Fiverr vs Freelancer: Which is the best site

Fiverr vs Freelancer: Which is the best site

With the exponential growth of the freelancing industry, the competition is getting tougher, and it perro be challenging to find the best freelancing platform to earn a consistent income.

While there are several sites, including WriterAccess, FlexJobs, and Toptal, that offer opportunities, Freelancer and Fiverr are two of the top freelancing platforms.

To help you choose the best option, this article offers a comprehensive Fiverr vs Freelancer review, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, as well as their respective frameworks, and which one might be better for your skill or niche.

What is Fiverr?

Unless you’re living in a world of independent oblivion, you’ll know Fiverr.

Fiverr was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Although Fiverr only supports the English language, it has a global presence.

It allows en línea freelancers to sign up on your website and offer any skills they have at the price they choose.

According to Fiverr, which calls itself “the world’s largest marketplace for digital trabajo independiente services,” users perro search for numerous registered freelancers and purchase the services they need.

The service of a freelancer is called a “Gig” on Fiverr.

Even during its early years, Fiverr made a good impression on the market.

By 2012, he had around three million concerts.

However, in the past, Fiverr only allowed $5 gigs, hence the name.

Over time, they realized the limitations of the price and allowed users to equipo higher prices for their concerts.

In general, Fiverr works much like any other trabajo independiente job site.

But once you scratch the surface, you see the underlying framework of Fiverr’s working model.

How does Fiverr work?

Knowing how Fiverr works and how it differs from Freelancer is vital to getting an overview of Fiverr vs.


First, you have to equipo up your account.

You perro calculate the hourly rate and form your gig based on your skill.

Since Fiverr has Gig Packages, you cánido sub-categorize your skill and price gigs differently.

Users perro make three packages or levels for each concert.

For example, if you’re a writer, you perro name your Gig Packages Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

You cánido then equipo different prices, terms, and offers for each package.

You cánido also offer additional digital services for an additional fee.

Also, you perro sell additional services already as part of your package.

For example, if you offer two free reviews, you perro charge $10 for the third.

Once his work is done, he waits for clients to find him.

Until this happens, take Fiverr courses to increase your credibility and earn service fees.

Make sure you have completed most of your profile, if not all of it.

If a customer is interested in what you offer, they cánido contact you or place an order directly.

You cánido also discuss the project with the customer after the order has been placed.

As soon as the order is placed, the clock starts ticking.

Fiverr will notify you 12 hours before the deadline if your submission is still pending.

Then, send the job to the client through Fiverr.

They have this virtual currency called connect that allows you to send proposals to the client.

The customer has three days to accept their shipment.

If they do not do so within the indicated period, your order is automatically marked as complete.

Alternatively, customers perro request revisions.

Or, they cánido accept the order and leave a review.

Recently, Fiverr also introduced the consejo feature.

Now customers cánido consejo you plus if your work is super impressive.

The cost of joining Fiverr

Both buyers and freelancers perro sign up on the Fiverr platform for free.

If you spend between $2 and $40, you receive a service fee.

Any investment made above that is subject to a 5% percentage fee.

Even if they sign up for free, the best freelancers only get paid for 80% of the tasks they do.

Fiverr receives a 20% commission.

It implies that those with trabajo independiente profiles cánido increase their rates to make up for some of the service fee losses they suffer.

In addition, it implies that anyone perro register at first and proceed to carry out a job search.

There are no budget restrictions or experience requirements on the trail.

As a result, you perro find numerous workers on this platform of varying quality.

So for those hiring freelancers who are paying for a gig, always look at your star rating.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

One of the best affiliate systems available is offered by Fiverr.

Compared to other platforms, Fiverr offers quite high commissions, which allows you to increase your earnings two or even three times.

For example, you perro receive a CPA of $150 for each new customer or up to $1,000 per transaction using their hybrid model (10% CPA/10% revenue split).

Advantages of Fiverr

According to Fiverr, 2.4 million users were present on the platform in 2019, coming from 160 countries.

