completely free bitcoins in various ways: playing, mining, inviting people and doing nothing thanks to the passive interests that the platform has.

FreeBitco Feature

  • Assessment: Excellent 10/10
  • Minimum Payment: From 30,000 satoshis
  • Payment method: Any Bitcoin wallet (AirTm, Coinbase, Exodus, Binance, etcétera.)
  • Referral System: 1 level, we earn 50%
  • Language: English
  • Accepted Countries: All the countries

Register at Free FreeBitco

Registration is very fácil, you just have to go to the FreeBitcoin official pagethen you just have to add your correo electrónico, a password and a Bitcoins address to receive your earnings.

In case you do not have a virtual wallet to receive your payments or you do not know how it works because you are new, I recommend that you look at these wallets:

  • Coinbase, practically the best en línea wallet so far
  • Binance, trusted cryptocurrency wallet
  • Official Bitcoin wallet

One of the advantages of this platform is that it has no restrictions, that is, we will be able to earn money regardless of our country of origin.

After registration, we will confirm our correo electrónico in order to start using this platform.

How does FreeBitco work?

After registration and confirmation of our correo electrónico, we cánido entrar and visit the FREE BTCwhich is the platform’s own faucet, as we cánido see in the following image.

As perro be seen, it consists of a series of numbers with their corresponding prizes, we will earn bitcoins according to the numbers that jump between 0 and 9885.

In case we get 10,000, we will earn a total of 0.02179012 BTC, a total of $200 dollars to the current date of the bitcoin rate.

To participate is very easy, what we do is clic on the ROLL button and complete the captcha, and we will randomly get a number which will define the amount of satoshis we will earn.

A very important fact is that we perro only participate in this option every hour, that is, 24 times a day, since the Roll restarts every 60 minutes.

Perro you get the number 10,000 in the ROLL?

Being honest, let’s analyze the following, as it is a 100% random system in each roll, the probabilities of drawing it are the same as those of any other number, in addition, this platform emplees the Probably Fair system, which is recognized for its transparency and security.

This is rather a matter of luck and perseverance, if you do your homework every hour to participate in the Roll, it is possible to achieve it.

FreeBitcoin pays that sum of money to whoever wins.

Increase profits with Multiply BTC

In this option called Multiply BTCwe are going to have the possibility of making bets with the objective of multiplying our winnings, also of getting Golden Tiqueswhich are rewards points and participation in lotteries on the platform.

Golden Ticket: Draw a Lamborghini

It is an added section that allows us to entrar a raffle for a Lamborghini car valued at more than 200,000 dollars, incredible but true.

To be able to participate, it is by obtaining tiques and gold or Golden Tiques, we perro acquire these by playing in the sections MULTIPLY BTC either BETTING.

This raffle lasts for about 6 months, when the time is up, the winner of the car is announced and the lucky one cánido pick it up in the United States, they also have the option of receiving the prize in Bitcoins.

FreeBitco Contest: Bets and Referrals

In the “Contest” section we will have the opportunity to earn money With this tool, it consists of the possibility of being able to participate in two additional contests: Wagering Contest” (with $21,600 in prizes) and “Referral Contest” (with $10,900 in prizes).

Wagering Contest: We only have to make a bet during the last 30 days and we are already participating, here the first 10 users with the highest number of bets made during the month are the ones who win.

Referral Answer: Also here, the first 10 users with referrals who have made the most bets in the month will be distributed about $10,000 in prizes.

Passive Interest in FreeBitco

Another way to increase our bitcoin earnings is through passive interest, here what we have to do is maintain a minimum cómputo of 30,000 satoshis, that is, about 0.0003 BTC available in our FreeBitcoin account.

The annual interest is currently at 4% per year.

Mining with the browser

Currently FreeBitcoin does not allow mining in the browser, at least in my country, since I have seen users that if that option is available in their account, it is possible that they have removed that option or that it is only available in some countries, due to the I will continue to investigate on the subject for now.

FreeBitco affiliate and referral system

FreeBitcoin also has a affiliate system with which we are going to generate profits and thus increase the amount of bitcoins that we perro earn.

  • Free BTC : 50% of each roll, 1 lottery ticket and 3 rewards points.
  • Multiply BTC : 0.40% of each spin.
  • Betting : 0.40% of each bet.
  • Earn BTC : 25% of daily interest.

Does FreeBitco pay or is it a scam?

Of course yes, we are talking about one of the best pages for earn free bitcoinsFreeBitcoin has proof of payments, I myself received my first payment of 30,000 satoshis, you will also see many many proofs of payments on YouTube, forums and business groups.

FreeBitco Proof of Payment

This page is paying to date, I have charged myself, but I had to delete the vídeo where it showed the FreeBitco proof of payment.

But I leave you a screenshot of the payment receipt that was sent to my dirección de correo electrónico.

bitcoin Opinions and Suggestions

Definitely, FreeBitcoin is a good option when choosing which pages we are going to work for earn free bitcoinsAs we have seen, this platform has multiple options to earn Satoshi and if we have many referrals we perro increase our earnings.

Cánido sign up at this backlink.

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 FreeBitco Pay » Proof of Payment |  win
  FreeBitco Pay » Proof of Payment |  win
  FreeBitco Pay » Proof of Payment |  win

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