Find out where the Scooters are available

Find out where the Scooters are available

Bird’s scooters seem to be taking over major cities across the United States.

People are using scooters across the country as an alternative to Uber and Lyft.

They’re affordable ($1 to start, then 15 cents a minute), environmentally friendly, fun to drive, and save you the hassle of looking for a aparcamiento space.

Sharing scooters is a great travel option for those looking to commute 1-2 miles, as long as you cánido find one in your area.

To make their scooters more posible, Bird has dropped off thousands of scooters across the country.

In many cities, Bird quietly left electric scooters overnight, surprising community members and city officials alike.

This guerrilla tactic has helped create a lot of buzz around Bird Scooters, but not all the buzz has been positive.

Cities are scrambling to figure out what to do with all these new scooters, as many are left in the middle of the street, thrown into ponds, or left in other inconvenient places.

Some local governments have resorted to banning dockless electric scooters altogether.

Every day there seems to be a new story about Bird Scooters being introduced to a new city and another being banned.

We did some digging to better understand where Bird scooters are actually legal.

We’ve compiled these findings below to help you understand where Bird scooters are allowed and where they’re banned.

In which cities are Bird Scooters available?

The easiest way to find out if Bird Scooters is available in your area is to check their móvil aplicación (iOS and Android).

The Bird aplicación will access your location and espectáculo you if there are scooters nearby.

If Bird Scooters are available, their locations will appear on a map.

It will look like Uber or Lyft.

But instead of nearby cars, you will see scooter icons.

If Bird Scooters is not available in your city, a pop-up will appear stating that Bird is not yet available in your location.

If you are a city official and want to get the scooters in your city, you cánido contact the Bird team vía dirección de correo electrónico: [email protected]

Bird regularly updates their website with a list of cities where Bird scooters are legal.

In most cases, the scooters are located in a condensed downtown area.

If you look at the maps on the mobile aplicación, there will be areas in red where scooters are prohibited.

Last we checked, the following cities allow kick scooters in a certain capacity, according to Bird:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
    • mall
    • campbell
    • culver city
    • The drawer
    • Table
    • Long Beach
    • the Angels
    • Oakland
    • piedmont
    • Bank
    • San Diego
    • Saint Joseph
    • San Luis Bishop
    • Santa Clara
    • Santa Cruz
    • Santa Monica
    • west hollywood
  • Rojo
  • DC
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
    • Bloomington
    • indianapolis
    • West Lafayette
    • Kentucky
    • Covington
    • louisville
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
    • Ann Arbor
    • East Lansing
    • detroit
    • Windsor
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
    • Columbia
    • kansas city
    • richmond heights
    • st louis
    • University City
  • North Carolina
    • charlotte
    • greensboro
    • raleigh
    • winston salem
  • Ohio
    • cincinnati
    • Colon
    • great view heights
    • Upper Arlington
  • Oklahoma
    • Norman
    • oklahoma city
    • still water
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
    • abilene
    • Austin
    • dallas
    • highland park
    • Lubbock
    • Shavano Park
    • Saint Anthony
    • college park
  • Utah
    • Salt Lake City
    • southern salt lake
  • Virginia
    • Arlington
    • norfolk
    • virginia beach
    • richmond

In addition to these US cities, Bird Scooters partners with select college campuses.

This is a great solution for college students looking for a faster way to navigate large campuses.

These college campuses currently allow Bird Scooters:

  • Abilene Christian University
  • concordia university
  • Coppin State University
  • Howard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Loyola University
  • Morgan State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • queens university
  • San Diego State University
  • shaw university
  • University of California at Los Angeles
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • university of portland
  • University of Texas, Austin
  • university of utah

Bird is eager to expand across the country as quickly as possible.

They are currently available in 20 states and espectáculo no signs of slowing down.

They have started looking abroad for more opportunities for expansion.

As of this writing, Bird Scooters are available in these international cities:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Paris France
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

We will do our best to keep this list up to date.

However, the best way to check if Bird scooters are available in your area is to open the aplicación.

What cities don’t allow scooters for Bird?

Let’s go over some of the areas where scooters are prohibited.

In most cases, the bans are temporary, and Bird appears to be working with local officials to get the bans lifted.

For example, there are now Bird scooters in New York after they were finally allowed into the city.

San Francisco

This city might surprise some, considering that Bird is based in California and has received funding from Bay Area-based venture capital firms.

Towards the end of March 2018, Bird left hundreds of scooters in San Francisco without receiving approval from the city to do so.

After operating for a few weeks, the city decided to ban all electric scooters until further notice.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) reported nearly 2,000 complaints about scooters in April and May 2018.

