FREE Amazon Gift Certificate 2023

FREE Amazon Gift Certificate 2023

Get Free Amazon Gift Certificate it is possible working different platforms and applications.

Amazon has become the largest and most used en línea store on the web.

At this point, who more who less or has bought an item on Amazon or has visited the portal.

Even if it’s just out of curiosity! But what if we could earn Cards and get Promotional Codes to shop for free on amazon… In this articulo I will explain what a free Amazon Gift Certificate is, how to exchange it for money on Amazon and, finally, what sites I use to get them completely free of charge.

What is an Amazon Gift Certificate

A Amazon Gift Certificate It is a type of Card with a certain value that is used to Recharge the cómputo of an account in the Amazon store.

Roughly speaking, it would be something like a Recharge Card of the kind used to add cómputo to a prepaid mobile.

However, the big difference between these two cases is that, while to recharge a prepaid mobile phone you have to buy a Physical Card with a code, with the Amazon Gift Vouchers that we get en línea everything works virtually and we only need a code to recharge the account.

In the free games, platforms and aplicaciones that I use to get Amazon Gift Vouchers, they will always send us the Promotional Codes by correo electrónico.

The redemption code contained in each Amazon Gift Certificate is made up of 14 or 15 characters, depending on if they are for or for

In fact, there is no option to backlink an account to another account.

In other words, depending on whether the Gift Certificate is for or, we perro spend it in one store or another.

For this it will be necessary to create two accounts, one in .es, which works with euros, and another in .com, which works with dollars.

In my case, since I live in Spain and almost all the sites I work for pay in Gift Certificates, promotional codes usually have a format afín to this: EM34-MPZ4JL-VGKL8.

Characteristics of Amazon Gift Vouchers

Later we will see all the steps to redeem a Gift Certificate on the Amazon page, but first I want to highlight a very important fact.

Once we redeem a Gift Voucher, the corresponding amount of money will be added to the cómputo of our Amazon account.

We perro save that money for a maximum of 10 years in the cómputo.

Or in other words, the money we get by redeeming a code you have to spend it before ten years pass.

Then it will expire.

Another interesting feature of Amazon Gift Certificates is that they perro be used as a gift since they are transferable between people.

Of course, there is a nuance, and that is that they perro be transferred as long as they have not yet been exchanged.

That is, I perro win a Gift Certificate, receive the code in my correo electrónico and later give that code to another person.

For her, all you have to do is entrar your Amazon account and redeem the promotional code.

In the only case in which it is not possible to transfer a code from one Amazon account to another, is when we have already redeemed it.

Amazon Gift Certificates perro be of different values.

Depending on the site we work with, we perro get them for free from €2.

How to earn Amazon Gift Cards

On the blog I have talked about dozens of pages to earn money.

Whether in dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies.

However, it is increasingly common to make purchases en línea, and as I mentioned in the introduction, the store with the highest volume of business in the world is Amazon.

So instead of withdrawing our winnings through Paypal or other processors, we perro take advantage of the situation and exchange them for Amazon Gift Cards.

So we cánido buy without spending anything out of pocket.

All the systems I use to earn Amazon Gift Certificates are proven, reliable and 100% free.

I have made a list with all the platforms that I work to get free Amazon Gift Certificates.

I have classified them into three large blocks: surveys, games and mobile applications.

I have described the most general characteristics of each system, but you will find much more detailed information by accessing their respective tutorials.

As I test new sites and verify that they pay by Amazon Gift Certificate, I will add them to this list.

Amazon gift vouchers with surveys

» Ysense

In this portal we perro generate profits by answering surveys and completing the famous mini-tasks.

On the one hand, we could say that ysense It is one of the panels that sends the most surveys by far.

It brings together the best pollsters in one place and that allows you to have surveys available throughout the day.

As I usually say, not in all the surveys that we start we find the required profile, but taking into account the volume that they handle, it is weird not let’s rate none.

Ysense allows you to withdraw your earnings vía Skrill, Neteller and Tango Card.

It will be through Tango Card with which we perro exchange the money for an Amazon Gift Certificate.


» i-Say

This panel of surveys is characterized by two issues: Almost all the surveys to which we are invited tend to coincide with our profile, and therefore, we perro finish them and receive the corresponding plus.

If for whatever reason they disqualify us in any way, i Say it will always reward us with a small plus.

In the end, it all adds up!

The other interesting part of i-Say is that allows you to exchange points for Amazon Gift Certificates.

The minimum amount required is 218 points, which is equivalent to €2.

Taking into account that the surveys on this website range between 75 and 140 points, with two long surveys or three short surveys that we answer, we could already receive an Amazon Gift Voucher worth €2.


