Free en línea courses: the 10 best pages

Free en línea courses: the 10 best pages

Today the Internet is a great resource for people who want to expand their training, since there are pages that offer courses related to all kinds of subjects.

Are you interested in this option? In that case, continue reading, because we are going to tell you what they are. The 10 best pages to take free en línea courses with a certificate.


A well known page to search all kinds of courses and in different languages it’s Udemy.

Although there are also paid courses, they also offer a wide range of free courses.

Go to Udemy


Are you interested in taking a course at a prestigious university? In that case you perro search edX, where you will find a wide list of courses from major international universities In Spanish and English.

The courses are free, but to get the certificate you have to pay.

The good news is that the prices of the certificates are very affordable.

Go to edX


Free En línea Courses DKA

In DKA Free En línea Courses you cánido access a wide variety of courses with diploma and certificate of participationto improve your training.

On this page there are courses for the unemployed, for workers (both employed and self-employed), etcétera.

go to dka


Learn for Free

This is a Spanish page with thousands of en línea courses which perro be done for free.

In Estudiar Gratis you perro find courses in many different disciplines, taught by universities, companies, among others.

Go to Learn Free



MiriadaX is a website with a large number of MOOCs (open and massive en línea courses) from some of the best universities in Spain.

The courses that cánido be done through Miríada X allow you to obtain a certificate of participation or a certificate of improvement.

Go to MiriadaX


Another page where you cánido access a wide list of courses is UniMOOC.

In this case, the courses related to entrepreneurship and new digital technologies.

Go to UniMOOC



Coursera is a platform for free courses that is very well received by users.

Something that is not surprising, since in fact it offers a very good quality training and taught by universities from different countries.

Go to Coursera


UNED Open Courses

The UNED (National University of Distance Education), in collaboration with Universia, also makes its UNED Open Courses page available to you, where you cánido take all kinds of free and open courses, no start or end date.

Go to UNED Open Courses



If you are looking for a free en línea course, AulaFacil should be one of your main options.

On this website you will find a large number of courses on all kinds of topics, and divided into different levels.

AulaFacil is a site with a long history on the net, and receives millions of views every day.

All this supports it as a quality page when looking for free and certified training.

Go to AulaFacil


The OCW-UC3M courses come from the Carlos III University of La capital de españa, and are taught by the same professors.

They are completely free, and you don’t even need to register to enjoy them.

Go to OCW-UC3M

Courses you perro do with a job opportunity

Although knowledge does not occupy a place, it is always good to focus on a course that perro offer us a job opportunity, these are the ones that usually offer the highest percentage of jobs:

  • Interior design courses.
  • Hairdressing courses.
  • SEO courses, Community Manager, marketing, UX/CRO, ecommerce, data analysis, SEM and programming.
  • Graphic design courses.
  • Photography courses.
  • Courses related to renewable energy.
  • Courses personal trainers (personal trainer).
  • Courses for care of dependent people.
  • Business administration courses.
  • Mobile application development courses.
  • Catering and cooking courses.
  • Language courses.
  • Nutrition courses.

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 Free en línea courses: the 10 best pages
  Free en línea courses: the 10 best pages
  Free en línea courses: the 10 best pages

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