free itunes cards

free itunes cards

What would you think if I told you that you cánido get free itunes cards? Sounds good, right? Well, yes, they cánido be achieved, but before getting to the point of how to get them, I will explain to you what you are this type of apple store card.

The apple store cards they perro be use to buy music, aplicaciones, books and much more.

All of them will serve devices iphone, ipad, not for android devices.

For android devices, you perro get free google plus play cardsbut I explained that to you in another articulo.

So and because many users have an iphone or an ipad, and that their prices are quite high, therefore, without getting a itunes card cheap as you perro get they will be welcome.

Keep reading because in today’s article I am going to teach where to buy itunes card and above all, where to get them for free.

What are iTunes card codes? (you cánido know them as itunes card)

As you know, iTunes is a free application for organizing and consuming digital content. (music, movies, series, book compilations, etcétera).

In addition, it has several partner digital storessuch as the Aplicación Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and the Mac Aplicación Store.

There you perro purchase all kinds of multimedia content.

And if you perro get it with free apple store gift cards, so much the better.

If you don’t know why itunes card what is it for, or what it perro serve you for, I’m going to explain it to you.

itunes us help organizesearch and download content in a fácil way, with iCloud support, which allows us to allows you to have all your multimedia content in the cloud.

You cánido access them from any device no need to download them.

You cánido buy songs from, for example, a tablet and be able to play it on any apple device.

Well, all these free contents you will have to buy through the apple store itself.

That’s the “traditional” way, but here it’s about getting free itunes cards and then, of course, knowing how to redeem apple gift card store.

Where to get free iTunes cards?

The system to get these free iTunes codes It is the same as any other way to earn money en líneayou must work on certain pages and/or do certain actions for which we will be rewarded.

This time, instead of money they will reward us with iTunes gift vouchers.

There are several pages that we work with and with which we perro get free iTunes card codes.

King of Prizes

This page has arrived relatively recently in Spain, it is a north american page with which we cánido make money in different ways.

Through actions, surveys and daily checking we will add points.

These points we perro exchange for gifts.

There are many to choose from, but as I told you, and since I don’t know where you are reading from, free iTunes cards are not yet available in Spain.

The positive part is that we cánido get a aplicación store card 5 euros in a relatively fácil way.

If you want to know how to win free iTunes cards with King of Prizes entrar here.

Point Prizes

This is one of the internet pages where more kinds of gifts you perro get.

There are checks of all kinds, spotify cards and Netflix.

Also Paypal money and bitcoins.

In the case of free iTunes codes you perro get by collecting 15,000 points, we perro redeem them for $100.

Although it seems difficult, they perro be achieved, if you search a bit on YouTube, you will find codes to redeem up to 500 points.

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If you want to know how to get free iTunes cards with Point Prizes entrar here.


this veteran free betting website supports users from all over the world.

Like the previous recommendation, we perro choose from many prizes.

You will be able to bet on sporting events completely free of charge with your points system.

If by oportunidad we stay at zero, the next day we automatically recharge the account to be able to continue betting.

If you want to know how to get one aplicación store card with Winner entrar here.


With this application of Italian origin you could earn points which you perro later exchange for gifts of many different categoriesamong them are the gift vouchers amazon.

In addition, there are many other types of gifts, including free iTunes codes, which we cánido get from 1500 points.

If you want to know how to get free iTunes cards with Friendz entrar here.

Unfortunately, this application stopped working in Spain.

If you read me from Italy, you are in luck, since it continues to work there.

Buy iTunes codes or cards

If, on the contrary, you need a itunes card quickly for a gift to download a paid application, listen to music or simply because you want it now and you are not going to wait to buy it. if you don’t know where buy apple store card and what to say that the most recommended way (and I would say the only one) is to do it vía the Apple Store.

In Apple Store Find iTunes Gift Cards and send by dirección de correo electrónico instantly.

The you cánido buy in a physical Apple Store, in Apple Store En línea or by calling 900 150 503.

Also, of course you perro buy iTunes cards in malls.

Although only some are authorized, you perro only buy itunes card in Carrefour and you perro also do it in El Corte Inglés.

if you are a capricious person or retailer, you perro customize the cards in the Apple Store with different designs and put the header that you want.

You perro give it your personal touch!

As for the payment method, will depend on the country or region where you live.

From my country, Spain, you cánido pay with these methods:

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  • Apple Pay
  • Credit or debit card
  • By Paypal
  • With your Apple ID cómputo
  • With your monthly bill from your telephone operator

How to redeem iTunes codes?

The first thing you should do is make sure how much iTunes cómputo you have in your account, unless you are going to load more or less.

To find out how much your iTunes cómputo is you perro head here.

Once you know the cómputo you have to top up, you just have to follow the steps What do I propose to exchange? apple gift card shop:

  1. From your apple deviceopen the Apple Store aplicación, whether the device is an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iPod Touch.
  2. open the section that says “today”it’s at the bottom of the screen.
  3. log inyou cánido do it by clicking on the apple ID, in the top of screen.
  4. Clic on the option “redeem code or gift card“.
  5. you shall entrar the code manually or with your camera.

In some sometimes, this option does not appear, especially if it is an old card or you live in a certain country or region.

There you may not be able to redeem your iTunes card using the camera.

For these cases, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Clic on the option “entrar code manually“, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. Entrar the codethe 16-digit code that begins with an X, usually appears on the back of the card.
  3. finally press ok and done!

Free iTunes codes generator are scam

These types of cards are very habitual among Apple users and many always try to get them for free.

Unfortunately, there is many websites that take advantage of this desire and trick users with these iTunes card and code “generators”.

Some of these scam-pages are so good and realistic that even the most painted perro fall into their networks and believe that they are really going to get a free iTunes card.

Butwhat do they earn those who meet behind these websites? Well mainly information personal, either through registrations or when you put your personal data.

The dynamics of these generators of codes is usually the following: you must select the amount of the iTunes gift card, we wait a few seconds and they espectáculo a message “oget the complete code“.

By clicking there they redirect you to another page that has nothing to do and there you acadvertising.

That in the best case, At worst and for the most unscrupulous, try to sneak iTunes cards at a price well below its value.

Do you really think that they are going to sell you a €100 card paying only €10? Well, that’s what they offer, and when you pay with a credit or debit card (the only option they offer), claiming that money is extremely difficult.

You must have beware of scams that they cánido try to do, in fact, the official Apple page reports a new form of scam that is occurring.

It seems that it is being a common scam and you have to be careful with it.

The “modus operandi” is as follows and it says so on the official Apple website.

I’ll explain it to you: the victim receives an correo electrónico urgent warning of a problem, which seems to come from Applebut what it really has nothing to do with them. if the victim clic and select the backlink that appears in the e-e correo electrónico, is addressed to a page that pretends to be legitimate from Apple.

Already on this page, the domain is usually https, but it is not from Apple.

there you will ask for iCloud credentialsin this form a new website will be loaded, where they will espectáculo us a form in which they request our credit card detailsas well as personal information.

If we complete the form and select the “sign in” button we will access another page.

On this page, cybercriminals they will ask us directly for the PIN code of our credit card.

Something that Apple or any legitimate entity will never request from us.

But if we follow the steps, give our secret number and select the “submit” button, we will be redirected to a website owned by Apple, since the domain matches.

Final Conclusions Free iTunes Cards

iTunes Cards are a good way to get free aplicaciones or music for your Apple device.

And if the you get for free, better.

In this articulo I have put the ways to get iTunes cards for free easily and almost without realizing it.

Therefore, if you have an Apple device, here you have different ways to get iTunes cards for free.

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 free itunes cards
  free itunes cards
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