Free Dogecoin | free dogecoins

Free Dogecoin | free dogecoins

A few dates ago we were very disappointed to see that the best page to win Dogecoins its activity ceased at the time, far from giving up we have found its namesake website, Free-Dogecoinwhich will surely hook you more if possible than the genuine one.

It is a page that works quite similarly, although it has a few more options, and even the profits that we are going to be able to make on it are much higher.

That is why if you are interested in winning free puppies, I advise you to continue reading the articulo until the end.

Despite being a low-value cryptocurrency, the truth is that since its launch it has become one of the favorites of users, however today it is one of the most capitalized.

Perhaps because they are easy to get or it will be because the dog is funny… Be that as it may, Dogecoin has a fairly significant acceptance within the community.

We stopped promoting Free-Dogecoin

This page has stopped working, so we stopped promoting it.

If you are interested in earning free cryptocurrencies, go through this articulo.

How to register in Free-Dogecoin

To open an account in Free-Dogecoin we will not need to get a Master.

It is really fácil, we will not take a minute to do it and of course, it is totally free.

All you have to do is fill out the form sign upwhere we will be asked for an dirección de correo electrónico, a password and our Dogecoin wallet, if you don’t have any I recommend using this one.

When you finish filling out this small form, you perro entrar the website and enjoy all the features that the page offers.

Some characteristics that we are going to review below one by one so that no Doge escapes you.

Earn money in Free-Dogecoin

Who already knows FreeDogecoin or is using FreeBitcoin, you will know in advance how this website works, since it is practically twin websites.

But hey, let’s stop talking and let’s see the options we have.


This is the main option we have on the web to get free Dogecoin fractions.

It is a game of oportunidad where we will have an opportunity every 60 minutes.

Earn up to $250 dollars every hour

By solving a captcha we will be able to try our luck, depending on the number that comes out we will receive a prize.

If we are lucky enough to get the number 10000 we will receive the equivalent amount in Dogecoins to 250 dollars .

In any case, even if that does not happen (it is most likely), the truth is that on this website the cast is much higher than on the rest, so it is worth hitting the topic every 60 minutes.


This is another interesting option, although I already told you in advance that it is also very risky.

This is the typical afirma game where by risking part of our cómputo, we are given the option of constantly multiplying it.

Increase your cómputo

The minimum bet is 0.005 Doges, although this cánido be increased by Dogecoin-Value.

where does it say winchance We introduce the percentage of success.

The higher the percentage, the less money we will earn.

Then we have the blue buttons Multiply 2x which is to multiply by 2 our initial bet and Divide 2x to divide it and leave it in half.

Finally we perro make the bet by choosing if the number that is going to come out is above a certain number or below.

➤ I recommend using this section sparingly.

I play a few times a day and retire when you have achieved a goal, do not abuse as the system always wins in the long run.


Here we are going to win without doing anything.

As long as we have a cómputo greater than 500 Doges, we will collect a daily commission of 6% of the value of our accumulated cómputo.

In this way, the longer it takes us to withdraw our earnings in Free-Dogecoin, the more we will earn.


On the other hand we also have the option to buy lottery tiques at 0.01 Doges each.

Every week there will be a raffle where 5 winners will be awarded and the total prize will be shared.

The first prize takes 45%the second on 25, the third on 15, the fourth on 10 and finally the fifth takes 5% of the prize.

Free-Dogecoin Referral System

Not only cánido we earn money with our activity on the page, we perro also earn passive income by inviting other users to test the web.

Free-Dogecoin has a quite acceptable referral system, since it has a single unlimited level, where we will get 50% of what each one of them generates in the free spins.

Not bad at all, since there are few websites that offer such a high commission for referral activity.

Minimum payment and how to collect

in the menu section Withdraw we will be able to entrar to withdraw our profits.

Before that, we must make sure that we have entered our wallet address in profile.

The minimum payout to withdraw winnings is 70 Doges, and 10 Doges will be discounted as a commission for the transaction, although it is true that this varies depending on how the price currency is at that moment.

Withdraw Earnings

To withdraw the money we have to entrar the amount we want in value and in Total We will be able to vea the total amount that will reach our wallet with the application of the corresponding commission.

Press the green button Withdraw and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

The payment is instantaneous, but on certain occasions it cánido take a few minutes or several hours to appear in your wallet, in any case, the waiting time is not stipulated on the web, so if it takes a little longer, do not despair.

instant payment received

In another order of things, we also have the option of making deposits on the web, something that personally does not interest me.

Its main function is to recharge the cómputo to play multiply.

We will not be charged commission and it is instant.

Final opinion on Free-Dogecoin

In our infinite search to find profitable pages where to get free cryptocurrencieswe have found this excellent option.

It is a site where we cánido earn Dogecoins in a fácil and comfortable way, it has several options for it.

To all we must add the not inconsiderable profits that it offers, yes, I know what you are thinking, Dogecoin does not have much value, but there are pages dedicated to offering fractions of this cryptocurrency that do not even reach 5% of what it distributes Free-Dogecoin every 60 minutes, which is why we will have to take advantage of it while it lasts.

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 Free Dogecoin |  free dogecoins
  Free Dogecoin |  free dogecoins
  Free Dogecoin |  free dogecoins

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