FREE Amazon Products! find out how

FREE Amazon Products! find out how

Maybe you didn’t know that there is a possibility of prove completely free products by Amazonand if that is exactly the case, it turns out that one of the largest virtual stores in the world offers people the possibility of having a paid product tester completely free, this with the intention that they carry out a prior evaluation that certifies that the quality of the product is good or that, on the contrary, it requires some adjustments.

This is possible through a aplicación called amazon vinewhose objective is that people cánido make an honest evaluation of the quality of the products that are granted, and based on this, make written reviews on the Amazon page that certify the quality of the product or its lack of efficiency. .

In this sense, we have to talk about products that have not yet been promotedthat is, they are not yet for sale on the page, which helps the supplier to detail the quality of their merchandise before putting it on the market, and the consumer to have the product before anyone else.

Access to Amazon Vine

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  • The truth is that the way to access Amazon Vine is by invitationwhich indicates that not everyone registers to start receiving the free products.

    We are talking about the person who wants to make use of this service, must become habitual through building a good reputation on Amazon, which you perro achieve if you start writing honest and justified reviews in the description of the products that the page offers.

    In this sense, we must understand that the more value reviews the person makesthe higher approval points you will have to be selected as a Vine reviewer and to start receiving free Amazon products.

    For this it is necessary to go to the Amazon page and start with the description work and then become part of the Amazon Vine community.

    Keys to becoming an Amazon Vine reviewer

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  • There are several ways to achieve a good reputation on Amazon to become a certified reviewer, and in this space we explain which are the most successful to achieve the objective.

    Amazon Prime

    Allows the buyer to gain reputation obtaining a series of boxes that when purchased with sample products will have a refund of their price, which indicates that the buyer will have the possibility of enjoying virtual gift cards.

    Another way is to join the Amazon Free Sample Box Programwhich are obtained through the purchase of various products, being ideal for people who already have a customer history on Amazon.

    free libros electrónicos

    we talk about a free virtual library offered by Amazon to customerswhere they perro choose from a large list of books that is updated daily, taking into account that the freedom to use them for free in some cases is for an unlimited time and in others, it turns out to be an offer of only a few days.

    digital albums

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  • Amazon also offers people the ability to get free music through the virtual medium, having access to an unlimited list of albums that will be of great benefit to those people who cannot pay to listen to their favorite songs.

    Cloud storage

    And as if that were not enough, also offers a 5GB storage memory for free through the copia de seguridad of Amazon Drive, a quite satisfactory option in terms of saving information on the digital device about music, images, documents and everything that you want to store.

    Songs and MP3 archivos

    Similarly, Amazon also provides a digital library of mp3 songs that people cánido download for free, this through the free trial offered by Amazon Prime for 30 days.

    Amazon Prime for students

    Is a free application that lasts 6 months and that allows the student with facilities for Internet shipments, entertainment, leisure time, movies, and everything that allows a distraction time from daily tasks.


    We talk about getting various applications for free through Amazonapplications of all kinds that the person needs, this being one of the best programs and the best bonuses on the page, since it allows the usuario to have a diversity of applications without paying any type of commission.

    Free movies and series

    You don’t need to go to the cinema to see your favorite movies, or pay large amounts of money to watch series, Amazon Prime offers its members the possibility of having 30 days free so that the person perro watch their favorite movies and series.

    These are the possibilities through which People perro enjoy totally free products granted by the Amazon page, taking into account that for the majority you must belong to Amazon Prime, that is, be a constant customer of the page.

    We talk about many possibilities in the market to obtain products for free, both physical products and virtual promotions, all in one space.

    It is important to remember that to opt for all this it is necessary build a good reputation on Amazon, starting from the writing of reviews based on the comments of Amazon products.

    So yes, if it is possible to try products for free through Amazon and get themtaking into account that they will be test products that the usuario must try and analyze to determine if they really work or not, and provide their honest opinion to Amazon suppliers, so that from the opinion issued, manufacturers cánido publish the products if they are well or arrange them to be able to publish them efficiently.

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     FREE Amazon Products!  find out how
  FREE Amazon Products!  find out how
  FREE Amazon Products!  find out how

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