Form 184 AFIP

Form 184 AFIP

Did they ask you for AFIP form 184 and you don’t know what it is? In this note, we will explain how to download Afip form 184 that will help you carry out various procedures such as those related to the popular monotribute.

Form 184 AFIP

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) operates in Argentine territory and collects self-sufficiency taxes from the State.

In this sense, it is a corporation that applies, receives, collects and audits the income and taxes of the country.

Thus, they have multiple ways to perform their functions.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you what it is and how to get the certificate.

In addition, we will guide you to complete it, download it and print it.

What is the AFIP form 184?

The AFIP form 184 is used for the en línea registration of the popular monotributo.

The objective of the popular monotribute is to promote the integration of the formal economy among excluded workers and businessmen.

Basically, it is intended for small taxpayers.

This sworn statement is also used to obtain the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT).

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What is the use of obtaining form 184 from the AFIP?

The AFIP form 184 serves to prove that a taxpayer is registered in the monotribute tax.

Unlike the general registration certificate, which is obtained without the tax code, form 184 contains more specific data on the tax profile of the monotributista.

The institutions that normally require the presentation of AFIP Form 184 are banks and proyectos sociales.

In the latter case, it is used to carry out the process of registration in the popular work with the derivation of the contributions of the monotributista.

In order to carry out this procedure without inconvenience, it is important to know the code of the popular work for which you wish to derive contributions and communicate it when registering in Monotributo.

Then you must contact the popular work to complete the registration process and submit form 184.

Procedure for completing form 184

Filling out the AFIP form 184 step by step is very easy.

You perro even find instructions on how to do it on the official AFIP site.

However, we want to accompany you in the process.

Keep in mind that it will only be necessary to have Internet access and that it will take approximately 10 minutes.

Here we explain the process in detail:

First step

First you have to get form 184.

For this, you have to entrar the official page of the Federal Finance Administration (AFIP).

Clic here to access.

When you are inside the site, you must look for and select the option “monotribute” in the section “profiles“.

As shown in the following image:

Then you must select the option “Begin” to have your CUIT.

In the following image we espectáculo you an example:

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Form 184 afip monotributo popular

Second step

The second step is very fácil and only consists of filling out the form.

The information that will be requested is only basic data.

  • First of all, you have to indicate if an accession, recategorization or modification of the data is necessary.
  • You have to Indicate if you are part of a company or not.
  • In the same way, you have to add the type of IT and if you have data from a cooperative.
  • Then you will have to entrar the personal data requested and the data of your relatives.

Third step

Finally, you will receive the final receipt.

The following information appears in it: transaction number, date, CUIT number, full name, category, self-employed person and popular work.

Members of your family group will be considered in the same way.

Process how to obtain proof of form 184 AFIP

After you fill out Form 184, you’ll need to download and print it.

To do this, you have to follow the steps that we tell you below:

  1. Entrar the official site of the AFIP.
  2. Within the en línea site you have to select “Get into” in the section “Access with tax code“.
  3. Now you have to select the option “monotribute“.

    Then clic on “records“.

  4. A menu with different options will automatically appear and you will have to select “Form 184“.
  5. Finally, select “See form” and download it to your computer or cell phone.

In the following button, you perro download the form 184 afip pdfideal for printing and filling.

What is the F-184 certificate of procedure in AFIP used for?

This form cánido be requested when carrying out certain procedures that require being registered in the Monotributo to be accredited; for example, when entering the Monotributo popular work or when carrying out a bank procedure.

Once requested, it will be issued along with the F-152 payment identifier.

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What data appears on the AFIP form 184?

As already mentioned, this document contains more complete information than the conventional registration certificate, which is available from the AFIP without a tax code.

The data that emerges from this form are the following:

  • Operation number and date: It is the last data change you made in your Monotribute.

    For example, if you took the last recategorization (or confirmation of your category) the date you made that update will appear.

  • Reason you did it: Indicate the reason why you made this update or change of data.
  • CUIT and denomination: your CUIT number and your name and surname.
  • Category: Indicate which category of the Monotribute you are currently in and if it is the provision of services or the sale of movable property.
  • Autonomous: The word “active” appears when you contribute to a popular work through your monotributo.

    It cánido also happen that a person works in a dependency relationship and is in turn registered in the Monotributo.

    In this case, you do not make any contribution to popular work, since your employer pays for it through popular security contributions.

  • monotribute: Indicates if, in case of having a spouse, both types of contributions for popular work are merged.
  • Popular work: The code and name of the popular work to which you contribute are indicated.

    Remember that, if you wish, you perro deduct these contributions in any advance payment.

    This amount will be deducted from the total monthly fee.

  • Family group: If available, the names of the members of your family group who carry out the popular work are shown.


In conclusion, it is important to understand that Form 184 is one of the most requested among small taxpayers.

The monotributistas use it for many procedures, both commercial and of another type.

The main reason they request it is to verify that they are affiliated with a welfare organization; because they need a steady income to stay solvent.

In addition, it is also required for certain banking procedures to avoid fraud.

The best thing about the F.184 is that you cánido enjoy its advantages by taking it with you from the comfort of your home.

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 Form 184 AFIP
  Form 184 AFIP
  Form 184 AFIP

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