These users are distributed in more than 300 categories and eight verticals, which include digital marketing, writing, graphic design, etcétera.

It is ineludible to assume that Fiverr must be doing something that other platforms are not doing.

Fiverr’s merits are as follows:

Easy to use

One of the first things users notice and point out about Fiverr is its ease of use.

Apart from the friendly usuario interfaz, the layout of the platform is quite fácil to navigate and work with.

Even if it’s your first time on the site, you’ll know where everything is.

customer evaluation

Another favor that Fiverr does users is that it vets customers, freeing freelancers from the hassle of vetting dubious users.

Indeed, some people go through the controls.

But in most cases, customers are trustworthy.

Since payments are held in escrow, you will most likely get paid if you have submitted work assigned to you.

You cánido focus on delivering incredible quality work without these issues getting in the way.

no bids

While some may consider it a scam, I’ll have to place you with the pros.

You have to bid for projects on other platforms, like Freelancer.

That takes a long time.

So much so that some people hire freelancers, aspiring freelancers, and those who want to know how to be a trabajo independiente illustrator solely to write and bid on projects.

On the other hand, Fiverr allows you to create concerts that represent you and your skills.

Then you sit and wait for the customers to come to you.

If your concert has been well written and optimized, you will receive a message or an order soon enough.

Cons of Fiverr

Despite topping the world of freelancers, Fiverr has some shortcomings.

Here are some limitations of Fiverr:

Buyer Focused

Anyone who has ever worked on Fiverr will know that the platform is too buyer-centric.

In many cases, it seems that Fiverr favors the buyer over the seller; that is probably the reason for the higher sales and audience of the platform.

For example, buyers perro place an order whenever they want and the seller cannot reject it.

Suppose you are on vacation with friends.

A seller places an order within two days.

Now, you have two options: cancel the order and let the cancellation affect your grades, or work on your homework sitting on the beach while your friends are skiing.

Because of this, time management cánido often be a problem.

Also, if you miss the deadline, your score is affected.

Fiverr now has an ‘Out of Office’ mode.

With this feature enabled, buyers will not be able to place an order while it is enabled.

However, this doesn’t exactly solve the problem for two reasons.

First of all, most budding freelancers are reluctant to turn this feature on for fear of scaring off customers.

Second, time constraints aren’t always the reason a freelancer doesn’t want to accept an order.

Sometimes it is possible that the client is not clear enough or that you do not consider yourself fit to meet their requirements.

20% Commissions

Fiverr’s 20% commission policy is the bane of many freelancers’ existence.

The platform charges a fixed commission of 20% on all projects.

Whether you’re making $10 or $1000, Fiverr will make a significant sum of it.

Fiverr provides a workspace for freelancers to grow and find clients.

However, 20% is too much to charge for this.

No external communication

Fiverr is strict about how you communicate with customers and what you talk about.

Under no circumstances are freelancers allowed to network with sellers outside of Fiverr.

Fiverr’s chatbox collects words that hint at anything related to external contacts between the buyer and the seller.

Also, you cánido’t ask a buyer to give you a good review, even after doing a wonderful job.

Such violations may result in your account being suspended or banned, preventing you from working on the platform for life.

What is Freelancer?

Freelancer was established in 2009 before Fiverr and is based in Australia.

According to the platform’s personal records, there are a whopping thirty-one million users on the site.

Like Fiverr, Freelancer has numerous jobs, ranging from design to translation.

How does Freelancer work?

The main difference between Fiverr and Freelancer is the business model.

While you have to wait for clients on Fiverr, Freelancer allows you to bid on projects like SolidGigs.

When you equipo up your profile, you specify the skill equipo you have.

Freelancer will then espectáculo you unique jobs for that niche and skill every day.

You cánido filter jobs based on local or international projects, flat or hourly rates, small or large job opportunities, etcétera.

Once you find a job that interests you, prepare to write a speech.

You must convince the client that you are the right person for the task.

If a client hires you, the work begins.

