Financing methods for developers

Financing methods for developers

Are you a real estate developer and Do you want to boost the economic growth of your company?? Until some time ago, the only way to get financing to expand was through traditional methods, but today there are alternative methods so that any real estate project becomes a reality.

In many cases, property developers need an immediate liquidity solution to be able to carry out their projects, or, to continue the process of a construction work that has begun.

Traditional financial methods usually have very long processes, and to find the best solution, the alternative financing as an immediate solution to continue.

exist different types of loans tailored to each real estate developerto find the one that cánido best serve the project that is being carried out.

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These alternative financing methods are the most used in recent times, because they are more maleable than traditionaleven today there are not many traditional forms of financing for developers.

Find immediate liquidity to build homes or any other type of real estate project is much easier nowthanks to this type of financing, which is widely used by those small and medium-sized developers who are looking for a short-term economic solution.

Taking into account that in Spain, 90% of the business world is made up of SMEs, it is clear that they usually require an injection of capital to be able to develop their construction projects, and these are the main clients of the best alternative financing platform. .

Another advantage of this type of financing is that You cánido get loans with a minimum commission of 2 eurosto obtain an economic benefit that cánido range from 1,000,000 euros to 50 million.

Finance real estate projects

The most real estate developers He usually consults the traditional bank first to receive that economic injection that perro boost his projects, but the truth is that an alternative method, such as a developer loan for real estate projectsis a much faster and more efficient solution to diversify capitalwith leverage levels higher than those that cánido be achieved with any traditional loan.

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Unlike traditional banking, in which financing methods perro be obtained with a leverage ratio of up to 50% for real estate projects, through alternative financing a ratio of 70% is achieved.

These methods They have gained a lot of strength in recent timesfor the agility to obtain the necessary liquidity.

The time frames to continue with real estate projects are much shorter, thanks to quickly obtaining assets, and a large number of SMEs and companies of all kinds are turning to this method.

Are the companies that use digital platforms, the ones that use these loans the mostdue to the wide growth potential that means that they have more and more projects that require financing.

The best solution to start a real estate project

Many times, the property developers need an initial injection to start a project.

They usually have land or perro get it, and the iniciativa is to receive a loan to start construction on that land.

For these cases a bridging loan for property developers it is the best solution.

Bridge loans are presented as the best alternative to achieve that capital income that cánido be used to build a real estate project, as well as to finance the purchase of an assetand most importantly, it is the best option for temporary situations.

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with one of these loans perro be financed in terms not exceeding 24 months and obtain the necessary liquidity immediately for the continuity of any project.

They are called bridging loans because They are an immediate solution to start with the first works in a real estate projectin search of a later definitive financing that allows to finish with the construction of the entire project.

All this is essential to be able to start a project in which you do not have the capital.such initial required.

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 Financing methods for developers
  Financing methods for developers
  Financing methods for developers

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