FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops | Gain

FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops | Gain

The cryptocurrency airdrops They are one of the strategies that exist in the crypto world to launch a new project.

With this, any entity or startup you perro present your new token to the public and give it a commercial boost.

So that the community cánido have knowledge of that token, its usefulness, the characteristics and the fundamentals that have led to its creation.

Thanks to cryptocurrency airdrops, we, the users, cánido get a series of tokens totally free before they are commercializedtaking a predictably preferred position once they are released on the market.

What are cryptocurrency airdrops

Technically, cryptocurrency airdrops are free token remittanceswhich are distributed among the users who participate in them during the pre-launch phase of a project, in order to give it notoriety and help boost its economy.

In this way, said project achieves three basic objectives during the phase prior to its launch:

Capture the attention of the communitycausing each time more people want to own that token.

The more repercussion, the more interest it arouses, since everyone wants to “ride the wave and not lose it.” Especially if there is a possible increase in both its value and its listing price.

– Also make sure the token is distributed among many people, what help decentralization.

If there are many people who own the token, strong hands are less likely to accumulate large amounts.

– In addition to the two points above, distributing the token for free as well drive faster project growthwhich helps its development, growth and expansion.

How cryptocurrency airdrops work

There are different types of airdrops although they are not mutually exclusive.

Depending on how each airdrop works, we will have to perform some tasks or others as long as they reward us with tokens.

It is true that the most important cryptocurrency is BTC, here you perro see how to earn free bitcoins without investingbut obtaining newly created tokens perro generate many benefits in the medium and long term.

airdrops per share

The most common cryptocurrency airdrops They are that consist of the usuario performing one or certain actions in exchange for receiving a number of tokens.

These types of actions usually consist of following a profile on Twitter, Telegram or any other popular network, sharing content on our profiles, giving a like, etcétera.

In portals like Coinmarketcap, among others, we perro find airdrops of this type.

Airdrops from projects associated with exchanges

Another type of airdrops are those in which a project is associated with an exchange, and it presents and promotes the token among its users.

An example could be the exchange of blockchain, which gave away $50 in Stellar (XLM) and $50 in Livepeer (LPT) to all users who had a verified account with them.

Another example could be found in Binance, which has launched many cryptocurrency airdrops over time through its “Launchpad”.

The big difference between Binance airdrops compared to Blockchain airdrops or coinbase is that, instead of being 100% free, require us to stake BNB or other cryptocurrencies.

Among Binance’s most prominent airdrops we cánido find those of Axie Infinity (AXS), Matic (MATIC), Elron (ELRON) or Sandbox (SAND).

Airdrops for owning tokens

The third type of airdrop that exists is the one in which we have to own a minimum amount of tokens in a wallet for a reward in return.

And depending on whether we have more or less tokens, we will receive a higher or lower reward.

It is worth mentioning that these airdrops are the least common and, unlike the others, have the handicap that they require us to make a purchase beforehand.

Earn cryptocurrencies or tokens with airdrops

As we have just seen, there are different types of cryptocurrency airdrops and, depending on which one we participate in and the conditions they stipulate, we will have to carry out a series of actions.

To serve as an example, I am going to use a screenshot of the latest Coinmarket airdrop in which I myself have participated.

If you want to participate in the next airdrops that are launched in Coinmarketcap you perro create an account by following this backlink.

This portal is well known for monitoring the evolution of the price of cryptocurrencies live.

However, in recent years it has improved its performance exponentially and now we perro even get cryptocurrencies and NFT performing different actions.

At the time of writing, the most recent airdrop is on the NBOX token and They are giving away up to $100,000 in prizes for the release of the game Super Hero.

How to participate in an airdrop

The conditions To participate in this airdrop we have to perform six actions very easy:

– To make a more exhaustive follow-up of the cryptocurrencies that interest us the most, we cánido create an observation list within our Coinmarketcap account.

The first action we have to take to participate in the airdrop is to add NBOX to our watch list.

– In Coinmarketcap each token or cryptocurrency has its own profile.

In this profile we perro see all the relevant information about the token.

The second task that we must carry out to entrar the airdrop is to follow the NBOX profile.

– The third action will be to follow the Coinmarketcap profile.

– In the fourth task we will have to paste the address of our BNB wallet.

