Free Unused PSN Codes List 2023

Free Unused PSN Codes List 2023

List of free PSN codes for MAY 2023: Well, you have landed in the right place because we only provide you with the free psn codes 2023.

If it’s about getting something for free, honestly we’re all willing to take advantage of it.

In our spare time most of us love to search how to get free PSN discount codes or free Google plus Play codes or Amazon gift card codes etcétera.

But one imperative thing in this world is that nothing you get is free even in relationships; but don’t worry as we have come up with some amazing hacks that will surely help you to get free PSN codes nowadays as there are several websites that are nothing but scams and utter disappointment.

Free PSN Codes MAY 2023

We have found hacks that absolutely work with PSN codes without having to go through surveys and unnecessary browsing.

Here are those hacks..

  1. PSN Code GeneratorFor this you do not need any survey.

    The PlayStation Network code generator is designed to generate unlimited codes, and obviously you perro use these codes to get certain things on the Play Station Network.

    This generator is free and does not require any survey process like other generators.

  2. PSN Codes List 2023Using these below mentioned free PSN codes you perro get play station stuff for free:
1. DF4D-F45F-45S4
2. 846D-GGD5-FD45
3. SGS8-84FD-484B
4. 48PS-845S-SDS4
6. FAF33-QW18-PP50

Look below where we leave new codes for you.

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  1. Sites that are Free and Free Giveaways (Free PSN Codes 2023)

Being an ardent gamer is not an easy job as one is always striving for more and more PSN games and even if you just bought a new PSN game you will love to have others as well.

It is possible to get free PSN codes as there are numerous youtubers and popular media stars who often do PSN code giveaways and there are not many requirements except: you have to subscribe to them or coerce your friends to follow them.

It’s a good way to earn free PSN codes, but there are so many subscribers and you may not be the one to win.

But winning cánido be obvious if the giveaway comes from a credible person with huge subscribers or followers.

Due to your indolence, don’t miss the oportunidad and follow the gaming and tech channels that specially offer Google plus Play Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Codes and PSN Codes.

If you surely want to win it for yourself, you cánido follow the history of the winners and you will be able to reach their accounts on popular networks.

And finding the gift list perro be done at /r/giveaways with Google plus being our last savior and one perro easily learn on Google plus that how to use the advanced search parameter to help you earn free PSN codes on the internet.

After selecting the destination subreddit for PSN codes, copy the dirección de Internet and paste PSN codes site: into the Google plus search bar.

A lot of websites will appear as a result, but don’t lose your patience and work hard to get free PSN codes.

You cánido also search for Amazon gift cards, credit card generators, and Visa gift cards to buy PSN codes directly.

Cardpool is most famous in this category.

Here are some backlinks provided for people who want to have some free PSN gift card codes:

  1. Get free PSN codes using points sites:

We have already mentioned the websites that are outright scams and you do not get a single reward after completing the offers.

Beware of these scams! Real reward points websites work by giving you the oportunidad to earn lots of points by completing offers.

These websites, due to their authenticity, offer everyone genuine opportunities to win free PSN codes and gift cards.

You all need to register first by creating an account and keep earning free PSN codes.

But there are certain rules to be aware of, such as some websites may not exchange your reward points due to unavailability in certain countries.

Most of these codes will be US only, which suggests that you need to have a US playstation account to get free PSN codes.

Here is a list of some reputable job point sites to get free PSN codes:

17 free televisión aplicaciones for entertainment without paying 2023

  • PrizeRebel
  • PointsPrizes
  • GrabPoints

If you radica in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Northern Europe or Australia, you are more likely to get these offers easily.

And for the rest of the users, we recommend that you approach the referral programs that are given on their sites.

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  1. The barter system

It may have happened to you once, that your friend or acquaintance has obtained a free PSN code as a birthday present or simply for having won an offer, but it does not seem interesting to them, perhaps because they have an Xbox, and the code cannot be returned. already purchased code, so what should you do now? And if you’re lucky enough to have found someone like that, how wonderful that would be!

