FREE ICONS: these are the 22 Best

FREE ICONS: these are the 22 Best

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Being able to have platforms where download free icons in PNG, JPG, SVG or other formats for our digital projects is something that all of us who are dedicated to Internet Business always want to have on hand.

And it is that, if you have been in this campo for some time, you will know that every time users are more likely to consume content where the visual prevailsboth during the time they spend on popular networks and on websites.

For this reason, being able to illustrate our content with icons downloaded for free could be another addition in our desire to outperform the competition and create greater engagement with our audience.

Looking to design icons in an even more professional way?

And if in addition to these free icons we cánido get them in a variety of formats (PNG, SVG, JPG, etcétera.) much better, given that depending on the platform where we integrate them, one format or another will be better for us.

For this reason, in this article I have compiled a complete list of 22 free icon banks, from where you perro obtain a fantastic source of inspiration to make your content much more attractive.


Shutterstock: the most complete platform on the market

Before going on to recommend platforms where you cánido download this type of graphic elements to use in your projects, I couldn’t do it without recommending what, for me, is the best platform that currently exists: Shutterstock.

The truth is that I use it both for my blog, the one you are reading right now, and also for my other own projects. It allows me to choose from a fairly wide range of images and icons.

In addition, with the super offer of €0.21 each image that they now offer throughout the year, with which you cánido download images, infographics, icons, vídeos and illustrations of all kinds.

What are the best banks to download free icons?

Next, I will go on to recommend what for me personally are the best pages with images in this format.

Most of them allow you to download icons on Windows 10 and Mac totally free.

In addition, they are very intuitive platforms and you will be able to download the material you want in a few seconds to any folder on your computer or mobile device:


I have chosen the Flaticon platform as the first of this extensive list because this is really the one I use the most, both in my own blog and in other personal and client projects.

And is that Flaticon is part of “Freepik”the large image bank that almost all of us know and from which, surely, you have also found some quality photos at some point, both to illustrate the articles on your Blog and your corporate website.

More of 1 million vector elements endorse this bank of icons, used by thousands of sites around the world, since it has images related to almost all the themes that have been and will be.

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To date, Iconfinder has almost 3 million icons to download, both for free and through its PRO version, which is somewhat more extensive in terms of variety.

You just have to search for the keyword of the element in question and you cánido quickly have it on your device, ready to use in your project.

Of course, with the best quality, since it is one of the most reliable platforms From the market.

Its database is made up of 60 categories, very well segmented by theme, where I am sure you will find all the vector icons you want, both for your popular networks and for use in WhatsApp.

3. Find Icons

From the Find Icons website you also have at your disposal a series of free elements ready to integrate into your blog or corporate site, if you wish.

Also, the good thing about this page is that you perro do it in a multitude of formats, depending on your interests:

Even if, due to specifications from your clients or the project itself, once you download it you need to convert it to another format, you perro do it to: BMP, GIF, PSDetcétera.

4. Font Awesome

As you perro see in the statistics of this cover image, the 4,000+ professional icons and 1,400+ free charactermakes Font Awesome a great option.

What’s more, just by telling you that some of the best WordPress templates already have the icons of this portal available by default, you cánido already get an iniciativa of ​​how powerful its graphic elements are.

5. icons8

The simplicity, as well as the quality of the downloadable elements in Icons8 is the option you were looking for for your projects and/or clients.

The fashion for flat images in a minimalist way is perfectly expressed here, where stridency and too bright colors are not abused at all.

6.Google plus Images

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The quality of the icons that you cánido find in Google plus Images will depend on the hundreds of thousands of pages that you will find here.

Actually, this is not a platform to download free icons as such, but it is the “images” section of the search engine, so you should search until you find the ones you like and save them on your Windows 10, mobile or Mac.

Depending on the search results, it is possible that when you search on Google plus, it will redirect you to one of the platforms that I espectáculo you in this article.


Free Vectors

This free vector and icon search engine contains endless resources and creativityso that you perro use them free of charge in your content.

One of its strengths is that you don’t need to register to download its royalty-free vector images, something that hardly anyone likes too much.

Freevectors is very easy to use and just by entering a term in the search engine at the top of your website you will find endless results.


iconarchive is one of the largest icon databases on the Internet, with mMore than 500,000 vector elements to use on your corporate website or any digital project.

Has 40 categoriesthrough which you perro navigate to find the theme and colors that you like the most for the purpose for which you are looking for it.

It offers the ability to download any icon completely free of charge in multiple format genres.

An icon search engine that is always convenient to take a look at.