» Lifepoints

The survey panel that arose from the merger of MySurvey and Globaltestmarket, two large companies in the ámbito.

Here we cánido also earn money by answering surveys and redeem the earnings for codes for Amazon.

Every day there are paid surveys available and, although they usually send invitations to the correo, the ideal is to access the portal regularly and check if there are any new ones.

In this case, the rewards for each completed survey vary between 65 and 140 points, depending on the length and theme of each one.

Regarding the prizes that are available, we cánido get prizes from as little as €5.

The most recurring in Lifepoints they are usually €5 in Paypal for 600 points and the €5 vía Amazon Gift Certificate for 550.


» Yougov

the portal of Yougov it’s a little different from the rest.

The surveys that come to us from this panel are usually short, few and, for the time it takes us to answer them, very well paid.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to get kicked out of a survey.

Once we receive the invitation from Yougov and access the survey, we cánido answer it to the end in all cases.

(At least I have never been kicked out).

The rewards that they give us when answering a survey in Yougov are 25, 50, 75 or 100 points.

As a consideration, it is worth mentioning that Yougov only works for users residing in Spain.

Also, there is only one prize.

Very attractive, really, it is an Amazon Gift Certificate valued at €25.

However, it also takes more time to achieve.

If we compare it with the more affordable prizes available at i-Say (€2) and Lifepoints (€5), which perro be achieved in a matter of days, at Yougov it perro take several months before reaching the 3,000 points needed to exchange them for the promotional code of €25.


» Triaba

Triaba is surely the simplest survey website I’ve seen along with Mobrog.

Once we complete the profile questions, we will only have to wait for invitations to be sent to us by e-e correo electrónico.

As in the case of i-Say, almost all the surveys we start we cánido finish.

And therefore, we get the reward in full.

At Triaba we perro request that they pay us in €10 Amazon Gift Vouchers when we accumulate that amount or a greater amount in the cómputo.

best of portal of Triaba is that surveys are very well paid.

However, the negative part is that there are usually 4 or 5 surveys a month and getting the Amazon Gift Certificate cánido take a couple of months.


» Opiniongane

Another of the paid survey panels That in allow withdrawal vía Gift Cards for Amazon.

At Opineygane we receive invitations to surveys that are rewarded with values ​​between €0.50 and €2.

As I have mentioned, whether they are paid at one price or another will always depend on the time spent and the topic covered in the survey.

Contrary to what happens in the rest of the portals, in Opiniongane cannot be withdrawn through payment processor.

We are already doing well, because we perro get an Amazon Gift Certificate of €15 in exchange for €16.

The euro charged in each exchange is considered a processing fee.


» Wearetesters

The latest paid survey panel I use for Get Free Amazon Gift Certificates.

This is Wearetesters, a somewhat peculiar portal in which we get paid to answer Tests.

Normally, the Tests tend to have a short duration, no more than 10 minutes.

In Wearetesters there are also tests of a few questions.

At the end of one, we automatically entrar the draw for an Amazon Gift Certificate of €25 or €50.

At the end of each paid test we will receive Watcoins and experience points.

The Watcoins are the points that we cánido exchange for prizes.

In the case of WeAreTestersthe prizes are €10 in Paypal in exchange for 10.70 Watcoins or an Amazon Gift Certificate of €10 for 10 Watcoins.

As for the experience points, this panel has a particularity and that is that it works through a system of levels.

The more active and more tests we answer, the better classified we will be in the general top.

And therefore, they will pay us better for each test and we will receive the invitations before other users.


Gain free amazon codes playing

» Achiever

Winner is a free sports betting game.

In addition to the classic bets on different sporting events, we perro participate in various competitions every week and get a good pinch of plus points. The best-known competition is surely the Quiniela, but there are others such as the Gurú or Triunfagol in which we perro participate completely free of charge and choose to take us a significant number of points.

the cómputo of Winner It espectáculos us the number of points we have and their equivalent in dollars.

Regarding the prizes that are available, we perro request an Amazon Gift Certificate valued at €25 when we accumulate $25 or more in our cómputo.

Similarly, for that same amount, there is also the possibility withdraw that money vía Skrill, Neteller or even Bitcoin.


» Betsuites

The third game I’m using for get promo codes on amazon it’s Betsuites.

Also is about free sports betting.

In addition to betting on sporting events with Betcoins, we perro continue adding by answering surveys, watching vídeos or completing offers.

At Betsuites we perro request an Amazon Gift Certificate of €30 in exchange for 1,800,000 Betcoins.


Amazon Gift Vouchers with mobile

» Betsim

Finally, we will talk about Betsima fairly complete mobile application in which we cánido win Gift Vouchers by making sports predictions.

The great advantage of Betsim compared to other games is that allows you to make combined bets.

