Fiverr: what it is, how to earn money and opinions

Fiverr: what it is, how to earn money and opinions

Today there are a large number of platforms from which you cánido offer your services as freelancer and make money from home.

But within that wide variety of options available for remote work, there are those that stand out for their unique characteristics.

In addition, there are platforms that are one step ahead thanks to their especial way of offering services and connecting freelancers with potential clients.

One of those platforms is fiverr, a site that has become one of the biggest references in terms of remote work.

And currently it remains on the podium of the most habitual, where people from all over the world turn to it to offer or contract the most varied services.

What is Fiverr?

Founded in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, fiverr is an Israelí platform that from its inception was intended for the purchase-sale of digital services and/or products.

Everything offered on this platform is in digital format, and ranges from translation, copywriting or transcription services to document formatting, network management, programming, editing, etcétera.

Since its foundation, the platform has not stopped growing, and currently has a great reach and presence worldwide.

It continues to be among the most habitual options when looking for a job on the internet, thanks to features such as:

  • Easy drive by the users.
  • Great variety of offers in jobs and en línea services.
  • More than 200 categories of digital services (music, publishing, writing, marketing, business, lifestyle, technology, etcétera.).
  • Available in 7 languagesincluding English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • It has applications for Android and iOS.

Finally, it should be noted that, although you need to have some skill or knowledge that you cánido offer as a service, it is not necessary to be a professional to start.

Like many, you cánido start from below without any experience previous or credentials, and gradually climb until you are among the best in the category.

How does Fiverr work?

The dynamics in Fiverr, as we mentioned before, is quite fácil.

But before going on to explain it to you, you must learn a key concept: what is a gig.

A gig is nothing more than a presentation that you make within the platform, where you expose the service you offer, its characteristics and other details such as prices, examples, etcétera.

When you start, you perro create up to 5 gigs on your profile, which will increase as your level and reputation improve.

Now, the operation of the platform is more or less as follows:

  • Freelancers register on the page and create different gigs according to their capacities, offering their services to the community.
  • Each freelancer is in charge of equipo the price of your service, from a minimum of $5 (hence the name of the page).

    They perro offer a single rate for individual services or through service packages.

  • Potential customers entrar the platform and carry out their search, after which choose the seller that best suits your needs and budget.
  • The client contacts the seller of his choice, place your order with the specifications and conditions that you consider, and that’s it.

After the period of work and possible revisions, the client receives the finished work, rates the service provider and makes the payment.

The platform offers 24/7 supportand allows communication between buyers and sellers at all times to clarify details, make revisions or changes to the order, etcétera.

What perro you work on on Fiverr?

The answer is almost whatever you perro think of.

Through the platform you perro offer almost any digital service or product that you cánido think of, that is in demand or a certain market niche, and is within the many categories that the platform offers.

To give you a better iniciativa, we will give you a review of some of the most prominent categories.

  • Writing/Copywriting.

    Quite a habitual category, which covers tasks such as creating texts for weblogs, websites, popular networks, landing pages, etcétera.

    They are projects that require knowledge in SEO, content marketing, etcétera.

  • Digital marketing.

    Everything related to advertising and sales on popular networks, campaign creation, correo electrónico/mensaje de texto marketing, affiliate marketing.

  • Art and Graphic Design.

    Another of the most demanded services.

    It includes everything related to the design of logotipos, cards, brochures, flyers, banners, posters, covers of whatever and more.

    You cánido also offer other activities such as landscaping, character or item modeling, jewelry design, and other clothing.


  • Technology, web development and programming.

    Another of the most requested categories.

    This includes everything related to the development of web pages, applications, vídeo games, chatbots, cybersecurity, programa development, creation of en línea services, testers, conversion and archivo management, among many others.

  • animations and vídeo.

    Here you perro also find a gold mine if you excel in activities such as vídeo creation and editing, creating commercials, animated logotipos, developing 3D animations and anything else related.

Among the most demanded categories you will also find business, legal advice, data science, music and audio, translation and transcription services.

As you cánido see, there are many opportunities that gives you the platform to offer your services and earn money.

How does Fiverr pay?

Another aspect to consider is the way in which Fiverr makes payments.

The first thing you should know about it is that Fiverr charges a commission about every job you do.

Bliss commission is 20% of the total amount of the contracted service.

This means that for a $20 service, the platform keeps $4 and you get $16.

It is the way in which the company obtains its income and keeps the platform active and growing.

Seeing it this way, it is not an exaggerated commission, taking into account that registration and use are completely freeand the great scope that it gives to the services it offers.

Regarding the collection of payments for the work performed, the option available is through a PayPal account.

Options like wire transfer and direct deposit are only available to US-based freelancers.

Another aspect to consider is that, in the first levels, the payment cánido only be withdrawn after 14 days.

This is done as a form of guarantee in case of problems with the work or returns.

How to start making money on Fiverr

Starting to monetize your skills on this platform is a relatively easy task compared to many other platforms.

Simply create an account, become a seller, and then start creating gigs.

Let’s review these points one by one.


Create your account

The steps to create an account on Fiverr are quite fácil and afín to any other page.

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Entrar the fiverr website.
  2. Choose the option “join”.
  3. Fill in the fields with the requested data, or, log in from your Fb or Google plus account.
  4. Once that’s done, you’ll need to clic on your profile logotipo (Right upper corner).
  5. Choose “Become a seller”.
  6. Clic on “Start now”.

You will then go to a page where they will welcome you, give you advice and explain the basic rules.

Then, fill in your profile with the information requested and you will be ready to start publishing.


Offer your services to the community

The next step consists of create your first gig with the purpose of publicize the service to potential customers.

