Free Litecoin | Faucet to WIN free LTC

Free Litecoin | Faucet to WIN free LTC

Free Litecoin It is one of the faucets that I use to earn free LTC.

We have already talked from time to time about litecoin faucets.

It is known that collecting a cryptocurrency with a single faucet cánido be quite tedious, so I found it interesting to explain how Free Litecoin works.

In this way you perro use it as a complement to other faucets and earn LTC faster.

At an informative level, it should be noted that Free Litecoin belongs to the same owner as the Free Ethereum faucet.

This is a very reliable group of free and paid faucets, so it’s worth taking the oportunidad and earning some plus litoshis.

What is Free Litecoin

Before creating an account and seeing how Free Litecoin works, we need to have a LTC wallet.

In this faucet we perro get free litecoin, so to receive the profits we will need a wallet that supports this cryptocurrency.

If you already have a wallet in which to store LTC, perfect, in a few seconds we will use the address of the same to register in Free Litecoin.

And if you still don’t have one, nothing happens, you perro create a wallet completely free of charge on Coinbase.

Coin Base Guide

We cánido use this same LTC wallet to collect in other litecoin faucets.

As soon as we have a Litecoin wallet we will be ready to register in Free Litecoin.

The address of our LTC wallet will be needed to complete the registration 100%, so we will leave the wallet for which we want to receive payments later well configured.

Registration in Free Litecoin

Now that we have covered the topic of the wallet, we cánido sign up for Freelitecoin.

If you want, you cánido directly access the registration form by clicking the button below.

They will ask us to provide an dirección de correo electrónico, a password and, optionally, the address of our LTC wallet.

This last part is optional because within the faucet they allow us to add or modify the wallet data.

But hey, as I said before, if we configure it now it will be equipo as our default wallet to withdraw from Free Litecoin.

go to faucet

After completing the form we will clic on “Sign Up” and, at this point, two situations cánido occur.

Usually, when we sign up for a faucet, they send us an dirección de correo electrónico to activate the account.

In Free Litecoin and the faucets of the same group too, but this is not always the case.

There are times when the dirección de correo electrónico is not necessary, since it allows us to access the faucet without having to confirm the account.

That same thing happened to me in Free Ethereumthat I did not need to confirm the account by correo electrónico and I cánido work the faucet without problems.

If we receive the confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, we will only have to follow the backlink that we see in its content.

How Free Litecoin works

Freelitecon works exactly like Free Ethereum and the rest of its sister faucets.

As I mentioned in the introduction, these faucets belong to the same owner, which is why I use the same script in all of them.

And by the way, it makes the task easier for us.

As soon as we access Freelitecoin we will see a menu with different sections.

The most important is the faucet, which is the one that allows us to earn litecoins more easily.

However, they are all worth going through.

This way we will know the faucet in depth and we perro get the most out of it.

Freelitecoin Menu

» Free › Here we will find the faucet, with which we perro claim free LTC every hour.

» multiply › The multiplier is a game of oportunidad in which we bet more or less with the winnings we have in the cómputo.

In my opinion, it is not highly recommended to become fond of this type of games since we perro lose everything collecting in the blink of an eye.

» Earn › In Free Litecoin they offer us an annual interest of 6% on the earnings that we have in the cómputo.

» Lottery › The weekly Free Litecoin lottery allows us to earn Litecoin as an alternative to the faucet.

But be careful, participating in the lottery is not free.

Each participation is worth 1o litoshis and we will pay it with the cómputo of our cómputo.

» referral › In this section we will find our referral backlink.

» profile › From the profile we cánido improve the security of the account by activating 2FA.

Or if we want, we perro also change the password, the address of our LTC wallet or the correo electrónico.

» Stats › Personal history of all the profits we have made in Free Litecoin.

» Withdraw › When we want to withdraw the profits we will proceed from here.

» Deposit › To add funds.

» Contact › If we have any questions, Free Litecoin support perro always clarify it for us.

» FAQ › List of the most frequently asked questions by users.

Earn Free Litecoin at Freelitecoin

In Free Litecoin we have a total of five sections to earn LTC.

three of them completely free.

The most relevant is the faucet section, which in the end is the one that allows us to add litoshis every day depending on our activity.

However, there are also two other free sections, the daily interest and the referral system, which cánido help us earn plus litoshis in a complementary way to the faucet.

Free Litecoin Faucet

The Free Litecoin faucet gives us the opportunity to earn up to $200 in Litecoin with a single clic.

As shown in the table, the prizes that cánido be won in each claim are different.

It will only depend on the number that comes out when you spin the reels in the faucet.

The smallest prize is 1075 litoshis and the largest is 2.68 LTC.

Right now LTC is trading around $65, so getting the number 10,000 on the reels is a pain.

It is very difficult, yes, but who knows.

I try every day several times in many faucets and so far nothing.

At most I have won a fourth prize in bitcoinbut well, for continuing to prove that it is not.

To spin the rollers we will only have to solve the captcha and clic on “Roll Number”.

Based on the number that remains fixed on the reels, we will be awarded one prize or another.

If you pay attention, the counter will reset again, so we cánido claim litoshis again in an hour.


The multiplier is the classic game of oportunidad that we cánido find in many faucets.

