four small payments

four small payments

Good afternoon friends!!. Here I am again willing to know that you cánido earn money en línea. I am going to present you four small payments. They are not large amounts, but I want you to know that these pages continue to be charged. are payments of Neobux, Clixsense, Marketagent and …. buxcap!!.

The first two are two great pages, no problem with them, the third is a new survey page, and that’s our first payment. As for Buxcap, I recently talked about her and her twin Buxcure of her, you cánido read the articulo here. For those of you who don’t want to read it, I will remind you that many people thought (including me) that they had become a scam, due to the changes (free users cannot charge). But luckily, no, I have received my first payment and I am here to tell you about it.


Let’s see, what cánido I tell you about clixsense?, little, right?. A short time ago it changed and became a survey page, you cánido see the articulo here (if you don’t want to read it). Here I present my first payment in this modality. They are $11.88, charged by Payza. Why did I charge it for Payza? Well, simply because at that time (at the beginning of September) I needed funds to rent more referrals in Buxcap. Here you have the proof of Payza:

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The second payment that I am going to present to you is neobux. A pure and fácil PTC, the oldest that exists (Clixsense is now a survey page). And that it continues to pay without problems, this time I charged $5.58, also for Payza, and with the same purpose as with Clixsense, to rent more referrals in Buxcap. Here is the proof:


marketagent It was our latest addition to the survey section, you cánido read the articulo I wrote explaining it here. A short time ago we received the first payment. We ask for this through Skill, since it is the payment processor that charges us the least in feeds. We asked for €2.9 and that’s just what we received. You cánido see the receipt here:

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I wanted to leave for last place buxcap. The rules have recently changed Buxcap, Buxcure and W3Adz, the three PTCs are from the same admin. The fact is that a week ago, the tables turned and free users could no longer charge. You cánido read the articulo I wrote telling it here. Many colleagues and I thought that in a matter of a short time they would be scammed. I used to work on Buxcap and Buxcure, but not on W3Adz. Well, as I told you before, I had invested some money in Buxcap, not Buxcure, and I thought I might lose it.

I thought about investing all the money I had in my cómputo, and I couldn’t withdraw in advertising for other PTCs, since it was foreseeable that they would be scammed. But I didn’t, I was saving, until I bought a Golden Monthly membership, or golden for a month. And it came at the long-awaited moment of being able to request a charge. And I did it:

As you cánido see, $2.18 charged by Payza, in this case, I charged it for this processor because it is the one that I thought was the most secure of all those offered by Buxcap. I hope to earn a couple of times more this month and be able to recover my investment and even make a profit.

And nothing more to tell you friends. I say goodbye until another time. Greetings and much success!

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 four small payments
  four small payments
  four small payments

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