Free Cloud Storage: Top 10

Free Cloud Storage: Top 10

The possibility of upload archivos to the cloud It has made our lives easier, especially in the professional and educational field. Today we cánido have our photos, documents, etcétera. stored in digital format in this type of solution in an orderly and accessible manner.

That’s why we’re going to tell you what they are. the best cloud storage services available todayaim!

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1.Google plus Drive

Google plus strives to play an increasingly important role in our lives, which is why it also has its own cloud storage service. It may not be the most complete in every way, but it is of the most used.

With Google plus Drive we perro enjoy 15 GB hard drive in the cloud, where Gmail correo electrónico messages are also saved. Hence, you have to remember to delete it from time to time.

A very positive aspect of Google plus Drive is that it gives the possibility of share additional archivos between different accountstheir own or that of other people, without taking up plus space.


  • Allows automatic synchronization of documents.
  • It integrates very easily with other Google plus services.
  • Make a copia de seguridad copy of the mobile.


  • It does not have as many features as other cloud storage services.

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2.Microsoft OneDrive

This platform is integrated with Windows 10. At first it offered 15 GB of storage, but today it is limited to 5 GB in its free versionbeing necessary to pay to get more space.

For 2 euros you cánido hire a payment plan with up to 50 GB of storage. There is also the option of signing up for Office 365 Staff for a price of 69 euros per year, thus achieving a space of 1 TB.


  • Allows you to create archivos and folders on the web.
  • Permissions cánido be equipo for each usuario, so that they only read the archivos or perro editar them.
  • You have an option to remotely access archivos on another device.


  • It offers very little storage for free.
  • Microsoft reserves the right to scan the archivos for content it deems “objectionable.”

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dropbox is one of the cloud storage services most habitual and used. In its free version it offers only 2.75 GB of storage. But it has paid subscription plans, of which the most expensive has a unlimited capacity and it costs 15 euros per month.

Although it is essentially a storage platform, it has a service of sending large archivosand a text editor to create documents.


  • It is coincidente with all operating systems, including Mac.
  • Allows you to synchronize content with your team and shared folders.


  • Their free plan offers very little storage.
  • It only allows you to perform very basic functions.

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iCloud is the cloud storage solution for Manzana. Which does not orinan that it is only coincidente with this operating system, since it was like that before, but now this service perro be accessed from Windows and Android.

From the moment you register as an owner of an Apple device, you automatically have the 5 GB of free storage that iCloud offers. It should be noted that this service has a function to find your lost device.


  • Automatically back up iOS and iPadOS.
  • Lets you share folders and archivos on
  • It has plus security thanks to two-aspecto authentication.


  • Some of its functions are only accessible from Apple devices.

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MEGA’s strong point is undoubtedly that it offers 50 GB completely free. If we add to this that it is one of the fastest storage services When it comes to uploading and downloading archivos, it is clear that it could not be missing from the best.

It allows upload archivos of all kinds and create shared foldersand has a intuitive interfaz and very easy to use. Besides has chat to communicate with contacts.


  • It offers a lot of storage for free.
  • It has the MEGASync application and a command console for archivo management.


  • It does not allow editing documents.

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If you subscribe for free to pCloud you perro enjoy up to 10 GB of storage. As we have already seen, these types of solutions do not always offer so much free storage, with some exceptions such as MEGA and Google plus Drive. So in this aspect, it is not bad at all. And also, by paying you cánido get up to 2TB capacity.

With this platform you cánido do Copias de seguridad of the content of the photos and the content of the popular networks and synchronized teams.


  • Allows you to upload archivos up to 5 GB.
  • It has applications for all operating systems.
  • Plus protection and encryption perro be added thanks to pCloud Crypto.


  • If you have a free version, after 12 months the account is deleted with all the archivos and folders.

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7. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon It also has its own cloud storage system: Amazon Drive. It is a service incorporated into Amazon accounts, so all its users enjoy their 5 GB free storage. who have Amazon Prime have unlimited photo storage.

Amazon Drive cánido be accessed from all types of mobile devicessince it has aplicaciones for Android and iOS.


  • It is a completely secure service, thanks to its protocols and secure connection (SHA-256).
  • It gives the option to editar the archivos, synchronize them, share them and organize them by folders.


  • It does not offer as many features as other cloud solutions.

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As far as storage is concerned, Box complies quite well, since with its free plan it allows you to enjoy 10 GB of storage. Apart from this, it has individual and business plans.

Especially interesting is his business subscriptionwhich for 13.5 euros per month offers a unlimited capacity for three userswith archivos up to 5 GB.


  • Their paid plans offer quite a few additional features.
  • Allows you to create and editar documents.
  • It has an easy to use and intuitive interfaz.


  • It has higher prices than other platforms with afín characteristics.

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mediafire is a storage service used by 150 million people today. Has mobile aplicaciónso it cánido be used from these devices, and offers 10 GB of free storage.

It should be noted that it is a solution that takes a long time. uptime, specifically since 2006.


  • Your Android aplicación backs up automatically.
  • It is a safe solution.


  • It only allows you to upload archivos up to 200 MB.

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FlipDrive It is a fairly estándar cloud solution, but also very valid. lets enjoy 10 GB of free storagea capacity that we have already seen that is quite competitive.

It may not be the most well-known cloud storage service, but people who are already using it espectáculo up very satisfied with the.


  • Offers secure storage.
  • It allows you to share archivos with people who do not have the same platform.


  • It does not have a mobile application.

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Advantages of cloud storage over physical storage

Now that you know which are the best cloud storage services, let’s see which are the Advantages of cloud storage over physical storage of archivos.

Offers a large space

Perro you imagine how much space you would need at home to store all the photos that fit in, for example, 5 GB of storage? Cloud solutions offer us a capacity that cannot be bought on the physical plane.

Allows you to make copias de seguridad

One of the main advantages of cloud storage is that this type of solution allows you to make copia de seguridad copies. Thus, the integrity of your archivos is guaranteed.

You cánido easily share archivos

With cloud storage platforms you cánido get your documents to other people on the go (of course in digital format). Something that you could not even think about in the material sphere.

So, do you dare to subscribe now to any cloud storage solution?

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 Free Cloud Storage: Top 10
  Free Cloud Storage: Top 10
  Free Cloud Storage: Top 10

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