Fiverr | What is and how does this market work?

Fiverr | What is and how does this market work?

Fiverr is a Marketplace where only products or services whose deliveries are digital are sold, nothing physical. If you are a trabajo independiente, self-employed or digital nomad, it is time to get to know this platform. Here are the details of how to be a part of it, how much it pays and what jobs perro be offered.

Fiverr is a specialized en línea marketplace for users called autonomous, trabajo independiente or digital nomads.. The platform offers products and services that perro only be delivered virtually. That is, if you are a writer, translator, text editor, web programmer, designer; In short, any trade or digital profession that you perform cánido be offered in this space.

Are you interested in knowing what it is and how it works? Keep reading the details in this Fiverr review and start generating money from home putting your skills into practice.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an en línea marketplace where purely digital products and services are marketed. That is, you cannot entrar the platform with the intention of buying shoes, clothes or food; only merchandise that is delivered by correo electrónico or displayed on a screen.

In Fiverr you cánido entrar as a trabajo independiente to offer your digital products and services. Also, if you are looking for specialists to help you solve specific problems, you will find them. It has a portfolio of proposals that exceeds 100,000 professionals in various areas.

Sign up for Fiverr

Fiverr has a registration system through its website or from the mobile application. To be part of the platform you cánido do it using your Fb, Google plus or Apple credentials. Also, by filling out a form with your correo electrónico.

Create your Gig, a very especial way that the platform has for you to tell others what you specialize in. It is a business card that contains everything that makes you more competitive. It is essential to specify your skills and abilities, and add your rates and portfolio of your work.

At first the platform only allows you to create up to 7 Gig. As your reputation grows and your ratings increase, this value will also increase.

How does Fiverr work?

To understand how Fiverr works, it is necessary to explain the two profiles. One as a professional freelancer who offers his services and another as a product applicant. The trabajo independiente basically must espectáculo his abilities and skills in what he knows best and wait to be contacted; or search for available offers.

In the case of a digital buyer, you must register on the platform and log in. Through a search engine, a keyword is placed according to the needs. A list of options with results will appear where you must choose one of them. Also, they are divided by categories as a way to filter what you want to find.

By selecting the seller you will be able to know who he is, his rates and portfolio through a description. Also, how qualified you are and your reputation. You place the order, and that’s it; You already have contracted the service or product with the professional.

Browsing Fiverr is totally free. However, once the buyer contracts the services or purchases a product, you must pay in advance to the platform. The rate will be based on the cost placed on the selected gig. In addition, you must include the fees for administration.

If the rate is below 40 dollars, the commission is 2 dollars; If the rate is greater than 40 dollars, the commission will be 5% of the agreed value. That is, if you want to buy a design for $20, you must pay Fiverr two dollars upfront before you hire the seller.

In the case of the seller, he is paid after completing the task. Besides, only 80% of the total value of the order is canceled. The remaining 20% ​​is the Fiverr commission.

How perro you make money on Fiverr?

In Fiverr you perro earn money offering your services and digital products. This Marketplace is wide and surely your skills will be well received. The platform divides the sellers into levels that you will know below:

Initial level

All new users entrar this level, where they are allowed to create up to 7 gig, with the possibility of having two more plus, with a cost between 5 and 20 dollars. Also, you have the option to display personalized offers and withdraw your earnings after 14 days have elapsed.

Level one

To reach this level you must have at least 60 days as an active seller and have completed about 10 orders. Your remuneration must be more than $400 and maintain a rating of more than 4.7 stars. The response rate, completion rate and delivery score must be greater than 90%; and not receive warnings of misuse of the platform in 30 days.

The benefits to receive is to be able to create up to 10 services or gig, and the possibility of creating 4 more plus with a value between 5 and 40 dollars.

Level two

You reach this level with 120 days active on Fiverr. Have completed up to 50 orders and earn more than $2,000. The rating must be at least 4.7 stars and maintain it, together with the response and completion rate above 90%.

This allows you to have up to 20 active services, with the possibility of adding 5 plus. Agregado, enjoy priority customer service.

top level

It is the highest level within Fiverr and is awarded to active sellers for 180 days. Have completed 100 orders and earn over $20,000. The intact rating of 4.7 stars, and an on-time, completion and delivery rate above 90%.

The benefits of this level is being able to create up to 30 active services, expand up to 6 plus and create personalized offers of up to $20,000. Also, enjoy personalized attention and the option of withdraw your earnings in 7 days.

Does Fiverr really pay?

For a trabajo independiente, the timely payment of their work is essential, and when entering this platform, doubts are always generated, especially the first one. This usually requires a series of steps, configurations, updating and other procedures. However, nothing to worry about because they are really easy to do.

