fintonic a Spanish application to control your money.

This fintech was one of the pioneers and most successful in Spain, focusing on new technologies.

What officially began as a fácil mobile application in 2012, being focused on facilitating the management of personal finances.

fintonic I wanted to highlight the importance of any usuario being able to effectively control the domestic economy of their home from their móvil inteligente.

All this without the need for any technological knowledge.

At the moment fintonic It is present in Spain, Chile and México and intends to expand to all of Latin America.

It has more than 760,000 bank accounts added90 professionals fully dedicated to the application and more than 500,000 users.

It has more than 2,800,000 downloads on both Google plus Play and the Aplicación Store and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

How to download the application?

The download of the fintonic aplicación phone is extremely fácil.

You only have to clic here if your mobile is android either clic here if you have an iPhone.

After that, everything will be very fácil.

You will only have to create an account indicating your dirección de correo electrónico, a password and an invitation code (this is optional) and that’s it! You perro now be aware of your money.

In a single application they will inform you of the invoices that are sent to your account, the receipts and everything that you cánido save.

Do you think it’s okey? Well, keep reading, what fintonic has much more to offer.

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fintonic dashboard

Fintonic is going to be very helpful for us to have great control of our money.

It will also offer us the best financial services adapted to your capacity if you need to exit the application.

You will have full control of your money without having to leave the application.

In its Fintonic customer area You will have access to everything related to the account that you backlink to the application.

They will also send us an correo electrónico whenever they need to inform us of something.

  • FinScore.

    It is the metric that will help us achieve the best conditions in loans and cards, loans and other financial products offered by fintonic.

  • real time control.

    All your accounts will be organized in one place.

    You will receive an alert every time there is a movement in the bank account that you backlink.

    You will be able to be aware of charges, overdrafts, unpaid and they will inform you of the expiration dates of your insurance.

  • insurance.

    You perro contract all types of insurance without leaving the application.

    You cánido hire your motorcycle, home, life insurance, etcétera… They search and compare between more than 40 different companies and they will call you through their fintonic phone or they will send you an dirección de correo electrónico.

fintonic simulator

Although Fintonic began as a fácil aplicación to control your money, perhaps what stands out the most today is its loan simulator.

With the Fintonic loan simulator We cánido study which loan we are interested in requesting.

As soon as you entrar your website, it will not cost us anything to access your loan screen, where we see a fairly fácil and easy-to-understand simulator.

The Fintonic loan simulator is totally reliable.

Right next to the simulator there is a lot of useful information, such as telephone numbers, limits and deadlines.

Fintonic loan simulator

He Fintonic loan simulator It is very interesting for all of us who want to request a loan for anything we want to buy or to start a business.

After selecting the amount, we go directly to the reason for the credit, we will see a wide range of possibilities, including debt reunification or business help.

The choice of the reason does not influence the conditions, it is simply a way of collecting data.When we have chosen the reason, the page will lead us to a screen where we must indicate our income, always over €650.

Next we select our type of contract (I advise you to put fixed) and immediately afterwards they will ask us if we are in the ASNEF.

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They will ask us if we are part of ASNEF, although they will clarify that if we are in ASNEF they will look for other alternatives for us, so they would accept us being on this list.

Then they will ask us for both an correo electrónico and a phone number to confirm the registration.

They will tell us that our data will be processed by fintonic just to find us the right loan.

We will receive an correo electrónico explaining that we cánido always follow the process through your aplicación.

When they have four offers they will inform us.

The only bad thing is that they will only inform us of the minimum APR and the maximum amount, we will have to deal with that.

Last conclusions

After testing for a couple of months the fintonic aplicación and his Fintonic loan simulator, I cánido say that I find both very interesting and useful.

With the application I know everything that happens to my savings and the simulator cánido help me request a loan, when it is necessary to do so.

In fact, I have already recommended it to a family member and they have used it with very good results.

Therefore, I cánido tell you that the option Fintonic loans are reliable 100%.

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To register in the application, you will see that it is very easy and fácil and in less than two minutes you will have everything connected.

You will be able to connect your financial products and you will have control over your expenses and income in a totally detailed way.

Notices are made through correos electrónicos and notices on your mobile.

Also, if what you need is to save, since every month they espectáculo you income and expense statistics from the previous months in a graphic way.

In this way you will be more aware of what you have and where you cánido spend less (save).

If you want to know other articles afín to fintonic you cánido visit the category banks without commissions.

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