flyPOP review: Is the first time a hit?

flyPOP review: Is the first time a hit?

whatAre you guilty of accumulating a notable carbon footprint due to your eagerness to travel?? Flying is the easiest way to travel, but often much less environmentally friendly.

Luckily, there are more and more airlines fighting against this trend, like flyPOP!

As people have become more aware of the influences that contribute to climate change, more attention has been paid to the problems that air travel creates for the environment.

Consequently, in recent times the «shame to fly«.

The term refers to the embarrassment of flying due to the associated emissions.

As a result of this embarrassment, many passengers have decided to switch to more environmentally friendly modes of travel.

However, to uphold this decision, they require airlines to step up and provide the facility to fly sustainably.

Unfortunately, few airlines have decided to go green.

This leaves consumers with few options to choose from, especially if their budget is low or the routes are unpopular.

But on the bright side, a recently launched airline called flyPOP has made a commitment to protect the environment.

By flying ozone friendly proyectos and plans, it plans to become the world’s first carbon neutral international airline!

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What is flyPOP?

flyPOP is a low-cost, long-haul airline that plans to be based at London’s Stansted Airport.

The company plans to operate non-stop flights between the UK and India.

Initially, it plans to operate on a contractual basis before moving to an ACMI agreement.

The airline also wants to expand, flying to other destinations in South Asia.

As of now, you still need to offer reservations and finalize your specific routes.

In the meantime, your fleet is available for charter and cargo.

flyPOP hopes to apply for its airline license while continuing to lease its proyectos.

How to make flyPOP ticket reservations

The flyPOP flight booking process is fácil and is listed on their website:

  • Visit the flyPOP website or aplicación to book a flight.
  • Start by selecting your departure and arrival destinations.
  • Entrar the dates of your flights and the number of tiques you are booking.
  • At the time of booking, you perro also purchase or request additional services such as special assistance and luggage.

How to editar your flyPOP booking details

In general, flyPOP flights are non-refundable, which is typical for budget airlines.

However, flyPOP allows you to change your booking details in case of unforeseeable circumstances.

However, a change fee and payment of any difference in the prices of your flight may apply.

To editar your flight details, clic ‘manage bookings’ and log into your account.

You cánido editar various flight details:

  • Please correct misspellings within 24 hours.
  • Add more seats or change a seat.
  • Increase your allowable weight.
  • Purchase inflight services in advance, such as food and entertainment.

What classes of service does the airline offer?

To ensure uniform fares, flyPOP offers only one class of service, Economy Class.

According to the airline, each seat will include a USB socket.

During the flight, snacks, meals, and beverages will be available to order and purchase.

A total of 400 conventional economy class seats should be available on each aircraft.

The A330’s twin-aisle layout and additional cabin headroom are created to enhance passenger comfort throughout the flight.

According to the airline, the seats will include padded headrests, more legroom, and plenty of storage space in the upper seat and under the seat.

Image source: flyPOP Fb account

What destinations does flyPOP fly to?

The airline intends to launch three weekly flights from London’s Stansted airport to Amritsar (Punjab) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat) airports in India.

In the long term, the airline plans to fly to other major cities in India such as:

  • chandigarh
  • hyderabad
  • calcutta
  • Goa
  • kochi

Apart from India, the airline anticipates flying to other famous South Asian destinations such as Sylhet, Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Kathmandu and Colombo.

If you are looking for inolvidable and unique things to do while in India, be sure to book an authentic Delhi food tour or Kolkata guided city tour!

flyPOP luggage allowance

According to flyPOP, all estándar economy class seats will come with a carry-on item.

Hand luggage must have a maximum weight of 8kg and 56 x 45 x 26 cm in dimensions.

Carry-on baggage is free, but any additional checked baggage will be charged per piece.

Each person may purchase checked baggage of up to six pieces weighing no more than 25 kg and of specified dimensions.

special features of flyPOP

If you fly flyPOP, expect access to a number of additional services.

WiFi access and entertainment

flyPOP has stated that its proyectos will include WiFi for passengers who wish to be entertained through their own electronic devices.

There must also be a uso contínuo service vía WiFi on board, which will incur a minimal fee.

Food and drinks

Although the airline has not released any menus yet, it is known that customers cánido purchase food and soft drinks during the flight.

One of the founders of flyPOP worked closely with AirAsia Group director ejecutivo Tony Fernandes, inspiring him to launch a afín low-cost airline in the UK.

So expect afín design and services.

According to the airline, passengers will have the option to order food and drinks using their teléfonos inteligentes.

flyPOP also plans to serve various vegan and non-vegan dishes, including authentic Indian cuisine, in generous “thaal-sized” portions.


The UK government aims to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

For every passenger who flies on flyPOP, the airline will plant a tree, pledging to achieve the net zero emissions commitment.

Their tree planting partner SankalpTaru even emplees blockchain technology to allow passengers to track and visit their trees!

Image source: flyPOP

Is flyPOP worth it?

flyPOP is a low-cost airline that places great emphasis on providing superior quality services.

Their tiques don’t include any hidden fees, but they offer plenty of paid add-ons, allowing you to spend only on what you need or want.

You also have the option of paying in advance for services.

If you are planning to fly between the UK and India and are on a budget, this airline is worth considering.

In addition, flyPOP’s air and ground crew team is highly professional.

So far, it hasn’t launched any routes or commercial passenger flights, but it’s one to watch.

Our rating: 4.5/5


  • friendly aircrew
  • No hidden costs
  • Digital carts to facilitate orders
  • Economic


  • Operates between the UK and India
  • economy class only
  • No free checked baggage allowance
  • Non-refundable tiques

Plan your escape to save

Are you impressed by this modern, low-cost and eco-friendly airline? If so, try it yourself! His philosophy is fácil.

Their goal is to mezcle the hospitality of South Asian culture with the convenience and low-cost travel that almost anyone perro afford.

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 flyPOP review: Is the first time a hit?
  flyPOP review: Is the first time a hit?
  flyPOP review: Is the first time a hit?

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