free programs to earn money

free programs to earn money

On the Internet there are a good variety of sites where download free programs to earn moneyAlthough it is true that few are reliable and really profitable.

When we install a program on our PC or mobile we have to be really sure that they are not going to damage our devices or use access to them to steal information from us.

That is why in this article I am going to espectáculo you “relatively safe” programs that I myself am testing and earning money.

We must bear in mind that when installing an external application, even if it is verified, the risk always exists, although as I told you, I am only going to espectáculo you small programs that are more or less safe, they will generate passive income, even if they are modest. , they are still income without any kind of effort.

What do these programs do?

What these types of programs usually do is use resources from our PC or mobile, either with cryptocurrency mining using GPU and únidad central de procesamiento or a part of our Internet connection to sell that data to external companies.

Undoubtedly, before installing this type of program, we should be clear about that, as magic clearly does not exist, there are people who firmly believe that there are programs that make you earn money for nothing and let me tell you that nobody gives money away.

At the end of the day, as in any investment, we must accept the risks, these are none other than wearing out our equipment with mining or being exposed to bad faith platforms using their programa for something malicious.

In any case, here I am only going to espectáculo you programs that we have been testing for a long time and from which we have received several payments, so its reliability is beyond doubt, in any case we have to take into account that 100% reliability does not exist , I know that I am insisting a lot but it is escencial that you know it before you start.

Download and install programs to earn money for free

Next, I will espectáculo you the best options that exist in my opinion when it comes to downloading free programs to earn money, of course there are many more, but I have tried to limit as much as possible and include only the most reliable ones.


Honeygain is an apk application and programa valid for all countries, with Paypal and Bitcoin payments upon reaching a minimum of $20.

It also has its own referral system.

By registering from the following button you receive $5.00 free.

what it does honeygain It is to use part of the Internet connection that we are not using at all times and sell it to other companies, in exchange we reward the users for it.

It is one of the top platforms of the moment as far as this ámbito is concerned.

When you register, they give you 5 dollars and you cánido collect it by Paypal, Bitcoin or JumpTask (a cryptocurrency associated with the platform).


PacketStream is a desktop programa for Windows, Mac or Linux, valid for all countries.

We accept payments through Paypal as low as $5.

To this we have to add a very attractive referral program.

PacketStream is a platform that has a business model afín to Honeygain, that is, it emplees the excess WIFI from our connection to sell it to third parties in exchange for a small commission, this commission is about $0.10 per GB.

It also emplees the Paypal payment gateway to entrar the money earned, we cánido request this in the amount of 5 dollars, so it is much easier to get paid than in other sites.


Kryptex is programa to download and install on Windows.

What it has done is mine cryptocurrencies using the power of our PC.

It is valid for everyone and has many different payment options, from cryptocurrencies to fiat money.

Unlike the other programs in Kryptex, we are going to be paid to mine with our own computer.

It is a small piece of programa that will start mining cryptocurrencies while we browse.

Like all the programs we are reviewing, it perro be installed on more than one device.

The minimum payment is quite varied, as well as the methods offered to withdraw earnings, since we cánido use Bitcoin, Ethereum, VISA card, among many others.


Pawns.aplicación is another small piece of programa that will make us earn money by borrowing part of our Internet connection.

By opening an account from the following button, you receive $1.00 free for a start.

At Pawns.aplicación we earn by lending part of our excess Internet connection.

It is a platform that has an application for Android and iOS and desktop programa for Windows and MAC.

The minimum payment of only 5 dollars is interesting, also when you register they give you your first dollar, so getting to collect is a little easier if possible.

Earnings are withdrawable by Paypal and Bitcoin.

Pros and cons of these programa or applications

As in any business or platform that we use to earn money, in this type of sites we are going to find positive and negative characteristics that must be taken into account before using or installing.

Advantages Disadvantages
For all countries dubious activity
They are for free Sell ​​our data
passive earnings low earnings

Do these aplicaciones pay?

We are here to make money, so what we are most interested in is whether these sites really pay or are a complete scam.

From my experience I perro tell you that at least the websites that I am explaining to you in the articulo are currently paying, in fact I am showing you one of the proofs of the payments that I have received.

Payment received from Honeygain

Although the low earnings it offers perro make you desperate, the truth is that with patience and if you perro work on the referral system, good payments will eventually arrive, which demonstrate that these pages cánido become profitable.

Opinion about downloading programs to earn money for free

These types of platforms are gaining great popularity in recent times, I suppose that people are attracted by the fact of earning money without doing anything at all.

Although it is true that in most of them the profits will be low unless you get a good network of referrals, it is also true that you get the money without any effort and that, as I said, is very attractive.

In any case, you have to be careful when installing an application or programa of this type lightly, before we must inform ourselves well and be aware of the risk.

I have shown you a list of the most secure platforms, I have been using them for a long time without problems, what is more, I have received quite important payments from some of them, so at least it is demonstrated that they are up-to-date payment sites.

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 free programs to earn money
  free programs to earn money
  free programs to earn money

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