Financial mathematics

Financial mathematics

Are you looking to learn about financial math or sometimes also called financial math? Well, in this article I aim to provide you with a equipo of resources that will allow you to learn it.

Some of the things you perro learn are:

  • What is financial mathematics?
  • What is fácil interest?
  • What is the composed interest?
  • What are geometric progressions?
  • What are arithmetic progressions?
  • What is the discount?

I hope you find it useful.

Introduction to financial mathematics

Is financial mathematics really important outside of professional life? The truth is that possibly, if someone is not engaged in something that has an affinity with financial mathematics, then it is possible that they think that it has no use for their daily life.

However, nothing is further from the truth, as financial mathematics has implications for our daily lives.

After all, you have probably ever used one of the many varied financial instruments.

Knowing about financial mathematics perro help you find answers to everyday life, such as:

  • What happens when you ask the bank for a loan?
  • What happens when you escoge to invest in cetes or some other instrument?
  • How much will I earn if I invest in the bank?
  • How do I prevent my money from losing value?
  • Should I save all my money?

There are endless questions that cánido be answered with your help, however I have to say that it is important that you know about financial mathematics because the errors that are made by not knowing the subject have implications for your pocket (also for companies). ).

What are they about?

In short, financial mathematics offers us a equipo of tools that allow us to see the behavior of money over time and take advantage of it.

In such a way that with the use of financial mathematics, it is possible to face common situations such as accessing different financial services and instruments, such as bank loans, home loans and even the card with which you receive your payroll.

It is part of a portfolio of financial products.

What is financial mathematics?

Financial mathematics (financial mathematics or financial math) is part of applied mathematics, which focuses on studying the different mathematical models related to quantitative changes that occur in capital.

Another way of looking at it is that financial mathematics is the application of different mathematical methods or models to the different financial problems that exist, to market modeling and data analysis.

The models detalla the relationships that exist between cambiantes such as asset prices, interest rates or market movements.

What is the importance of financial mathematics?

Financial mathematics is important for the fácil fact that it helps us make decisions objective and rational in various financial issues, such as banking transactions, depósito transactions, investment and in many economic (financial) issues where a change in the value of money takes place over time.

In fact, it perro be taken as an administrative tool, since it perro be used to optimally manage the financial resources available.

Therefore, financial mathematics, when used properly, perro allow a company to be more competitive.

For example, if a company is forced to increase its production capacity and does not have the necessary resources to do so (money), then it has to finance itself (obtain money from others).

To do so you perro use many financial resources, but what is the best option? Should I take advantage of the discount or borrow? What interest rate is best for you?

Well, that is why its importance lies in the improvement in decision-making related to the different financial problems that exist and which a person or a company has to face.

Financial Mathematics in English

In English it is translated as Financial mathematics or sometimes you cánido also find the topic as Financial math.

Therefore, if you want to find a book in English, then this is how you should look for it.

Who emplees it?

As I said before, anyone cánido and should study it, thanks to the fact that the mistakes that are made will affect the resources of the company or the person in question, however, it must be said that the professions that interact the most are the following:

  • Administration.
  • Accountancy.
  • Economy.
  • Engineering (some more than others).

What topics do you have to learn?

Some topics that you have to learn to learn about financial mathematics are the following:

What is fácil interest?

What interest do you have to pay to the bank if you have requested a loan of $10,000 pesos at an interest rate of 20% that is compounded quarterly? If you want to learn how to solve problems of fácil interest through solved exercises, go to the following backlink:

What is trade discount?

The discount cánido be an attractive way for a business to get the financing it needs.

If you want to learn about what the commercial discount is, then I am going to leave you the following article.

What is the composed interest?

Once you know how fácil interest works, then it’s time to learn what compound interest is.

Let’s say it’s time for you to level up.

If you want to learn about compound interest, then I am going to leave you the following backlink:

arithmetic progression

Do you want to learn what an annuity is? Well, in my opinion, it’s best to start by learning what a progression is.

After all, an annuity is based on a progression.

Therefore, the first step is to learn about arithmetic progressions.

geometric progression

If we raise the difficulty a bit as far as progressions are concerned, then it’s time to talk about geometric progressions.

In fact, annuities are primarily based on geometric progressions.

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 Financial mathematics
  Financial mathematics
  Financial mathematics

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