In late August, the SFMTA updated its policies to allow dockless electric scooters.

However, Bird and Lime scooters are still banned in the city.

The city offered two permits to different companies: Scoot and Skip.

The permits allow the two companies to launch 625 scooters each for six months, with the potential to increase that number to 2,500 each after that.

Beverly Hills and West Hollywood

In June, the city of West Hollywood voted to ban Lime and Bird scooters from operating within city limits.

The following month, the Beverly Hills city council followed suit, voting to ban all-electric scooters, including Bird Scooters, for six months.

West Hollywood has not equipo a timeline for when the scooters might be reintroduced.

Cambridge, MA

Earlier this summer, Bird dropped off a bunch of electric scooters in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts.

It didn’t take long for local governments to send out cease and desist letters requesting its removal.

When Bird failed to act, the city took matters into its own hands.

Government employees came in and began confiscating the scooters.

Without putting up a big fight, the company went back and removed all the scooters from the area.

The company said the decision was completely voluntary.

we have no information about whether electric scooters will return to the area.

Why are scooters for Bird prohibited?

As you perro see, Bird and other electric scooter companies are struggling to bring the product to market in some areas.

But why don’t cities want them?

We have identified 4 main reasons why city officials are hesitant to allow these scooters in their district:

How they were introduced

There are several reasons why some cities were not interested in Bird Scooters.

The first is the way they were introduced.

Earlier this summer, Bird began dropping off scooters overnight.

It came as a complete surprise to residents and city officials.

One day there are no scooters.

And the next day they are everywhere.

This shocked many people, particularly government officials.

Leaving hundreds of electric scooters overnight perro ocasione significant traffic disruption, both on the streets and on the sidewalks.

According to our research, most cities are open to electric scooters.

However, these cities need time to establish the rules and regulations.

Most cities want to introduce scooters slowly and have an associated educational campaign.

City officials want to have clear rules about where people cánido operate and park the scooters to ensure these personal transportation devices are used safely and do not interfere with traffic.

Lastly, most cities want a piece of the pie.

Like the early battles with Uber and Lyft, local governments are hoping for a cut from Bird.

security concerns

The next reason why these scooters are banned in so many cities is the safety concerns that come with operating an electric scooter.

When someone rents a scooter, they agree to abide by the Bird Scooters rules.

These rules include always wearing a helmet and not riding in restricted areas like sidewalks.

Unfortunately, Bird has no way of enforcing these rules.

As a result, many choose to ignore them.

Emergency rooms are reporting giant spikes in scooter-related injuries.

One young man even died in an electric scooter accident earlier this year.

Do we think scooters are safe?

When people follow all the Bird rules and regulations, yes.

However, enforcing these rules has proven challenging.

get in the way

To add to the first two frustrations, many municipalities view these y también-scooters as a public nuisance.

One of the best parts of renting these scooters is that you don’t have to return them to a specific area.

When you’re done assembling them, you perro hop off and park it anywhere.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the company’s biggest downfalls.

Many have abused this maleable delivery policy by leaving scooters in the middle of the sidewalk or in front of gates.

Bird and Lime Scooters are trying to combat this epidemic.

Scooter companies have recently asked people to take a picture of where they parked their scooter to ensure proper aparcamiento.


Vandalism related to Bird Scooters is one of the more unfortunate side effects.

People in major cities like San Francisco who oppose scooters have taken matters into their own hands.

In some cases, people intentionally destroy scooters by throwing them into bodies of water or from tall buildings.

This is immature behavior that we hope will go away once the excitement around these scooters has worn off.

The future of Bird scooters

We believe the future for Bird Scooters is very bright.

The shared scooter company claims to be valued at over a billion dollars.

And they’ve been using that money to expand into more and more markets.

Things got off to a rocky start at first.

Scooters were being banned left and right.

But the company appears to have softened its approach.

Now they are working much more closely with local governments to make sure that the scooters are distributed in a responsible and respectful way.

They’re also taking more steps to make sure cyclists use them responsibly.

One of these steps includes checking that a scooter is properly parked at the end of each trip.

We love the eco-friendly nature of the product.

We also love the iniciativa that people perro earn money charging Bird scooters.

The biggest concern most people have is security.

This is entirely reasonable considering that scooters perro go up to 15 mph.

But as long as people use them responsibly, the Bird movement should continue to grow.

We look forward to seeing Bird and afín companies like Lime expand into more areas.

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 Find out where the Scooters are available
  Find out where the Scooters are available
  Find out where the Scooters are available

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