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Are you looking for a page where you perro earn bitcoin fractions? In that case, you should know that one of the best options available at the moment is

If you want to know how this platform works, keep reading! We will explain everything you need to know to use it and what are the ways to make a profit on it.

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What is It’s a bitcoin faucet.

Through this page you cánido get fractions of this cryptocurrency (satoshis) by carrying out fácil actions, which we will see later.

Highlights of

First of all, as we have mentioned before, is a page where you have to perform a task to get fractions of bitcoins for free.

This available in english and it is very well received, because there are many people who have been able to verify that this page really pays.

You accept countries around the worldand as a means of payment it admits any bitcoin wallet or wallet.

Earnings cánido be withdrawn from 0.0003 bitcoins (30,000 satoshis).

Finally, it should be noted that has a referral systemthrough which you perro earn up to half of the amount generated by referrals.

How does work?

Of the options offered by, the easiest is a call Free BTC.

When entering this section, clic on the section rollsimply.

Sometimes a captcha appears to prove that whoever is trying to access the system is not a robot.

A number will appear, and the amount that has been won.

This is something that perro be done every hour, so in a day you cánido use this method up to 24 times.

Ways to make money on

Next to the one we just saw, there is Other options to earn money with

Gambling and other games

One of the ways to earn money with is through betting, lottery games and investments.

Among the funniest options is Bettingwhich consists of doing bets on all kinds of events, not just sports.

You perro even bet on the election for President of the United States!

To access the betting game you have to entrar the tab “Multiply BTC”.

You have several options:

  • bet high: for which you need to get a higher number 5250 in roulette.
  • bet low: here you will win if the number you get is less than 4750.

Another available option is to play Jackpot, where you have to choose an plus bet according to what is indicated in the Cost (BTC) column.

If you are correct, you will get the satoshis that appear in the Prize (BTC) column.

And you will only win the Jackpot if 8888 comes up on the wheel.

According to the Lottery, when you make a roll they will give you two tiques for the lottery, which is played every week and is resolved automatically.

The lottery is probably the easiest way to earn satoshis on, but it’s tricky because hundreds of millions of tiques are handed out every week to play.

passive earnings offers the possibility of obtaining passive earnings for having an accumulated cómputo in the account, specifically more than 30,000 satoshis (0.0003 BTC).

From this amount interest is accumulating.

In addition, 25% of what the guests obtain with these interests is paid.


Another option is invite others to use and earn money for it.

For example, in the Free BTC section you earn half of what the referrals generate.

In passive earnings you get 25%, and in Betting 0.4%.

How points are exchanged for Bitcoins

When you play Free BTC you get 8 gift points, and when a referral does, you get 4 points.

Betting 0.00000500 bitcoins in the Multiply BTC game earns another 4 points.

And to exchange these points for BTC you have to go to the section More/Rewards.

It is necessary to have a minimum of 100,000 points to exchange them for bitcoins.

Withdraw BTC from

To withdraw bitcoins in it is necessary have a minimum of 0.0003 bitcoins.

Once you manage to accumulate at least that amount, you have to clic on the green button that says With drawwhich is at the top of the page.

Then you have to choose one of these options: “Coche”, “Slow” and “Instant”.

The best option is “Slow”, due to the commissions received.

inside box “Amount” You must indicate the amount you want to withdraw.

If you want to remove everything, clic on “Withdraw All”.

Lastly, inside the box “Bitcoin Address” You have to put the address of the bitcoin wallet. is clicked on With draw And all that remains is to wait for the payment.

Is a scam?

No, is not a scambecause it has been proven that it pays its users since it began to operate, in 2013.

Does pay without problems?

That’s how it is.

As we have just pointed out, pays its users, under the conditions we have seen above.

This page is completely legit.

Register at

The first thing to do to be able to use is register on your website.

And for this you only have to have an dirección de correo electrónico address, a password and a bitcoin address to receive payments.

When you are already inside the platform, you must activate your account.

You will have to provide a second password so that your account has greater protection, and they cannot take away your earnings.

You must activate it in the tab “Profile”displaying the option “2 Facto Auth”.

Final Opinions on

For us there is no doubt that is one of the best maws available right now to earn bitcoins.

It is proven that it pays, it is very easy to register and use it, and you cánido make good profits.

For this reason, it seems to us a recommended option if you are looking for a page where you perro earn fractions of bitcoins.

So, We encourage you to try! You have nothing to lose, just invest a little time.

And you cánido earn some bitcoins while you are entertained.

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