Free music without copyright: the 13 best

Free music without copyright: the 13 best

If you have a project pending publication, such as a vídeo or a podcast, and you are looking for music to include in it, you should be careful with the issue of copyright.

Violating them cánido ocasione you very serious legal problems.

That is why we have created this list of web pages where you perro download copyright-free songs, take note!

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YouTube Audio Library

This is the youtube audio library, as is evident from its name.

YouTube Audio Library has a vast catalog of songs from which you cánido choose, and you even have the option to select based on instruments, genres, duration, etcétera.

Go to Estrella de youtube Audio Library


In the case of Audionautix you perro download music even for commercial purposes, with only one requirement: include a backlink to this website, or mention it.

Apart from this, no further permission is needed.

The music is released under a Creative Commons License 3.0.

Go to Audionautix

3.Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a download platform for songs selected by WFMU, which is a very famous American freeform radio station.

The music is ordered through categories, and the site cánido be accessed without creating a usuario.

Go to Free Music Archive



on Jamendo the artists themselves upload the songs they create, generating a true community around music free of copyright.

This platform has been in operation since 2005, and has hundreds of thousands of songs ready to download.

Go to Jamendo



Musopen is a music library where you perro download classical music pieces for free, up to five a day.

The paid version gives the possibility to download unlimited songs.

Go to Musopen


Sound Cloud allows you to download music using the Creative Commons license, so access to the music it offers is free. No registration required to do so, but in some cases it will be necessary to give a “like” to your Fb page.

Go to SoundCloud


FreePD has a free version that allows you to download songs without having to create a usuario.

A particularity of this platform is that It has a series of rather curious categories: epic, horror, comedy, etcétera.

Go to FreePD


Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme is another option when it comes to downloading copyright-free music for free.

Not only does it have a series of categories to filter the type of song you want to download, but it also has a section in which free programs for editing audio are recommended.

Go to Partners in Rhyme

9.Moby Free

Moby is a producer from United States which became very habitual in the 1990s.

And today he makes this platform available to anyone who wants it for free access to a large part of his creations to include them in non-profit projects.

Go to Moby Free



Through this platform many independent musicians seek promotion.

Its operation is very fácil: all you have to do is provide an correo electrónico address to receive music tracks that perro be used without copyright.

Go to Noise Trade


Incompetech is a very fácil page but you perro get a lot of use out of it, because features thousands of music tracks and sound effects They have been created by the American artist Kevin MacLeod.

In this case you cánido select the songs based on the duration time, tempo and genre.

Go to Incompetech


This is a platform where you cánido download licensed songs for use in non-profit projects.

You just have to select the “License Song” option and then choose “Non Commercial Projects” to enjoy your copyright-free music.

go to beatpick


Free Depósito Music

Free Depósito Music is a page where you perro download many songs in different formats: MP3, AIFF and WAV.

And although in this case it is also copyright-free music and there is no mention of it, it is necessary to create a free account to access the music.

Go to Free Depósito Music

now that you know on which pages to search for royalty-free and free music, which one are you going to start with?

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 Free music without copyright: the 13 best
  Free music without copyright: the 13 best
  Free music without copyright: the 13 best

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