Once this process is over, future collections will be faster. In addition, Fiverr offers various payment methods; for example, bank transfers, credit card deposits, Payoneer, Apple Pay, Google plus Pay and PayPal.

The remunerations are based on the orders placed and for this value to increase you have to be good at what you do. Minimize errors, be on time with deliveries and keep your reputation high.

How to start working on Fiverr?

If you want to start working on Fiverr, the first thing to do is go to its official page and register. Also, download the aplicación on your mobile device; Available for iOS and Android. Once inside you perro officially sell your services.

I recommend you to be very sincere and punctuate your offers well. Thus, the buyer will not have to search so much to find you. In general, the search they do is using palabras clave. You cánido use the most habitual ones to identify your skills and abilities on the platform.

Use your full name, leave traces available from your popular networks so that buyers get to know you a little more. The goal at Fiverr is to popularize your personal brand. How to do it?

You have two options: stay seated waiting for them to contact you or look for the offers on your own. For it, you should be attentive to the requests that some buyers leave with data such as: amount to be paid, delivery time and description of the task. Evaluate these options and contact them directly if the job is a good fit for you.

Fiverr is a platform that requires you to be active on it if you want to level up, improve your reputation and earn more money.

What jobs perro you do on Fiverr?

When reviewing the Fiverr guide on its official website, it clearly says that anyone who offers digital products and services cánido be part of the platform. Here are some of the professions and trades you perro work with on the platform:


Designers have a wide field in this Marketplace. You just have to espectáculo what they know how to do. In addition, indicate with which design programa they make their jobs.

Web development / programming

The web page programmer, who also administers and manages them to keep them updated, is a profession that is in high demand. Like the designer, he has to indicate with which programming languages, which database he emplees and demonstrate with some works what he cánido do.


The editor, copy or content creator, is another job that is highly sought after within Fiverr. Considering that “content is king” everyone wants attractive copy on their website. If writing is easy for you, you perro offer this service.


Translate texts, articles, research, vídeos, movies; Any content displayed in one language cánido be converted by a translator into another and extended to other communities. If you are one of those who speaks more than one dialect, this role within Fiverr is for you

Vídeo Creation / Vídeo Marketing

It is not only the texts that attract attention. Also, vídeos with information of interest or advertisements. Creating these reproduction formats are currently highly valued by companies, agencies, companies and individuals, who seek to exalt their brand.

Vídeo editor

Vídeo editing is a highly valued activity in the en línea market. Buyers want the vídeos you shoot in regular locations to have a more professional feel. If you are a vídeo editor this is your opportunity to earn money from home.

Someone who manages popular networks to increase followers, viral content and improve visualization, is of escencial importance in today’s market. It is not an easy task, but if you are really an RRSS manager, apply to Fiverr and offer your services now.

virtual assistant

Teleworking caused many users to hire the services of virtual assistants. These people are in charge of managing activities that the client requests. For example, keeping your diary, reminding you of pending tasks, helping you with your homework, and more. It’s like being Siri or Alexa, but with personality.

SEO and positioning services

If you have knowledge in SEO and web positioning, Fiverr opens the doors for you. This task involves updating web pages so that the search engine perro locate them more easily. The task is currently in high demand because it depends on being recognized, selling and earning more money.

song composition

Fiverr is for everything, even for activities outside of technology, marketing and web positioning. Are you good at writing songs? Promote your talent on the platform and wait for a singer, advertiser or brand to look for you to create the next world hit

put voiceovers

Have you been told that you have a commentator or announcer voice? It’s your time to say present and promote yourself as a creator of voiceovers. This activity consists of putting your vocal cords to work, and letting another face use it. You perro do it from home, send the recording and instantly generate money.

Our opinion on Fiverr

Fiverr is fenezca for any freelancer who offers their services en línea. However, there are niche markets that are outdated. If this is your case, it is best to go elsewhere.

This Marketplace is made so that anyone who sells non-tangible products or services perro easily generate plus income. As we function as a large employment headquarters, we believe that you cánido develop easily in it. You just have to have an internet connection, demonstrate your skills and abilities in various areas, and go through the levels to earn more money. Registration is easy, with a wide variety of payment methods and good rewards for your work.

The way of looking for employees will change as time goes by. Businesses will now turn to these en línea marketplaces to find solutions to their requirements. At a more affordable cost and with a wide variety of offers and opportunities. It’s time to join Fiverr and be part of this new digital world.

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 Fiverr |  What is and how does this market work?
  Fiverr |  What is and how does this market work?
  Fiverr |  What is and how does this market work?

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