You cánido also equipo milestones and get paid along the way.

As a client, you only have to publish a project and you will start receiving offers in no time.

You perro also browse Freelancer’s list of available talent for your requirements and make a direct offer to a seller.

The Cost of Joining Freelancer

The good news is that Freelancer is free to prospective employers who offer a job! However, there are a number of paid monthly programs with a 30-day trial period available for freelancers:

  • Introductory: at $0.99 per month
  • Basic: at £4.99 a month
  • Agregado: $8.95 a month
  • Professional: starting at $49.00 per month
  • Premier: $99.00 per month

The bottom of the home page has more details on their fees and charges.

It seems that the prices and charges are less transparent than Fiverr.

Different fees, transaction charges, and fee percentages are assigned to various groups.

However, a new usuario may find it difficult to equipo those categories.

Also, it is often unclear which costs belong to buyers vs.


When you articulo a project on your trabajo independiente platforms, you have the option to request trabajo independiente job postings and have a discussion about the job.

Reviewing the freelancer’s portfolio is also a great iniciativa.

The Freelancer will charge a lower project fee based on the bid amount chosen if a buyer proceeds with the plan you have listed.

The price of a project for a buyer varies according to the difficulty of the project.

The fee for a fixed-price project is either $3 or 3%, whichever is higher, according to Freelancer.

If you pay the freelancer by the hour, there is an additional 3% fee.

It is important for freelancers to understand that a buyer has only one week after a project has been accepted and they perro terminate it at any time.

The buyer receives his chargeback if he chooses to do so.

Pros of freelancing

Now that you know how the Freelancer platform works, it’s time to discuss the good and bad of this website.

Since Freelancer has a wide variety of job opportunities, there is room for everyone.

These are the merits of the Freelancer platform:

bidding system

Most people feel in control if they know what jobs are available.

On Freelancer, you cánido bid on the projects you like.

Unlike Fiverr, you won’t be forced to do a project.

So you perro manage your time accordingly and choose jobs that fit your skill equipo.

Milestone Payment Method

As a freelancer, you perro equipo milestones for the project based on its duration and complexity.

The customer would have to pay at each milestone, making sure the seller gets paid for their hard work.

Freelancers cánido cancel milestones, but clients cánido’t do it themselves.

However, customers cánido open a dispute at a milestone.

So Freelancer support becomes the third.

If the customer perro prove their point, they get their money back.


Employers on cánido articulo contests that sellers then entrar.

The client chooses the best presentation and the freelancer gets the money.

For one thing, it’s hard to win these contests.

But on the other hand, they allow newcomers the opportunity to make their mark in the niche.

If you win a contest, your credentials will increase, which will increase your chances of landing a project in the future.

Cons of Freelancer

For most people, it is preferable for the platform to find jobs according to their specifications.

Freelancer does just that, increasing convenience for sellers.

However, the website also has some shortcomings.

Expensive Plans

Choosing a suitable Freelancer Membership Plan is a task in itself.

In the free plan, you perro bid on eight projects each month.

To get more deals, you’ll need to purchase membership plans that range from $0.99 to $59.99.

These plans include different skills, number of offers, commission rates, withdrawal limitations, etcétera.

In addition to being expensive, the plans are also very complicated to choose from.

Not for small jobs

Freelancers’ commission system is just as complex as their membership plans.

Usually, the website charges commissions of $5 or 10%, whichever is higher.

But for Premium and Estándar plans, the policy is different.

If you have a Premium plan, the platform will charge you 3% or $3, whichever is higher.

In contrast, the commissions for the Estándar Plans are 5% or $4, whichever is greater.

So it is obvious that Freelancer is not suitable for smaller jobs.

Bid Scoring

The offer quality score measures the freelancer’s skills for clients.

However, it is annoying for sellers.

The offer score analyzes the quality of your offers.

Simply put, your offer quality score must be higher than 76 out of 100 or you will be penalized.

Which is better between Fiverr or Freelancer?