9. Mr Icons

Here, although at first glance it may seem like another page like the others, It has the peculiarity of being able to choose format and size of your free icons.

In Mr.

Icons you perro also share these icons on Fb and Twitter automatically, if you really liked one and want to let your friends see it.

1,000+ vector element paquetes at your disposal and of the best possible quality.

10. roundicons

Roundicons is one more alternative to take into account if within your visual strategy you prefer to use circular elements and forms of this style in general.

Despite the fact that its database is not as extensive as some of the previous options that I have presented to you, its main advantage is that the free icons that you perro download here are less seen on other websites.

eleven. Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger offers you highly original graphic resources rarely seen on other digital platforms, so originality will be your point of differentiation if you take them into account for your Web page.

Within its extensive database, you also have available for download: wallpapers, mock-ups and effects amazing for your graphic contents.

12.Captain Icon

With Captain Icon you will have a large number of elements to be able to download at the moment created by hand by its creator, Mario del Valle.

And I say at the moment, because from your home page you cánido get a compressed archivo, which contains the entire database of this website.

Without a doubt, I recommend it if you want to give it a nice touch and friendly to your niche pages or weblogs.


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Thanks to the tremendous list of more than 5,000 elements, classified into about 80 graphic families and by author, DryIcon becomes an option to download Free icons in PNG, SVG, PSD and JPG more than solvent.

The variety is quite wide and its themes also include Christmas, with which you cánido transform your Web or Blog when this time of year arrives.

I would not hesitate for a moment and go in to try it!


The great advantage that IcoMoon has over other platforms where you cánido download free icons on the Internet is that it has its own platform to editar vector elements, in terms of shapes, sizes, and colors.

All this, to later be able to save those icons in Windows 10 folders or the operating system that you usually use.


Material Design by Google plus

It is a platform belonging to the search engine giant, which aims to make it easier for the usuario to download icons en línea in a very fácil and fast way.

The “Material Design by Google plus” project includes a complete library of resources segmented by graphic categories, precisely designed for designers and professionals in the visual world.


IconMonstr (free icons per font)

This bank of vector images is ideal when the Web you want to design (whether for your own project or for clients) you want black and white to predominate.

These are the colors in which you perro download IconMonstr icons, which you perro also choose to save them to your device in SVG, PNG, EPG or PSD format.



Despite the vintage and “old” appearance of the Iconspedia website, you should not be fooled: here you perro find icons of incalculable value, which you will not be able to find on other pages of this megalist.

And it is that, for a few years now, we are all so immersed in the flat icon boomthat we forget to give some of our publications on popular networks or corporate pages that “eighties” touch that could sometimes be so successful.


Despite the fact that the more than 38,000 vector elements that IconWanted has available are a bit short, considering the hundreds of thousands that are available on other platforms, perhaps you perro find here those original images that are less seen on the Internet.

These are families of icons to download by theme.


The great advantage of this graphic and visual database is that you cánido choose the size in which to download the icons that appear on the screen to your Windows 10 or mobile device.

VeryIcon offers you elements rarely seen on other En línea platforms.

20.Smashing Magazine

In this American blog of graphic design you will be able to find very interesting banks of icons downloadable directly from its website in zip format at the moment.

With Smashing Magazine you have a complete family of 33 vector elements, oriented to the world of eCommerce, so if this is your ámbito, you will be in luck.


The Noun Project

Following the streak of en línea platforms with vector icons for iPhone, Android, Windows and other types of devices, also created by its own community of designer collaborators.

The Noun Project presents everything from icebergs, castles, medieval knights, etcétera., all super original and without envying the other pages.

22. Interfaz Lift

The InterfaceLift page allows you to choose to download your free icons for:

  • Windows.
  • Mac.
  • PNG.
  • iContainer.

The advantage of this option is that, just by clicking on the operating system for which you want to obtain the family of vector elements, you cánido choose the folder on your device where you want to save them.

It’s that easy, no secrets!


If you have come this far, you already know which are the best pages that currently exist to download free icons for your website or that of your clients.

And it is that, as I mentioned at the beginning, being able to have a quality database of graphic elementsis super important, taking into account that practically the majority of Internet content is turning towards “the visual”.

For this reason, with these banks of icons you will be able to illustrate and make your Web designs or even the articles of your own blog even more attractive.

Did you know all these platforms to download free icons?

What other pages do you know that you want to recommend?

Cover image By Shutterstock.

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 FREE ICONS: these are the 22 Best
  FREE ICONS: these are the 22 Best
  FREE ICONS: these are the 22 Best

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