FlexClip, a great en línea vídeo editor

FlexClip, a great en línea vídeo editor

In these difficult times, it is more profitable and interesting than ever to make content for the Web.

Literally millions of vídeos appear on the Internet every day on a wide variety of topics.

Young people, without exception, try to make a name for themselves as bloggers on YouTube or content creators for habitual popular networks like Instagram or TikTok.

Those who do get not only incredible fame and popularity, but also decent fees.

Vídeos are actively used not only for entertainment purposes, but also to promote the services of companies, educational institutions, and create beautiful presentations.

But,how to make beautiful vídeos if you don’t have special skills and special programa on your computer? Just use a service called FlexClip.

It is a unique product that allows you to process vídeo recordings en línea and make them not only more beautiful, but also efficient and well-designed.

Processed vídeos will be perceived by the audience much more favorably, the presence of music, beautiful vídeo sequences, cuts of the most interesting content in them will help to quickly attract attention and achieve the goal.

When you entrar the interfaz on the left side, you will have various media.

Here you cánido find stickers, animations and various music genres.

At the bottom of the interfaz is the timeline.

What does the FlexClip editor let you do?

FlexClip Vídeo Editor

These are some of the features demanded by content creators that the FlexClip en línea editor fully possesses:

  • Merge vídeos en línea.

    If you have different recordings, parts of a vídeo divided into chunks, nice inserts that you would like to embed in the main recording, FlexClip allows you to do it.

  • flip vídeos.

    It often happens that an interesting or funny vídeo was recorded by a person who has not heard of the rule – to keep the phone in a horizontal position during filming.

    As a result, the vídeo becomes ugly and needs to be flipped and processed for a wide format.

    The editor allows you to do it.

  • Remove audio from vídeo.

    A beautiful vídeo should have beautiful sound, whether it’s a separately recorded conversation with a high-quality microphone, or music or effects.

  • vídeo acceleration.

    Often it is possible to use this technique to make the vídeo more fun, interesting for the public, which guarantees its popularity and success to the authors.

FlexClip free vs paid version

This FlexClip review would not be complete without a comparison between the free and paid version.

As with all vídeo editors, you unlock more features with a subscription.

Before we start comparing the two, let’s address some of their similarities.

Both the free and paid versions of FlexClip have:

  • The same range of vídeo templates
  • Same special effects tools and controls
  • cloud based edition
  • Downloadable Windows desktop aplicación for sin conexión editing

Both versions meet the estándares of a functional vídeo editor.

But there are some limitations in the free version, which the paid plan makes up for:

Vídeo output quality

If you are using a free version, FlexClip perro only export 480p SD vídeo.

The paid version supports high-definition vídeo, allowing you to download Full HD vídeos up to 1080p.

project count

FlexClip free vídeo editor cánido only store up to 12 projects.

The paid versions allow you to do more, with the largest plan offered up to 1000 projects per usuario.

Availability of depósito content

FlexClip is one of the few en línea editing programs with tons of depósito vídeos, photos, and music stored within its system.

All FlexClip reviews agree that this is one of its best features.

However, the free version limits you to using only one depósito vídeo per project.

Meanwhile, the highest subscription plan gives you unlimited use of all available content.

Vídeo length

Unlike other professional editing programs, the free FlexClip editor has a duration limit of vídeo of vídeos up to one minute.

At most, you perro use it to genera announcements, teasers, or invites.

If you need more, the paid version allows you to make vídeos of up to 30 minutes.

It is the ideal option if you like editing short largos or vlogging.


whatDoes FlexClip have a watermark? No, both the free and paid versions are free of a watermark.

However, the free plan has a introduction of FlexClip, which you perro’t remove unless you upgrade to the paid version.

In addition, the subscription has a customizable watermark feature where you cánido place your logotipo or slogan.


If you got to this part, you probably already know that FlexClip vídeo maker is free to use.

But it also offers three paid versions.

These are the plans you perro consider:

Free version – $0

Includes estándar resolution, 12 projects, one depósito vídeo, and a one-minute vídeo length limit.

Basic – $5.99/month

Includes higher resolution, 50 projects, one depósito vídeo, one minute vídeo length limit, custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

Agregado – $9.99/month

Includes everything in basic downloads and 1080p.

Business – $19.99/month

Includes everything in Agregado, 1,000 projects, unlimited depósito vídeos, and a 30-minute vídeo length limit.

Compared to other vídeo editors, the price of FlexClip is slightly high, but the annual plans are a much cheaper option. offer Half the price of the plans mentioned above.

Suppose any of the paid subscriptions turns out to be mediocre, don’t worry.

FlexClip offers a seven day money back guarantee for all subscription plans.


whatFlexClip vídeo editor is good? Just like other programa, it has its ups and downs.

Let’s start with the downside.

For an editing expert, FlexClip may be too fácil.

It lacks the depth of professional vídeo editing programs like Adobe Premiere or After Effects.

It is also not suitable for feature largometrajes or documentaries as it has a limit of vídeo duration.

But for novice and trabajo independiente editors, FlexClip is an excellent option.

If you’re looking for basic editing programa, this is a much better option against free vídeo editors like Windows Movie Maker.

You get more tools to work with, easy templates, and a giant supply of royalty free content.

Anyway, FlexClip is an excellent en línea editor for MP4 vídeo archivos.

It has nearly 3,000 ready templates for vídeo processing.

Feel free to use this service and become a true top content creator.

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 FlexClip, a great en línea vídeo editor
  FlexClip, a great en línea vídeo editor
  FlexClip, a great en línea vídeo editor

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