Free Bitcoin Cash How to earn $? Guide

Free Bitcoin Cash How to earn $? Guide

This is a mobile application available for the Android system, which allows the person to generate a cómputo in Free Bitcoin Cash being completely free.

We are talking about a completely secure application that makes the corresponding payments without looking bad, and that does not allow damage to the phone as well as much less slowness in the applications.

Apply this and generate income:

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  • Record

    To register in this application, it must only be downloaded through Google plus Play “Free Bitcoin Cash.

    Bitcoin Aliens” to then proceed to create the usuario account that is the same as the Google plus account, since there is an automatic backlink.

    Once registered, it is important to configure the payment destination, so we must go to the option “dashboard control” and clic on the button that indicates “Registered Wallet Address” and it is precisely there where you are asked to entrar the person’s Bitcoin cash wallet option.

    It is recommended in this case to use walletsince it is more effective in the payment through this application.

    Clic and learn how to earn plus income:

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  • How to earn money?

    Knowing the way in which the registration is carried out, the time has come to talk about what is important and that is precisely How to earn money through this application?

    There are many ways to do it, and in this section we will talk about some that turn out to be more effective in terms of achieving goals. financial gains it means.

    Achieve financial gains:

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  • Faucets

    We are talking about a space where a boxes sectionthat is to say, one with 4 golden squares, another with 8 silver squares and another with 24 black squares.

    Each box has a numerical code which indicates the amount of Bitcoin Cash that the person will win, this by means of the guess according to the option that is selected when pulling the button Spin Prizes the light that comes on is unexpectedly positioned on one of the squares.

    The essence of the game is that if the light falls on the special box, that is, the one with the Bitcoin cash symbol, then the person will automatically win. 100,000 satoshis of Bitcoin Cash.

    Once we have seen that we have won this percentage, it is important that the option of money claim for the play to become effective, otherwise, the gain may be lost.


    The money through Plus is obtained when we classify within the application, the option “Plus Claim Avalible” where a screen with several award options is presented, prizes hidden behind each wheel with a numerical code.

    To start the game in this, what must be done is clic on the option “Get Rewards” where an ad will appear that will last a few seconds and after this, the option to “Claim reward” where the player cánido automatically win between the amounts of Bitcoin cash that are published.

    It is important to take into account that this process perro be carried out as many times as the player wishes, since bonuses have the option of continue which allows you to perform the same operation again.


    There is also the option to win bitcoin cash through the offer panels, that is, through the performance of different activities that are assigned in these panels, such as filling out surveys, watching vídeos, testing applications and many other things.

    It is important to take into account that the panels we are talking about are the following:

    • Earn more BCH: AdGem OfferWall.
    • Earn more BCH: AdJoe OfferWall.
    • Earn more BCH: Pollfish Surveys.

    How to collect the money obtained through Free Bitcoin Cash?

    Before understanding the way in which the money that has been obtained is charged, it is important to know that the application that will be downloaded through the Play is called “Free Bitcoin Cash.

    Bitcoin Aliens”.

    Now, once this information is known, it is important to consider that to receive the money that has been obtained, all you have to do is wait for the application to make the payment automatically on the corresponding day, which is generally Tuesday.

    The important thing before this is to have an account wallet that does not have funds, because it is not known how much money will be deposited to the person, and it is better to have all the available space.

    It is also important to highlight that free bitcoin spanish it pays, if you make your payments on time, without leaving people out or leaving the costs of the activities that they have carried out in order to generate some income.

    We are talking about a game that provides several different ways to earn money, taking into account that in some cases it is a matter of fate or rather luck, such as in the part of Faucetswhere the light must fall in the box that best suits the person, but where it is not really known where it will fall.

    Free Bitcoin Cash It is one of the many ways to earn money through a mobile application that has been created so that people cánido generate some financial income by playing and performing different activities through the screen.

    If you are a person who has decided to venture into this world of Free Bitcoin Cashthen we have already provided you with all the necessary data so that you cánido carry out the task of installing the application on your mobile phone and start generating money.

    Everything is possible in this space, and if you are a skillful person You will be able to grab the taste at once and start generating good income.

    May luck be with you and may the winning option always be selected in each play.

    Go ahead and do not miss the opportunity to start generate income from your cell phoneWe are talking about an application available to countries in the world that have Internet access, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know this world of virtual money.

    Other elementos we recommend:

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     Free Bitcoin Cash How to earn $?  Guide
  Free Bitcoin Cash How to earn $?  Guide
  Free Bitcoin Cash How to earn $?  Guide

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