While in the other games you cánido only predict single bets, in this aplicación we perro bet at much higher odds with combined bets.

And therefore, it will be more feasible to obtain Bycoins in large quantities with little risk.

At Betsim there is an activity plus and every day we access the aplicación they give us Bycoins.

No need to bet on any event.

The prizes at Betsim are very succulent… although Gift Vouchers for Amazon are a little more difficult to obtain than, for example, prizes for Paypal.

While to request a payment of €5 by Paypal you only need 480,000 Bycoins, to get an Amazon Gift Voucher the most affordable prize is €50 in exchange for 5,400,000 Bycoins.

If you download the aplicación and want to start with some plus points, you cánido entrar my invitation code.

Is he BUO3kL (with the “k” in lower case).

In this way, we will both receive 500 Bycoins, so thanks for the part that I get.

download aplicación

How to use an Amazon Gift Certificate

As soon as we get an Amazon Gift Certificate on any of these platforms, it will be time to access our account and proceed with the exchange to money.

To do this, the first thing we will do is copy the promotional code that we have been sent by correo to the clipboard.

Next, we go to the Amazon portal and, in the top menu, clic on “Account and Lists”.

If everything has gone well, we will get a screen like the one below.

Clic on the box «Gift Vouchers and Recharge Account».

In this section we will see two options to add funds to our Amazon account.

The first is the one used to add funds through a Debit or Credit Card.

And the second, which is the one that interests us, serves to redeem promotional codes that they send us every time we get a Gift Certificate.

In the last step we will only have to paste the promotional code that we have received by correo electrónico in the box and clic on “Redeem”.

Instantly, the money will appear as available in the cómputo and it will be at our disposal to spend it whenever we want.

You cánido get cómputo for Amazon for free

Of course you perro get money for amazon completely free… But notice: requires a lot of dedication and perseverance.

We have already seen how and in what way we perro exchange our earnings for Gift Vouchers, but the process to get hold of them is not always easy or fast.

I don’t want to create false hopes, so I would like to clarify a few points:

» Nobody gives away the money and depending on the site and the conditions that each one sets, it may take more or less time to get the necessary amount to exchange a Gift Voucher.

» For what it’s worth, I applied for my first free Amazon Gift Certificate on the i-Say survey panel.

As the minimum withdrawal is only €2 is much easier and faster to get.

This aspecto motivated me to continue on the other sites and achieve my goal of raising €120.

» Although gambling is fun, you always have to take into account the luck aspecto inherent in betting.

Sometimes we go through a good run and other times we go through a bad run.

For this same reason, I have focused a lot on working with paid survey panels, which, to put it in some way, are more “safe” when it comes to earning points and getting Gift Vouchers.

History of Gift Cards redeemed on Amazon

Since a picture is always more illuminating, I’ve taken a screenshot of some of the latest trades I’ve made.

In total, although it is not reflected in this image (it is in the first one of this article), I have earned €138 in three and a half months.

From the beginning of December 2018 to the middle of March 2019.

(I have not counted those after this period in this sum.)

My experience winning Amazon Gift Certificates

As each person is different, there may be conflicting opinions regarding these €138 and the time it took me to get them.

Some people think it’s not worth it.

Very respectable… but I disagree.

I have said before that it has not been easy or fast, but for me, €138 is a lot of euros.

And all the more reason if I have achieved them by sacrificing part of my free time.

I equipo myself the goal of accumulating €120 on Amazon.

Without setting a date or deadlines of any kind.

In the end, with all the free Amazon Gift Certificates I’ve won so far, I’ve gotten more than €150.

Which, as far as I’m concerned, is a not inconsiderable amount of money.

And what I still have to win!!

In all the sites of this compilation we perro collect Amazon Gift Certificates, but it is also possible to withdraw through payment processors like Paypal, SkrilheNeteller, etcétera.

Opinions on Amazon Gift Vouchers

In DineroWorld I usually talk about free systems to earn money and cryptocurrencies.

However, when an opportunity like this opens up, to get Amazon Gift Certificates for the same thing that we usually do in the different survey panels, games and applications, we must take advantage of it.

Obtain cómputo for Amazon 100% free is available to everyone.

I assure you that with dedication and patience, Promotional Codes cánido be obtained regularly.

The question is to work several sites and not stay with just one, so we perro generate profits in various ways.

But hey, I’ll leave that to your choice.

To say goodbye, just add that if there is any doubt about Amazon Gift Vouchers or the process to get free Promotional Codes and redeem them for moneyYou perro contact me on Fb or leave a comment below.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 FREE Amazon Gift Certificate 2023
  FREE Amazon Gift Certificate 2023
  FREE Amazon Gift Certificate 2023

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