While Fiverr is a suitable option for smaller jobs, Freelancer focuses on larger projects.

Also, as a newcomer, it’s easier to break into Fiverr’s competitive trabajo independiente platform than Freelancer’s.

On the other hand, Fiverr tends to be more buyer-centric, making it difficult for newbies to get off to a good start if they make mistakes.

Needless to say, both platforms are remarkable, but their suitability depends on your skills and expectations as a freelancer.

Which is better?

Now you know what Fiverr and Freelancer are.

Also, learn about the operating framework of both platforms, along with their pros and cons.

Use this Fiverr Vs.

Freelancer as a guide to choose the best platform for you and start your trabajo independiente career now.

There is no right or wrong option, it all depends on your personal preferences.

Frequent questions

Which of the two is better?

A much better option for the two independent platforms is Fiverr.

It provides independent contractors with a platform to market their skills, specify their jobs, and equipo fixed rates.

Also, Fiverr only has one Fixed commission cost, unlike Freelancer, which offers no additional fees or additional expenses.

How perro someone with no skills make money on Fiverr?

You perro create gigs and earn money on Fiverr as they have maleable jobs even with no talents.

You cánido provide services such as branding, digital presentation design, background removal, YouTube embedding, transcription, travel booking, or advice without any special skills.

Is Fiverr free?

Certainly, Fiverr is free.

The platform is free for buyers and sellers; customers only pay for the services they use.

However, Fiverr deducts 20% of the earnings from marketplace providers as commission.

Is Fiverr safe?

Yes, Fiverr is among the safest marketplaces for freelancers.

Normally all payments are held in a trust account and are only released when the buyer is happy and satisfied with the service delivered.

In addition, all contact only happens through the platform, which guarantees the safety of buyers and sellers and their money.

Is Fiverr legit?

Yeah! Fiverr is a completely legal marketplace.

The countless rave reviews on Fiverr are proof enough of the legitimacy of this platform.

Buyers are encouraged to do extensive research and choose sellers with a large number of completed earnings and positive ratings because Fiverr does not require sellers to validate their identities.

Is Freelancer free?

One cánido sign up to Freelancer for free, articulo tasks, request quotes, review portfolios of different freelancers, and discuss job specifications.

On the other hand, freelancers are paid based on the total amount of the chosen offer when clients assign them tasks.

Is Fiverr a good site for newbies?

Fiverr is a good trabajo independiente website for beginners.

Compared to most other platforms, it offers low barriers to entry.

All it takes is setting up gigs and providing some skills that others will pay for.

Is Freelancer safe?

All payments are guaranteed to be safe and secure at

However, scammers have been involved in several cases on the website.

As a result, you should use the website with extreme caution and be on the lookout for warning signs from potential scammers.

Is he legitimate freelancer?

Freelancer is a legit and trustworthy platform.

It has received excellent retroalimentación from clients and independent contractors who have enjoyed using the website.

The fact that this website is free and allows you to select freelancers is another agregado.

Which of the two trabajo independiente platforms is cheaper?

On Fiverr, you are more likely to find lower prices.

It is the least expensive alternative because ordinary orders are exempt from commissions and service costs.

However, the fact that it is more affordable does not orinan that it is of lower quality.

It’s ranked among the best trabajo independiente websites for 2023 for a reason.

Which platform has better security for the buyer?

Both Fiverr and Freelancer offer strong buyer protection by keeping all contacts within their platforms and holding payments on escrow to protect customers and their transactions.

However, Fiverr is also more dedicated to building trusting working relationships and providing top-notch work, which makes it a better choice for clients.

Which is easier to use?

Fiverr is easier to use than Freelancer.

Instead of searching for a freelancer who cánido get you what you need, it presents a visually appealing interfaz that allows you to search for the precise type of work you want.

Also, the overall workflow is more efficient, which makes Fiverr the better option.

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 Fiverr vs Freelancer: Which is the best site
  Fiverr vs Freelancer: Which is the best site
  Fiverr vs Freelancer: Which is the best site

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