The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Once on the page, locate the option “Sell” either “selling”.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “gigs”.
  3. Now, clic on “Create a new gig”.

A new window will appear, which will allow you to entrar service information what you want to offer Note that all gigs must begin with a phrase such as “I Will..” or “Yo hare..” followed by the description of the service.

  1. Next, select the category that is according to your service.
  2. next thing will be choose up to 5 tags that are consistent with the service you offer, so that your potential customers perro find you more easily.
  3. Next, you will need to escoge if you offer a estándar service or if you will divide it into different packages.
  4. At this point, it is time to detalla in the most striking and creative way what does your service consist of.

    For this you will have a maximum of 1200 characters.

  5. Immediately afterwards, you must fill in the section frequent questions.

    Here you must answer the questions that customers of this type of service usually ask.

  6. To finish, you must write in detail what it is what the client must supply you so that you cánido get the job done.

Once these steps are completed are you ready to articulo your gig, share it on popular networks and start receiving orders.

As a plus, you cánido enhance your publication by adding a portfolio with samples of previous work.

How to stand out and be a better seller of your services on Fiverr

Standing out from the competition requires knowledge, creativity, and follow certain recommendations.

The first and most basic is that you are 100% familiar with the platform, its operation, and its trends.

It doesn’t hurt to even review the publications of the top or best positioned sellers, in order to take inspiration to improve your own services.

Additionally, there are some basic consejos that you perro follow in order to accumulate a greater oportunidad of success in each offer:

  • Create gigs that stand out: To do this, take all the necessary time, include vídeos, choose good cover images, apply SEO optimization, etcétera.

  • create a portfolio Showy, varied and attractive: This will be a good hook to attract customers.
  • Compete by offering good prices input that allow you to attract more customers: As you increase your reputation, you perro increase the value of your services.
  • Respect the delivery deadlines and the conditions agreed between the client and you: This will help you receive good scores or recommendations.
  • Provide quality care: Always be honest, stay tuned for new messages, accept suggestions and answer questions clearly.
  • Install the mobile aplicación: This will allow you to be aware of new orders, customer inquiries, etcétera.

    In this way you cánido offer a better service.

And lastly, never stop learning.

Fiverr has a content library and platform, Learn, in which you will receive lessons, consejos, exercises and quizzes.

In this way you will be able to learn from experts, and you will be able to progress quickly and improve your position and status as a freelancer within the platform.

How much cánido you earn on Fiverr?

To know how much you cánido earn on Fiverr you must first familiarize yourself with another key concept: seller levels.

The platform presents a 5-level top in which freelancers rise as they complete jobs and receive good ratings.

The levels are:

  • Initial: It is the level of everyone who starts their career on the platform.

    You have a maximum of 7 active gigs, a bid limit of €325 and a maximum win of €5000

  • Level 1: Earned after 60 days active, 10+ completed orders, $400 profit, and a score of 4.7.

    At this point the active gigs amount to 10, 1500€ offer and the profit stays the same.

  • Level 2: You need to have 120 assets, with 50 completed orders, earnings of $2,000 and maintain a good rating.

    Here you cánido already have 20 gigs, and the profit increases to €10,000.

  • Level 3: it is the top that is reached by having more than 180 days, completing 100 orders with earnings of at least 20 thousand Euros, with a minimum rating of 4.8.

    Here there are already up to 30 active gigs among other advantages, such as appearing in promotional announcements, VIP attention and withdrawal of payments in 7 days.

  • Finally, there is the level Fiverr Pro, which is obtained by approval after submitting the application on the platform.

    These services have a much higher cost, and are focused on clients with important projects and budgets.

Now, the minimum you perro earn is 3.92 euros, having completed a single job of 5 euros.

That is what would remain after charging 20% ​​of the platform and the paypal transfer commission.

The cap will depend on other factors.

What you earn will depend on the level you have on the platform, the price of your services and the amount of work you do.

There are cases of freelancers who win up to 15 thousand euros per month.

But the usual thing is around a thousand or 2 thousand euros per month, for a usuario with a certain volume of activity.

An example is this fiverr usuario:

Fiverr Opinions: Is It Profitable And Worth It Or Is It A Scam?

Fiverr is an excellent platform If you want to dedicate yourself to trabajo independiente work, either full time or as a way to obtain an plus income that reinforces your finances.

The number of clients requiring services exceeds 2 million, which represents a huge sea of ​​opportunities for all who want to start in this world.

And the fact that it doesn’t demand great credentials or degrees makes it even more ideal for those who are just starting out or want to try their hand at it while still gaining knowledge.

of course here you will not build an empire from one day to the next, nor are you assured of the possibility of turning it into your main livelihood.

That requires time, patience, effort and quality work.

Given the dynamics that are handled on this platform, it is very difficult to fall for scams.

The most that cánido occur are generally conflicts or discrepancies due to the quality of the work performed.

Positive aspects of Fiverr

  • Good services are found at a very good price.
  • It saves customers time.
  • Allows free registration.
  • It allows sellers to offer a large number of services, with many facilities.

In general, clients are satisfied with the services offered on the platform by freelancers.

However, it also has some complaints.

negative aspects

The most common complaints center on the issue of refunds or returns, in case of payment errors or return of work due to non-conformity.

They also tend to revolve around the fact that the company doesn’t take very good care of freelancers, especially if they have a low level.

In these cases, even the customer service itself takes time to answer and provide support.

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 Fiverr: what it is, how to earn money and opinions
  Fiverr: what it is, how to earn money and opinions
  Fiverr: what it is, how to earn money and opinions

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