financeADS | Product Affiliation

financeADS | Product Affiliation

financeADS is an affiliate platform that allows us to promote a series of financial products and earn a commission for each sale or registration that we manage to generate in each of them.

The campaigns available on this platform are aimed at any publisher who wishes to advertise financial products, either through their website, blog or popular networks.

If you have a blog with a theme afín to this, financeADS is going to come in handy, since all its campaigns will fit perfectly with your site and will be to the liking of your readers, which, after all, is what really counts .

What is financeADS

financeADS is a German affiliate platform for financial products.

It is a site with extensive experience in the ámbito, however its beginnings date back to 2006, when the union of FinLeap GmbH and financeAds GmbH & CO was completed.

KG in Nürnberg and is led by co-founder and director ejecutivo, Hakan Özal.

Right now it is the leading platform in the market in countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where it is present along with 5 others, among them Spain.

In addition, in 2015 it was awarded the EPMA award as the BEST AFFILIATION NETWORK in Europe in 2016.

To all this we must add its great customer service, in fact, as soon as you open an account they assign you a personal account manager to advise you on any questions you may have.

Leading companies in the financial ámbito such as VIVUS, N26, Bankinter or EVO, among many others, work with financeADS, offering their products so that publishers perro promote them and earn commissions for it.

Open an account in financeADS

It’s fácil and free, agregado opening an account in financeADS won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

You only have to accept the invitation that I am going to leave you under this text and meet some minimum requirements, such as being of legal age and having some means of dissemination, preferably a blog or a web page.

By clicking on the backlink, you will automatically go to the registration area, where you will have to fill out a form with your personal data, such as name, surnames, address, correo electrónicoetcétera.

In that same form you will have to entrar the data of our website.

Entrar the data of your website

They are basic data, such as the url of your page, a brief description of it, together with the visits and impressions (approximate) that you receive per month.

Try to be as honest as you cánido, it doesn’t matter if you have few visits, they generally accept all the sites.

Finally, you select the country to which your service will be destined and that’s it.

Then you will have to wait for the approval of the site.

In general, they will contact you vía correo electrónico to ask you a few rigorous questions, then they will activate your account and you will be able to use the platform.

How financeADS works

Once inside the platform, the operation is really fácil.

In it Start We will be able to vea the cómputo of our account, in addition to other information of interest such as the contact of your account manager, recommended programs, etcétera.

Then, in the main menu, we cánido navigate through the most important options within the financeADS platform, some options that we are going to review below.


In this section we will be able to entrar several sub-sections regarding the campaigns available on the platform.

1- My programs: We perro take a quick look at the list of programs to which we are currently attached.

There is no limit, it will only depend on how many we are interested in and how much we have been accepted.

It is worth taking a look from time to time, since some campaigns are usually canceled from time to time, with which the backlinks and banners will stop working.

2- List of programs: Here we will access the complete list of campaigns available on the platform.

We will see all the details of it and we cánido request acceptance by clicking on Request.

The response time will vary depending on the campaign, although they usually take a few days.

Example of available programs

3- Quick request: As its name indicates, it is the list of available programs where we will be able to request participation with a single clic.


In this menu option, we will be able to check our statistics on the platform.

We will only have to select the campaign, the time of the report and generate the statistics.

We will see all the clicks, registrations and sales of each of the programs to which we are attached.

There is a wide variety of conditions that we cánido activate manually, so we will always be aware of what happens with our campaigns.


This section is extremely important.

This is our account data and it is escencial to have them updated in order to receive a payment from the platform.

The data to fill in will be registration datathe contact informationthe Tributary informationand lastly, the Bank datawhere we will also have to specify the minimum amount that we want to receive in each payment, in my case I put €50 and the monthly payment frequency.

But does financeADS pay?

When you don’t know a platform, it becomes the million dollar question.

The answer is compelling YEAH.

financeADS pays, since it is a legally registered platform with a great track record behind it, but since it does not hurt to make sure of everything, I espectáculo you one of the payments that I have already received from it.

Payment received from financeADS

Once the minimum payment that you have previously established has been reached, the website pays in arrears.

They will send you a message saying that your payment has been processed correctly and within 1 to 3 business days you will be able to see it in your account.

Referral program

We will also be able to earn money in financeADS by inviting other administradores de páginas web to use the platform.

You will see that it is very fácil.

As soon as you are accepted, you will be awarded the financeADS referral campaign, a campaign where we will be able to obtain €5 for each usuario who registers from your referral backlink.

As you cánido see, it is one of the best referral programs in an affiliate network, since it does not have any restrictions, the only thing is that administradores de páginas web must be residents of Spain, this is because the campaigns in their great Most of them go to our country.

Final opinion about financeADS

This is an exceptional platform, especially for websites with a theme afín to this, since the campaigns that we are going to find come in handy.

Campaigns that are continually being renewed or that in many cases even increase their commission considerably.

Also, as I have said, financeADS is one of the most serious and efficient affiliate platforms that we will be able to find, with a personalized customer service.

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 financeADS |  Product Affiliation
  financeADS |  Product Affiliation
  financeADS |  Product Affiliation

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