Foap: Earn money selling your photos with

Foap: Earn money selling your photos with

Surely you have many photos on your mobile, whether of your pet, a soccer field, the moon, the car you like and unique and unrepeatable moments.

Why not take advantage of those photos? Have you not thought that regardless of whether you are not a professional photographer, you perro still get a lot out of your mobile camera? Well, this cánido be done with the foap aplicaciónin which your photos are sold as long as they are authentic.

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What is Foap?

Foap is an application with which you perro sell your own photos.

For example, the photographs you took at a party, on the street, with your pet, on a trip, in a bar, etcétera.

The purpose of this application is to sell authentic photos to companies.

There is nothing more authentic than the photos that users cánido take at any time, thus capturing unique moments, such as the cry of a seguidor in the stands when their team scores a goal.

We think it is one of the best pay to use aplicaciones.

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How does Foap work?

To understand how it works, we must first tell you about something that is happening with companies and marketing.

Currently, many companies have opted for authentic or very natural looking material for their marketing campaigns –apparently naturalness sells more–.

In the case of photos, they want photos that are as authentic as possible in order to launch much more authentic campaigns.

So, that’s where Foap comes in, the aplicación that collects photos that are characterized by their naturalness, since it allows any usuario with a Móvil to demonstrate their talent for photography.

foap aplicación It is responsible for uniting users who take authentic day-to-day photos with companies who want authenticity in the images they are going to buy.

The users upload the photos to the aplicación and are sold in the photo market ($10 each).

We cánido tell you that it is an easy to use application to earn money, even easier than earning money by testing products.

The application has two options menus, one is found in the upper left corner and the other is found at the bottom of your screen.

Next, we explain how the first one works:

  • Manage photos: in this option you manage your photos (here you perro upload them and put them up for sale in the market).
  • manage album: you manage your photo albums.
  • Lightbox: It is a section in which there are the photos of other users that you saved to see later and rate them.
  • your sales: the sales of your photos.
  • support: Usuario Support.
  • Settings: setting.
  • log out: Sign off.

The other menu has three options:

  • newsfeed: The photos uploaded by the users you give “follow” appear.
  • explore: Browse photos others are uploading to get ideas for uploading your own.
  • Missions: It is a section in which users compete to upload the best photo according to the criteria of the company that creates the mission.

How cánido you make money with Foap?

Just like Honeygain, Foap aplicación has several ways to make money, the first is by uploading the photos you prefer and waiting for them to sell.

For example, a picture of your pet doing anything, the important thing is that you take the capture of an authentic moment.

Keep in mind that the photos in which people appear, these people must agree that you upload the image.

The other option is through the missions in which companies establish the criteria and the type of photo they want; you and other users would compete by uploading your best photos to the Mission and the usuario who wins will get a prize such as $1000.

How to sell my photos?

To start uploading photos to the marketplace, do the following:

  1. Install the aplicación.
  2. Sign up at the first start of the aplicación.
  3. Clic on the three bars option in the upper left corner.

    A menu will appear on the left side, which we already showed you above.

  4. Select the option «Manage Photos».
  5. Clic on the option shaped like “+».
  • Entrar the data requested by the aplicación, names, date of birth and country.
  • Then, you agree that the application perro access storage of your mobile.
  • Done, you will be able to see all the photos in your gallery, upload the ones you want to put up for sale.
  • After uploading a photo, you must place the «tags» and a description of it.

    In this step you must have creativity so that your image is achieved in the market and a company acquires it.

Ready! Your photo is already for sale, the more photos you upload, the more chances you have to make money, each photo is sold for 10 dollars, half is for you, that is, 5$ for each photo.

Just by selling a photo you perro withdraw directly to your PayPal account without inconvenience.

It is another way to earn money with aplicaciones.

The other way to make money is through the Missions, an option that you perro access from the menu at the bottom of the aplicación.

  1. Once you have gone to the quests section, you will be able to see the active quests.

    Keep in mind that there are two types, the Premium and the Not Premium.

    The Premium ones usually pay better prizes, but to participate you must have Floap points, which you buy directly in the aplicación.

    But, if you don’t want to spend money, you perro apply to the missions that are Non-Premium.

  2. In the mission catalog you cánido see that each one has the reward information, time left until it ends and if it is Premium.

    You perro also see what it is about, the only bad thing is that everything is in English, but if you know the basics, you won’t have much of a problem.

    Select the mission in which you want to participate.

  • After selecting the mission you would like to do, read the requirements in the description.

    In the option with the icon «+» you upload the photo or photos.

  • Then, you must wait for your photo or photos to be selected to win the prize.

Their processes to earn money are very easy to understand, as well as those of TapCash Rewards.

However, is it reliable or not? Well, we talk about that in the next section.

Does Foap pay or is it scam?

The application yes you are paying, but the truth is that you have to compete with millions of users for your photos to sell.

But, you cánido achieve it if you have creativity and if you like to take a lot of pictures in your spare time.

Also, you perro put your photos up for sale and do nothing else, that is, you could have another passive income.

If you think that photos aren’t your thing, then be sure to try Money aplicación, which is another good option.

Opinions about Foap

Opinions on Foap in general they are very good, the users who have complained do so because of some malfunction of the aplicación, which the developers perro easily solve.

But, we have not known negative opinions about the payments, apparently when you get the minimum withdrawal you will be able to send the money to your account without any problem.

So it is worth using this aplicación if you have several photos that you perro sell.

We say goodbye, we hope you sell all those photos that you have stored on your phone and that perro be highly appreciated by others.

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 Foap: Earn money selling your photos with
  Foap: Earn money selling your photos with
  Foap: Earn money selling your photos with

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