Fire Faucet | Cryptocurrencies and gift cards

Fire Faucet | Cryptocurrencies and gift cards

We cánido consider Fire Faucet as a web veteran that offers us the attractive possibility of earning free cryptocurrencies with very little effort.

The page itself started as the typical cryptocurrency faucet, but over time they have added many additional features, thereby increasing the options for users, making the site a more attractive place.

Logically, places like Fire faucet are specially designed to be used by active users, since they have a huge number of different features that perro only be used by people who are really interested in working on them in depth, so you make sure you get the most out of them. yields.


Fire Faucet is a cryptocurrency faucet created in 2018 and has a large number of options to earn money.

We perro withdraw the profits obtained through any of the available cryptos or through gift cards at Amazon, Carrefour or other stores.

How to open an account on Fire Faucet

In less than a minute you perro create an account in Fire Faucet, we will only have to entrar the web and clic on where it says REGISTER NOW.

We will see that a small registration form appears, we entrar our dirección de correo electrónico, name, password and that’s it.

Then to confirm our account and be able to access it, we will go to the correo electrónico that we have used in the registration, there we will see an dirección de correo electrónico sent by Fire Faucet with a backlink which we will have to clic to verify the account.

Once these steps are done, we will be able to access our Fire Faucet dashboard with the credentials that we put in the registration form.

Time to earn money.

Fire Faucet Operation

Our task within Fire Faucet is going to be to accumulate ACP points (Coche Claim Points) with our activity within it in the different sections, then we will be able to convert those points into real money.

But first, let’s see how each of these sections work.


Shortened backlinks are one of the oldest ways to monetize content on the Internet.

paid short backlinks

We will have many shortener listings available daily.

Next to the ad, we will see the number of times that we will have to solve through a captcha, that is, if we see 3 numbers, it is that in general we will have to see three different ads before receiving the remuneration.

This method perro be quite stressful due to the number of pop-up windows that we will have to close, but it is also one where we will earn more money.


The paid surveys section is the most lucrative, since it is where we will be able to add the most ACP points.

Normally there are more than a dozen available per day, although it cánido vary depending on the country.

It is a section especially for users who work the page 100%.


If there is a really easy way to earn money on Fire Faucet, it is by using its free faucet.

The only thing we have to do is solve a captcha successfully and receive the reward, it will be random and we perro claim it every 30 minutes.

For each time we complete a claim we will get an plus 10 ACP in our account.

offer walls

The usual wall of offers that we find on many pages like Cointiply, where we cánido earn money by doing different tasks such as watching vídeos, downloading applications, completing surveys, playing games, etcétera.

There are some of the most important offer walls, such as OfferToro, Wannads, BitLabs or CPXResearch.

It should be noted that every day, 2 or more of these walls offer a 20% plus plus for each task.


This is a very important section in Fire Faucet, since here we will be able to claim all the bonuses that we are unlocking during the day with our activity on the web.

They are going to give us certain prizes depending on the activity that we are going to have and we cánido unlock these prizes by going to the tasks section, so it is important that you keep an eye on it from time to time.


We have a series of daily paid advertisements, which will report income to us in the simplest way.

Example of ptc ads

The operation is fácil.

We just have to select the ad we want to see and clic on visit site.

Then, within the ad in question, we solve the captcha and we will automatically be awarded the number of points corresponding to it.

What are ACPs

ACPs are nothing more than Fire Faucet Activity Points.

We will accumulate these points each time we complete any task within the page.

In addition to this we have a plus for activity called Activity Points, which consists of rewards of more than 20 ACP daily.

To this we must add prizes for the most active users of the platform every day, being able to get up to 40,000 plus points.

Levels in Fire faucet

Within the rewards for activity we perro include the system of levels per usuario.

We cánido go up in rank based on our activity, something that rewards the most hard-working users.

activity level

There are more than 1,000 different levels and we perro go observing ours on the dashboard, along with the progress bar that informs us of how much we have left to reach the next level.

How to convert points into real money

To convert our ACP points into real money we cánido do it in two different ways:

Coche Faucet

It is an automatic faucet and it works by marking one of the currencies available within the platform, at which time we will be telling the system that we want to charge through that cryptocurrency.

Activate the Coche Faucet

You perro mark all the currencies you want, although I already told you that it is more difficult for you to receive payments in a single currency.

By pressing the button >>Star Coche faucet< We will automatically receive cómputo every 60 seconds, without doing anything else.

It is an excellent way to get passive income, since we cánido leave the tab open all day and that will make us earn money without doing anything.

To increase our earnings in the coche faucet, it is advisable to change the Payout Boost that is marked by default at 1X to 4X, in this way each claim will increase by four times.

Conversion manually

If you prefer, you perro convert your points into any currency yourself.

All you have to do is clic on the button Convert under your ACP counter.

Then choose the cryptocurrency you are going to exchange your ACPs for, along with the amount of ACPs you want to exchange.

Finally select “Exchange” to complete the conversion, this will be instantaneous.

⚠ Although you cánido convert your points manually for free as many times as you want, remember that you must have at least 1,000 ACP in your account to be able to do so.

Fire Faucet Referral System

The Fire Faucet page has a referral system with which we will be able to earn additional money for the activity of each usuario who has registered in the system using our referral backlink.

There are two different remunerations within the plan.

One is the 20% of all profits by referral whatever the activity within the platform and the other is the 5% of the total of each purchase in advertising.

collect the profit

Earnings from the referral system accumulate in a chest where we will have to redeem them before the progress bar completes and reaches $100.

This way they make sure that everyone is active on the web, even those with thousands of referrals.

It is important because in case the amount reaches 100 dollars and you have not redeemed it, you will lose that money.

Fire Faucet Reviews

Well, I am one of those who are not influenced by the price of cryptocurrencies.

Regardless of how they are, I continue to work on the websites and accumulate as many as I cánido.

Some I exchange for real money in a crypto exchange and others I simply hold them in the very long term because I think they perro be very profitable in the future.

That is why these types of websites seem very, very useful to me, since they allow us to earn several coins with relatively little effort and achieve our purpose, whether it is holding or exchanging.

The web has been running for several years and although experience tells you that this is not a guarantee of anything, the truth is that at least it gives you a basis to work on it with some peace of mind.

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 Fire Faucet |  Cryptocurrencies and gift cards
  Fire Faucet |  Cryptocurrencies and gift cards
  Fire Faucet |  Cryptocurrencies and gift cards

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