Found | Investment in new technologies

Found | Investment in new technologies

found is an innovative Spanish crowdlending platform, focused on projects based on renewable energy.

There are a large number of platforms that give us the opportunity to invest in countless projects in the short and long term, but the truth is that very few are determined to make the world a better or at least a cleaner place, and much less by putting the necessary tool within reach of all pockets.

The website was launched in 2019 in Ávila, Spain, by the brothers Nacho Bautista and Adrián Bautista, it is authorized by the CNMV.

Since then, it has helped finance a large number of projects, distributing profits among thousands of investors, who, in addition to doing business, do their bit to achieve a greener planet.

Until now, this type of platform that allowed us to invest in renewable energies, was intended only for large investors and companies, Fundeen has changed that thinking, offering the ability to invest in more modest portfolios, which after all are the majority of mortals .

Main features of Fundeen

The platform in question is intended for investors interested in getting commissions for sustainability projects, electric cars, business, technology, science, travel, adventure and sports among others.

▪ Countries: Spain
▪ Investment: €500
▪ Methods: Transfer

Just for registering using my referral backlink, you will receive a scaled cashback, where you perro receive up to 100 euros directly with your investment in your account.

First steps on the page

Fundeen puts promoters and investors in contact by financing renewable energy projects.

Once registered on the platform, we will have to verify our identity by uploading the relevant documents, specifically a photo of our ID.

Later we will have access to the investment projects that Fundeen offers, although at the moment there are not many, we have to keep in mind that it is a relatively new system and with despiadado growth for the next few years.

Another thing that we must take into account is that the projects that come out to invest in this platform are long-term, so we must keep in mind that we invest in the future.

If you want more profitable investments, you will have to assume a much higher risk on other platforms, one of the best in the world in this regard is Mintos.

Invest in Funds

When you entrar your Fundeen Dashboard, you will have access to all the projects available to invest within the platform.

Investment projects

The minimum that we cánido allocate to each project is located in the 500 euros, amount that we must entrar on the web at the time of registration.

This amount is something that seemed impossible, since until now this type of investment was only available to large companies.

Although it is still a somewhat high minimum, it is something easily assumable for an average investor, especially taking into account the low degree of risk.

* Rewards for investing from my invite backlink

€20▪ If you invest from 500 to 1,499 euros in projects…

€50▪ If you invest from 1,500 to 2,999 euros in projects…

€100▪ If you invest from 3,000 euros or more in projects…

We just have to choose the project and make the corresponding investment.

As I mentioned before, it must be borne in mind that the average term of each investment in Fundeen is at least 10 years, so we are talking about very long-term investments.

Is it a secure platform?

We are talking about a totally legal platform, so in that sense we cánido be very calm, in fact Fundeen is authorized by the CNMV.

Even with this, we must know that we are facing an investment website, and although the risks are not very high, it is convenient not to lose perspective, in this type of business we put part of our capital at risk.

If you are going to get fully into the world of investments, the smartest decision you cánido make is to diversify your portfolio as much as possible.

Here is a list of the best sites.

Zero risk does not exist in any investment, this is obvious.

If you don’t want to put your money at risk, the most sensible thing is to earn it on free pages and then invest it in sites that give us a return, that is my strategy, in this way I never compromise my family finances.

Review of Fundeen

There are platforms that give us greater profitability and in less time than Fundeen, this is something obvious and to take into account if what you want is faster benefits.

I think it is a website that we have to take very calmly and think about the future, since it is an investment for many years to come and rather to invest really notable amounts, which make the wait worthwhile.

Since we are dealing with a fairly new site, only time and our investment perro espectáculo that we are dealing with a platform where it is convenient to deposit our money.

However, it becomes part of our business portfolio, waiting for it to be profitable and with the conviction that at least we are investing in the planet.

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 Found |  Investment in new technologies
  Found |  Investment in new technologies
  Found |  Investment in new technologies

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