For these types of thoughts it is not

For these types of thoughts it is not

Many times we think that the reason why we do not enjoy financial freedom, or do not have wealth, is due to external factors.

From the economy, the government, the lack of opportunities, the job we have, to the place where we live, we are armed with reasons to justify our reality.

Personally, I consider that your current financial situation is the result of a lack of commitment to your goals, with an incorrect mentality regarding money and a resignation to reality that is not very helpful.

Your mindset determines your wealth or poverty:

Bill Gatesone of the richest men on the planet, has a very especial phrase for this topic: “NBeing poor is not your fault, dying poor is.”.

As stated in the ebook Rica Cabeza, the first step to change your financial situation is to change your mentality towards money.

When you understand this, the first thing you do is take responsibility for your current situation, stop looking for external justifications and take control of your life.

Wealth does not depend on external factors, quite the contrary, it depends on internal factors and our conception of money; in other words, money is not the genere, it is the result.

If we manage to change our mentality and assume wealth as our decision and not as an imposition of the environment, we will have taken the indicated step towards financial freedom.

Now, let’s keep in mind that wealth is not just a matter of wanting it and telling everyone that we want to be millionaires.

The reality is that this goes further, it implies that you change your thinking model and understand at what level you are or how committed you are to being a millionaire.

Here are the three levels of commitment:


Do you want to be rich?

The first level monopolizes the great part of humanity.

We all want to be rich, and we live thinking that when that perfect opportunity to create wealth arrives, we will seize it and never let go.

Do you seriously think that the really rich people waited for this opportunity to come? Do you think they just wished for wealth?

There is a big difference between wanting and being rich, and it happens that most of us have stayed in the fácil want, as if this was enough.

Our ideas of wealth remain in the desire and not in its search.
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Do you want to prove it? Easy, ask anyone if she wants to be rich and she will surely answer yes, the question is, is she really?

2. Do you choose to be rich?

This second level has a greater implication: When you choose a life option, you are tacitly acknowledging that it is you who chooses your life purpose and builds your future.

Choosing to be rich means giving up other alternatives, other plans and options.

It is a step beyond simply wanting to be rich, or wanting to improve your finances.

The second level makes you responsible for your reality, a situation that is much better compared to the first, but not enough to achieve prosperity.

Choosing does not imply being rich, it is simply a decision.

Something is missing, something is missing have the commitment

3. Do you commit to being rich?

This last level does not accept maybe, buts, suddenly, maybe, tomorrow, and no kind of excuse that you are about to look for.


When you commit to being rich you are ruling out all other possibilities, lifestyles, jobs, goals and most of all failure.

Committing to be rich closes out absolutely all possibilities, leaving you only one: achieve wealth.

Committing will make you give your 100%, your mornings, your afternoons, your nights, your early mornings, your everything.

Do you want to know if you are committed to your wealth? Ask yourself if you have concise and concrete plans to achieve your wealth in the next 5 years.

There you have the answer, many of us want and choose wealth, however we are not able to commit to it.

Perhaps you know many people (including you) who say they are committed, who are giving their all to be rich, that wealth inhabits their thoughts, and many other catchphrases that all they do is reaffirm the desire to want to be rich.

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Remember that wealth is not only a matter of desire, it is of action and execution, of giving your soul, of sacrificing and giving up many life options in order to achieve a single objective: To be really rich!

What level are you at? Do you want to be rich, have you chosen to be rich, or are you 100% committed? The answer you have will justify the lifestyle and wealth you have.

Lastly and very importantly, remember that wealth is not only a material concept.

Wealth is a term that covers various aspects of your life beyond money, it also refers to your mentality, spiritual, popular, among others.

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 For these types of thoughts it is not
  For these types of thoughts it is not
  For these types of thoughts it is not

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