/r/psncodes is a great community for sharing PSN codes that you don’t need and instead giving them to someone else so they perro enjoy them.

Free PSN Codes List 2023– Updated

In RevistaAutor we like to help our visitors and that is why we put together this new list of free psn card codes, so you perro buy the game or addon you were looking for without spending a single penny!


We update this list with free psn card codes every time we find new ones, so you perro find current codes and not expired ones.

You must bear in mind that each code cánido only be used once.

If you place one that has already been used, retry with another until you find one that is available.

PSN Codes 2023

  • UFS4R9TU7
  • 7BF2Y7PLP
  • VG9534CHL
  • 8JKI74BJAM
  • VB9M34CKZ
  • 46ZPWFT3D
PSN Codes 2023

Know the types of PSN codes

  • PlayStation Network Coupon Codes: These codes contain twelve digits.

    If not, the code will not be accepted by the PS Store.

    They allow you to buy downloadable games, game add-ons, televisión espectáculos, movies and even PlayStation Agregado subscriptions.

    It is possible to get them for yourself or as a gift card for someone else.

  • Discount codes: These codes contain ten digits.

    They cannot be applied to vídeo content, pre-orders or subscription services such as PS Now or PS Vue.

Why do you need to get free PlayStation gift cards?

As you cánido see in the previous section, you cánido do a lot with PSN Voucher Codes / Gift Cards.

That’s not necessarily the case with discount codes, so we don’t bother working with them here.

We focus on PSN codes that perro bring you a wide range of download content from the PS Store.

PSN Gift Cards let you download the latest games and add-ons, listen to music, watch movies, and more.

Some of Sony devices such as PS3, PS4 and PS5 support the uso contínuo audio vía Spotify (PSN Music).

Free PSN Code Generator

In addition, there is the PSN Vídeo service that offers en línea rental and purchase of televisión espectáculos and movies.

If you think that’s all, let’s see what you perro do with the PlayStation Agregado subscription.

What is PlayStation Agregado?

PlayStation Agregado is a subscription service for PS3, PS4 and Vita owners.

Upgrade your PSN account with access to exclusive game features and offers on the PlayStation Store.

In other words, PlayStation Agregado takes gaming to the next level with PS4 en línea multiplayer.

It also allows you to get a few free games every month, get full game trials, and receive discounts on digital game purchases.

How to redeem your free PlayStation gift cards

The first thing to understand is that there are different ways to redeem your free PlayStation Gift Cards.

As we’ve already mentioned, these 12-digit codes cánido be redeemed for downloadable games and game add-ons, subscription services like PlayStation Agregado, and to add wallet funds to your account.

Here we have decided to focus on the most common method of redeeming codes for your account on PlayStation Network: through the PlayStation Store.

You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the PlayStation Store and scroll through the menu on the left to select Redeem codes.
  • You should be able to see the window open to entrar the code you got from our website and then press the R2 button.

    Select the option.

  • When you redeem a voucher that adds funds to your wallet, you will be asked to confirm the amount to be added.

    If not, you’ll see the item(s) your code perro be redeemed for.

    if you press Confirm and then Continueit may take you to an option to download your new content.

  • If not, you cánido go to the Library and select the game or aplicación to see a Download Additional Content option, select PlayStation Store then Your Add-ons and select the arrow next to the item you wish to download.

    This is also where you perro confirm which complemento should be installed.

Potential issues redeeming PlayStation Gift Cards

There may be different reasons why your code is not acceptable.

Take a look at some of them below:

  • Verify the correct entry of the code by trying it a second time to ensure that you have entered it correctly.
  • All codes are single use only and therefore you perro only redeem each code once.
  • If a code for a newly released game is not accepted, try entering the code again at a later time.
  • Check if there is an expiration date on the coupon.
  • If PlayStation Store Gift Cards or PlayStation Agregado Membership are not working, the code may need activation or even replacement.

final words

I hope these hacks to earn free PSN codes will help you.

Happy gaming on PSN!

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 Free Unused PSN Codes List 2023
  Free Unused PSN Codes List 2023
  Free Unused PSN Codes List 2023

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