Financing Sources for Entrepreneurs

Financing Sources for Entrepreneurs

If you have the iniciativa of ​​designing and running your own company, which allows you to give free rein to your creativity, developing new products and services; then you are an entrepreneur, a business adventurer.

It is one thing to imagine the scope of your economic project and its impact on the market, and quite another to obtain the means to carry it out. If you do not have your own resources, you will have to complejo turístico to public and private sources of financing.

This is not a utopia, of course it is possible to achieve it! We will tell you about the state and private financing funds that are available to you to equipo up a startup.

Private financing option for entrepreneurs

That business visión that is coming to life in your mind is like a seed that needs to be watered.

In order for it to grow, you need investors who believe in you and provide the impetus to make it happen.

Next, we will mention at least three private financing options for entrepreneurs:

  1. Private banking: Many of these institutions have implemented various measures to help new businesses with lines of credit, business loans, and other low-interest financial services.
  2. crowdfunding: This modern alternative is nothing more than a form of collective financing.

    It works like this; Entrepreneurs are contacted with investors who wish to invest in their future company.

    In general, this is done through different en línea platforms, where the nature of the project, the amount required for its launch, and the benefits that the potential funder could obtain are explained.

  3. angel investors: No, it’s not about heavenly angels miraculously managing your capital.

    They are more like private investors who provide monetary capital, as well as their extensive business experience, to encourage the formation of new companies, usually being compensated, with equity participation.

Financing funds for entrepreneurs

A daring entrepreneur will not give up easily in his attempts to crystallize his dream.

There are many doors to knock on to get the support you crave for your venture.

Some financing funds that you cánido access are the following:

  1. Venture capital funds. It represents a widely used solution for companies in the consolidation phase.

    Such funds are financed by some corporations, which invest their own monetary resources in these projects, in order to sell their participation in the future and make a profit.

    When the company is already firmly established, the venture funds are withdrawn.

  2. Mutual Guarantee Societies. These non-profit financial entities facilitate the obtaining of credits, acting as guarantors before banking entities or savings banks.

    In addition, they provide the service of analysis and monitoring of the feasibility of the venture.

State financing for entrepreneurs

In Spain, there are public institutions that provide support and advice for setting up new companies.

They perro help you develop a business plan and point you to accessible sources of financing.

We will mention organizations that have this purpose, such as:

  1. The Official Credit Institute (ICO). This public bank, attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, promotes the development of company activities and their investment projects through direct financing programs and complementary financing channels.
  2. The National Innovation Company Public Limited Company (ENISA). This public company, dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, aims to support innovative business projects, by granting credits from venture capital funds, for the promotion of ventures.
  3. Microcredits granted by the Ministry of Equality.

    This is an excellent option for women entrepreneurs.

    It has very advantageous financing conditions.

    Women who plan to start their business and do not have sufficient resources to start it, or access to other forms of credit, cánido aspire to obtain this financial aid.

Other financing alternatives for entrepreneurs

There are other ingenious ways to get the resources you need for your innovative project.

Many of them perro be ideal for your business to take off quickly.

We will cite some examples of these alternatives.

  1. Startup Incubators and Accelerators.

    If you are in the launch phase of your company, go to an incubator, that is, organizations sponsored by government entities, universities or private companies to facilitate the growth and success of the ventures, but if you have recently started your activities, the services are convenient for you of an accelerator.

  2. Depósito market for small businesses.

    Aimed at small capitalization companies with expansion plans.

    This listing platform for small or medium-sized companies cánido provide capital to get it off the ground, implementing a depósito trading system that makes it possible to get liquidity without losing control of the company, attracting suitable investors.

In which bank do they give loans for entrepreneurs?

Taking depósito of the needs that a bank must satisfy, so that you perro make your business dream come true, it would be expected to be Reliable, that your procedures are not so complicatedand since you are starting your business, it is highly desirable that the interest is not so high.

Do you know of an institution that guarantees this and more?

Have you heard of Younited Credit?the leading credit institution between individuals in continental Europe? Its platform captures funds from experienced investors and directs them to the people who require it.

Your personal loans are faster and cheaper than a bank.

younitedcredit It has a credit institution license from the Bank of Spain (n°1560), which guarantees its solvency, transparency, financial practices and procedures.

So, it is authorized to give loans in Spain and is also attached to the Bank of France, Bank of Italy and the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments with N°A810.

Speed, simplicity of its procedures, 100% En línea application, are the characteristics of its loans. Due to the fact that these loans receive financing in their entirety by the group of investors that support them, procedures are expedited and, in turn, the requested documentation is reduced.

It is significant that their loans have a limited duration and a fixed monthly payment until maturity.

Its interest goes from 7.57% APR to 19.96%, which makes it very competitive in the market.

A capital of between 1,000 and 50,000 euros cánido be obtained.

With no obligation, visit the page of Younited Credit. If you want to get financial help, take these steps: 1) Simulate your project, filling out the form.

2) Signature En línea, with a code that you will receive on your mobile and upload your documents.

Once the information is validated in 48 hours, you will receive a response.

See for yourself why thousands of people have benefited from this reliable, efficient, fácil and professional option.

Go to Younited Credit

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 Financing Sources for Entrepreneurs
  Financing Sources for Entrepreneurs
  Financing Sources for Entrepreneurs

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