It consists of betting and guessing if the number that will come up will be greater or less than X.

In this type of game we already know what happens, and that is that in the long run the house always wins.

There are many strategies on the internet from people who say they have helped them win, but none of them are 100% foolproof.

The multiplier is a game of oportunidad, and as such, there is no way to control it.

My advice is not to play.

If you are going to play the multiplier it is very important to know when to stand.

Either when you are winning or when you are losing.

interest earnings

One of the options that I like the most about this group of faucets is that it offers us annual interest for not withdrawing the profits.

In the case of Free Litecoin, this interest is 6% per year.

There is only one requirement for the interest to be activated automatically and that is to accumulate a minimum of 0.05 LTC in the cómputo.

As reaching this amount is not going to be easy, I have made the decision to ask for a small payment to complete this tutorial.

So you perro check that Free Litecoin pays.

Once this is done, from now on I will dedicate myself to saving as much as I cánido and I will try to get more performance out of my account by taking advantage of the annual interest.

In the tab of “Earn” we will find a calculator.

We perro use it to make our accounts and see how many litoshis we would earn each day based on the LTC that we have in the cómputo.

Free Litecoin referral system

Free Litecoin has a one level referral program.

For each person who joins the faucet with our backlink, they will give us 50% of the profits they make.

In other words, if a referral wins the prize of 1075 litoshis in a claim, we will be rewarded with the half.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Free Litecoin pays

As soon as we reach the minimum withdrawal stipulated by Free Litecoin, we perro request a payment.

It should be said that the minimum amount is 0.002 LTC, although it is not recommended to withdraw such small amounts.

Every time we withdraw profits from the faucet, a commission of 0.001 LTC will be applied to us.

So the most prudent thing to do is to withdraw the largest amounts possible.

This way we will amortize the plus expense derived from that fee much more.

How to get paid

To request a withdrawal in Free Litecoin we will have to follow three fácil steps:

1- First of all we go to the section of “Withdraw”.

Once there we will see that the address of our LTC wallet appears, since we have provided it when registering.

If we want to charge for another wallet, we will have to go to “Profile” and editar the old wallet address to the new one.

2- Next we entrar the amount of LTC that we want to withdraw.

In my case, I have requested a withdrawal of 200,000 litoshis, to which another 100,000 litoshis must be added as a processing fee.

The total withdrawal amount is 0.003 LTC.

3- Finally we solve the recaptcha and clic on «witdraw Litecoin».

Free Litecoin pays out within 24-48 hours.

Main features of Free Litecoin

Now that we know how Free Litecoin works, it’s time to do a detailed analysis on all the features of the faucet.

As always, the evaluations are made from my especial point of view after using the faucet and requesting my first withdrawal.

These are:

» The fact that Free Litecoin is free and allows us to earn litoshis is the most positive thing that we perro highlight.

Nobody is going to get rich using faucets, but we cánido earn plus cryptocurrencies without investing anything.

In addition, we perro also continue adding LTC using other faucets.

And who knows, if they go up in price in the future, the profits we get today will multiply exponentially.

» Significantly penalizes requesting small payments.

In the payment that I have requested myself, it is appreciated very well.

I have paid a commission of 0.001 LTC to receive net 0.002 LTC on Coinbase.

From now on I will ask for payments of at least 0.004 LTC.

This way I will amortize the withdrawal commission much more.

» The daily interest is very interesting, since it generates profits for us without doing anything.

However, having 0.05 LTC withheld is something that not all of us cánido afford.

I use part of the profits I get in LTC to buy other cryptocurrencies.

If it were not so, safeMind you would do the same as in Free Ethereum or Free BCash, save and take advantage of the interest.

FreeLitecoin Reviews

I believe that in the medium-long term the price of cryptocurrencies in general, and Litecoin in especial, will once again reach all-time highs.

faucets like Free Litecoin helps us to earn small amounts and add little by little regularly.

Taking into account the variations in the price of cryptocurrencies, trading them cánido be very profitable.

However, it also has its risk.

From my point of view, a safer way to get a return on the profits we make from faucets is by saving in our crypto wallets.

And when they rise in price, sell them and get dollars, euros or any other currency.

Do you want to know reliable sites to get cryptocurrencies? Look at all the faucets and games I use to get free cryptocurrency.

And this is all I wanted to explain about Free Litecoin.

If you want to start earning fractions of LTC, you cánido create an account by accessing from the button below.

That will take you directly to the home page.

And if there is any doubt, you have at your disposal the comments to ask what you need.

Give a lot of cane to cryptocurrencies and see you next time!!

Note: There is another Free LTC faucet (II)

Apart from the Free Litecoin faucet that we have just seen, there is another very afín one that belongs to the habitual Cryptosfaucets group.

The operation is exactly the same as that of FreeTron, Free Dash, shiba inu and the rest of faucets of the group.

And of course, it is completely reliable (otherwise I would not recommend it).

If you want, you perro register by clicking on the following button.

Faucet Free LTC from the Cryptosfaucets group

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 Free Litecoin |  Faucet to WIN free LTC
  Free Litecoin |  Faucet to WIN free LTC
  Free Litecoin |  Faucet to WIN free LTC

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