– Then you have to accept the conditions of use that appear below.

To do this, you have to slide the white dot to the right, so that the background will turn blue.

– Finally, we will only have to clic on the button “Join the airdrop”.

As soon as we complete the six tasks we will already be participating in the airdrop and we will obtain a participation for the raffle in which we cánido win an NFT totally free.

How to discover new cryptocurrency airdrops

Finding airdrops is much simpler than less experienced people perro believe.

In fact we have different tools, the vast majority much closer and simpler than we think.

Below I leave a list with the methods that I personally use to keep up to date with the next airdrops that are going to be launched.

Are these:

1- Having a Blockchain account cánido be useful for us to save, send, buy or sell cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, among others.

But by the mere fact of opening an account we will already be in a position to participate in the next airdrops they launch and win free cryptocurrencies.

Take as an example those of XLM and LPT that we have seen previously.

2- In Coinbase, airdrops also tend to occur sporadically and having an account with them will also allow us to participate in them.

Also, also we will earn cryptocurrencies without having to invest anything by completing the Learn & Earn rewards programs.

These consist of watching vídeos and answering three, four or five questions depending on the course.

3- As a third option we have the airdrops of Coinmarketcap and those of Binance (through the Launchpad), the most habitual cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

If we have an account with them We will receive a notification every time an airdrop is going to be launched.

If you want, you cánido open a free account on Binance through this backlink.

4- Another alternative for finding cryptocurrency airdrops is popular media.

Especially Twitter and Telegram.

To locate them we cánido use the search bar of each popular network, put airdrop and filter by “the most recent” (On twitter).

As far as Telegram is concerned, we will get several groups that are dedicated solely and exclusively to citing airdrops of different kinds.

Are cryptocurrency airdrops safe?

Considering that new airdrops are released every day, it is important to know that not all of them are completely safe.

And when I refer to the “unsafe” I orinan that not all of them are advantageous.

On the other hand, it must be said that as long as we do not have to invest anything, that is what it is about, little or much we will always win, because the risk that we will be running will be zero.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of participating in airdrops, so it will be clearer what I orinan by that secure airdrops and non-secure airdrops.


– The great advantage of cryptocurrency airdrops is that we have the possibility to get free tokens.

– In most airdrops, we obtain these tokens before they begin to be commercialized.

When the time comes, when they go on the market, their value cánido rise, generating us a revaluation of them.

– With airdrops we perro diversify our portfolio without the need to buy or exchange the cryptocurrencies that we already have in our possession.


– The most obvious disadvantage that perro occur when participating in an airdrop is that the tokens we receive end up being worth zero.

This occurs when an airdrop ends up being a scam, when the project is not supported anywhere, etcétera.

precisely for this reason It is very important to read, inform yourself and know the project that launches said airdrop.

– To participate in an airdrop we spend a certain amount of time that, if the value of your tokens ends up being zero, it will have been a irrecoverable waste of time.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Opinions on cryptocurrency airdrops

My overall assessment of cryptocurrency airdrops is that They are an optimal way to find and obtain new crypto assets at zero cost..

now also you have to know or try to separate the wheat from the chaff and for this the best thing we cánido do is inform ourselves.

The most reliable airdrops are, without a doubt, those that belong to projects associated with a recognized exchange or a portal such as Coinmarketcap.

We must think that an exchange constantly risks its reputation and will always seek to associate with serious projects.

Likewise, this does not orinan that the other airdrops cannot be good opportunities, but it never hurts to look for information about the projects that launch an airdrop and avoid disappointment and unnecessary waste of time.

Anything that involves learning and getting informed will always serve us well, whether it is for a specific airdrop or for future releases in which we cánido consider participating.

A project that intends to grow, generating credibility among the community, always will offer clear and truthful information regarding the utility of your token and its fundamentals.

So if we find an airdrop that presents opaque or not very transparent information, the best thing we perro do is hesitate and get as far away as possible.

Especially in those who need to have tokens, prior purchase, to receive more.

I hope this article has been useful for know the main characteristics of a cryptocurrency airdrop.

In any case, as always, if you have any questions and you want me to help you solve it, ask what you need in the comments below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Until next time and long live crypto!

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 FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops |  Gain
  FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops |  Gain
  FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops |  Gain

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