Five of the best aplicaciones

Five of the best aplicaciones

whatYou know the feeling when you’re in the zone and just keep working? Tracking your hours may be the last thing on your mind. The good news is that you don’t have to stop being in the zone. Time tracking aplicaciones cánido do the job of keeping track of your hours so your creative flow isn’t interrupted. Instead, trust any of the best time tracking aplicaciones that are available on multiple platforms.


One of the most habitual aplicaciones in the time tracking space, is a favorite for very good reasons. Fácil and intuitive, Toggl gets the job done without getting in your way. To get started, you just need to press the “Start” button and the timer starts. Coincidente across multiple platforms, you cánido access Toggl wherever and whenever you need it.

The best part about Toggl is that it takes a different approach than other time tracking aplicaciones. While other aplicaciones want you to add all the details about the task or time you’re tracking, Toggl says, “Don’t worry about it; you perro do it later. Instead, let the focus be solely on your work and let the aplicación, extension, or browser tab do the rest. With a free plan for basic time tracking, Toggl is a must for anyone who only needs the basics.

2. Hours Time Tracking

Another minimal time tracking aplicación, Hours Time Tracking, ensures that a list of timers is running and cánido be easily stopped and started. Sometimes the basics are exactly what you need. In that case, Hours has it in spades, but it’s not completely basic. If you’re a freelancer working with multiple clients, Hours cánido keep multiple timers active at once. Switching between all of your various timers is as easy as tapping or clicking.

Beyond tracking your time, Hours has introduced a new billing feature so you perro take your hours directly from within the platform and convert them directly into an invoice. Add aprecies from your stopwatches as part of your invoice as a way to detail the work you did. Want to see how much time you spent in a week or a month on a given project? Hours includes some basic reports and visualizations to help you see how your time is being spent. Best of all, it’s free and works on almost any device.


Unlike more estándar time tracking aplicaciones, RescueTime works in the background with no need to press a start or stop button. So how does it work? RescueTime automatically tracks the time you spend en línea, even in aplicaciones, websites, or even while working on documents. There are no manual timers, yet RescueTime provides detailed daily and weekly reports, letting you know how your week has gone.

You perro equipo smart goals to help track your progress and hopefully become more productive as a result of understanding where you’re spending all your time. One of the best features of RescueTime is its sin conexión component. The developers understand that not all work is done en línea. You perro manually add sin conexión tasks so that all those sin conexión hours perro be accounted for. That RescueTime cánido integrate with your favorite calendar aplicación, as well as Slack, is all the more reason to check it out.

4.My Hours

Easy to use with all the features you’d expect in a time tracker, My Hours is a solid choice. For anyone using this aplicación, time tracking cánido be entered manually or using the start and stop timer. All of your tracking cánido be tagged with an de hoy “tag” or by adding a description so you cánido make aprecies for later use. Any moment entered perro later be turned into a shareable report that you cánido send to a client or manager so they perro see your progress and workflow.

One of the most destacable aspects of MyHours is the option to add expenses to time records, including amount and hourly rate. It’s a great way to keep track of all expenses, as well as control a budget. Integrations with third-party aplicaciones like QuickBooks ensure you cánido properly manage all your accounting, and with Zapier’s connectivity, you have thousands of automated integrations available.


Designed to be used with a team, is another smart time tracking tool that works just as well for solo professionals. One of the best reasons to look at Clockify, especially for teams, is that its free tier allows for unlimited users and projects. That perro be a great money-saving feature for teams of any size and cánido help integrate everyone’s work and time tracking in one central location. The start and end time works manually or with the clic of a button.

whatWant to equipo up a timesheet that the whole team perro use? That feature is already integrated with Clockify. Maybe you prefer a dashboard where you perro see how the whole team is spending their time. That is available too. Another nice feature is the ability to add custom fields to all of your time entries. By doing so, you perro keep track of expenses, location, trips, bills, etcétera.

One thing is certain. There is absolutely no shortage of time tracking aplicaciones available. In fact, it’s easy to spend more time selecting an aplicación than performing tasks. That’s why your selection should be narrowed down to one of the five aplicaciones listed above. They range in price from free to a small monthly fee, work well for teams or individuals, and are cross-platform. Stop your search right now and download one of these aplicaciones and get to work. And if you want to make your time even more worthwhile, consider using the Pomodoro technique.

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 Five of the best aplicaciones
  Five of the best aplicaciones
  Five of the best aplicaciones

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