First impression: The 15 keys so that

First impression: The 15 keys so that

You only get one oportunidad to leave one first impression that they will never forget about you.

This is why if you want to please people, you must make sure to follow these 15 keys every time you have the opportunity to create a first impression successful.

Is the first impression we leave on other people important?

As humans, we tend to judge others.

When you meet someone new, whether it’s a colleague at your office or a neighbor who just moved in your neighborhood, the first thing you do is make a snap judgment based on her behavior.

So rest assured that others are doing the same to you.

The question is, what are others thinking of you? Do they like you when you first meet them? Do you genere a good first impression?

In case you want to leave a first impression that they will never forget about you, you perro follow these 15 consejos.

Keys to creating a successful first impression

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Prepare to make a good first impression.

Although it sounds a bit logical, it is vitally important that you prepare in advance for the event you are going to attend.

Investigate who you are going to be encuentro with, what their tastes, interests, hobbies and even what they are passionate about.

Ask yourself:

Where he works?What is your favorite food?Do you like soccer, basketball, tennis?

Understanding each of their interests will allow you to approach the encuentro based on what he/she likes.

This is the basic principle for making a successful first impression: Make the other party feel special, not you.

If it is a professional issue, get ready and study the new trends, the new business models, update yourself with the latest news and movements in your industry.

2. Release tensions with a smile:

Smile is one of the best ways to genere a good first impression.

When you arrive somewhere without your smile, it usually creates a negative impression and makes the situation more uncomfortable.

Remember that a smile makes you feel happier and lets go of bad energy.


Is present at the encuentro:

The first thing is to put the phone aside, added to the internal conversations you have with yourself, which are interruptions, and do not allow you to fully hear what the other person is saying to you.

The best gift you cánido give another person is your time and dedication.

That is why it is so important that you choose wisely the type of friendships that surround you.


Be on time so they never forget you

In a world where being late has become part of the routine, punctuality has become a rare virtue that everyone admires.

When you make others have to wait for you, you are not pretending to be important, you are allowing their lost time to become a space for them to judge you and criticize your lack of respect.

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Be authentic and espectáculo yourself as you are:

To make a first impression that they will never forget about you, you do not need to pretend to be someone you are not, or espectáculo off abilities that you do not have.

Being yourself is the key to starting a new relationship on the right foot.

When you pretend to be something you are not, it will espectáculo sooner or later, so don’t waste your time trying to pretend something you don’t feel comfortable with.

If you want to look more interesting, these 40 habits proven by science will make you smarter.


Have eye contact with other people

There are people so concerned with creating a good first impression They often forget the importance of having a good conversation.

When you focus too much on yourself, on showing your skills and experiences, you cánido espectáculo something that you are not: arrogance.

The key to making an impression they’ll never forget is to focus on the person in front of you.

Caring about their life, their stories and profession.

So avoid these types of bad habits that do not help in your search for success.


Espectáculo confidence with your body language

More than 70% of what you say is non-verbal.

So use your body language, your eyes, your shoulders, and so on to appear confident.

Move slowly, calmly and confidently.

When someone calls you from behind, return slowly and make direct contact with their eyes.

These kinds of things espectáculo that you care about the other person, that you take them seriously, and most importantly, that you have confidence in yourself.


Ask questions in a way that espectáculos you are listening.

What is the number one topic that people most enjoy talking about? Themselves.

Recommended books:

So the best way to make a first impression they’ll never forget is to ask questions that espectáculo you’re interested and listening to their stories.

The other person will talk 95% of the time and will remember you for the good conversation they had with you.


Put away your phone

For the first 10 minutes when you meet someone, don’t take out your phone, much less check it.

Focus on being present in the conversation, no matter how many times it vibrates or how many notifications you get.

When you pick up your phone you are perceived as distracted, or worse, as disinterested, which not only leaves a bad first impression, but cánido affect your professional relationships in the future.


Espectáculo genuine interest in others

In business, most people believe that others are looking for ways to profit from relationships.

However, when you espectáculo your most sincere side, and really seek how to help others, this will create an impression that is impossible to forget.

Ask yourself how you cánido with your skills, knowledge and experience improve the life of the person you are encuentro.

This is known as emotional intelligence, and these courses cánido help you develop it.


Make them feel special

In a world where everything moves fast, where sincere relationships are lost and human warmth is conspicuous by its absence, when you make the other person feel special, as if they were at home, you will ensure that person never forgets you.

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Remember that a good first impression is not a matter of luck or oportunidad.

It depends on how prepared you are for when the time comes and on your abilities, on the charisma you have to make others feel special.


Your physical appearance matters, a lot:

If you are one of those who think that the way you dress, comb your hair, smell and even have your nails organized does not matter, surely you have not understood the importance of a good presentation when creating a good first impression.

To make a first impression that they will never forget, make sure that even the smallest and simplest detail speaks well of you.

This includes the size of your nails, the haircut, the combination of your suit, the color of your stockings… rather, everything.


It’s not about expensive clothes, it’s about being presented according to the situation.
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Give the floor to those next to you

Although a good first impression depends on yourself, this does not orinan that everything should revolve around you.

On the contrary, it should revolve around others, since this espectáculos that you are someone trustworthy and that you deserve respect.

Be more ears than words, and when you have the opportunity to express your opinion or point of view, try to be concise, clear and direct.


Mentalize yourself with the image you want to project

Much of the reality we experience occurs in our minds.

This is known as mental discipline.

When we have positive thoughts, each of the situations we face, whether good or bad, represents an opportunity to learn and gain experience.

However, when we have a negative mentality, any situation is a problem, difficulty or genere of stress.

So mentalize yourself with the image you want to project.

Do you want to demonstrate power, confidence and intelligence? Imagine and visualize scenarios within your first impression where you project this attitude.

Start lying, and you’ll end believing you If you feel like you’re not outgoing enough, lie to yourself and project it.

No matter what makes you uncomfortable, remember that you only get one oportunidad to make a first impression that they will never forget.

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Instead of bragging about your abilities, be honest about your flaws.

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Many people will think that to make a good first impression they need to talk about each of their skills, experiences and recognitions.

They think that the more they know about their achievements, the better the impression will be.

Unfortunately, the impression that they usually leave is that of conceited people, who prefer to talk about themselves and pass over others.

Make the decision to talk about yourself when asked, focus on others, make the conversation turn to others and not on you.

It is preferable that you tell your weaknesses and failures, not only will you reflect your honesty but you will make it clear that you understand your points to improve and you are willing to work for them.

This is one of the keys to learning how to be successful in life and business.

Remember that to make a successful first impression you need to prepare; from knowing the tastes of the other person to knowing how to sell your weaknesses.

If you want people to never forget you, apply these 15 basic principles.

For sure they will not only have a good image of you, but they will never be able to get you out of their heads.

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 First impression: The 15 keys so that
  First impression: The 15 keys so that
  First impression: The 15 keys so that

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