Fill out the profile correctly

Fill out the profile correctly

Fill out the profile correctly It is perhaps the most important thing we have to do on any survey page. Although this articulo is mainly intended for Ysense (formerly clixsense) it perro be extrapolated to any survey page in which we register. Therefore, if you like to give your opinion and you want to earn dollars with surveysI recommend that you continue reading, what comes next, will surely interest you.

Without a doubt, and if you have been following me for a long time (or if you don’t follow me and have found the blog by oportunidad) you will know that earning money with paid surveys is one of the best options to generate income on the internet.

Whether they send you more or fewer surveys is not a matter of ourselves, but it will be a matter of how we fill out the survey profile. Later I am going to give you a series of consejos or advice to fill out the profile properly so that you receive as many surveys as possible.

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What are paid surveys?

The paid surveys either paid surveys are those queries launched through internet platforms to a certain number of people with certain characteristics. These types of inquiries are commissioned by marketing companies or afín companies hired by large multinationals that want to know the first hand opinion from ordinary people who are, after all, the ones who will buy their products. These types of consumers are called final consumers.

In this type of survey there is no specific profile nor is there a way to fill out the profile correctly. Everyone perro do the surveys as he perro or as he wants, that’s exactly what big companies want, real customer opinions.

For this reason, when you do the survey, you have to look at the questions and ask them in an orderly manner and not in a haphazard manner. Be careful not to do it this way, since they perro throw you out of the survey for these reasons.

Types of surveys

There are several types of surveys, here I am only going to give you the most important ones. Although we will never know which is one or the other, it is good to know what type of surveys there are. I will explain them to you.

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  • descriptive surveys. Collect or document the attitudes or conditions present. This means that they try to detalla what situation a certain population is in at the time of the survey.
  • analytical surveys. They seek, in addition to describing, to explain the reasons for a certain situation. In this type of survey, the hypotheses that support them are usually contrasted by examining at least two cambiantes, of which interrelationships are observed and then explanatory inferences are formulated (they explain why something happens based on two variants).

Kind of questions

Depending on the type of question that is asked, the survey may be one way or another. I am going to explain to you what types of questions we perro find.

  • open response. In these surveys, the respondent is asked to answer the question asked himself. What this gives is greater freedom to the interviewee and at the same time makes it possible to acquire deeper answers, as well as to ask about the why and how of the questions asked. On the other hand, it will allow us to acquire answers that had not been taken into account when making the forms and cánido thus create new relationships with other cambiantes and answers.
  • closed response. In these surveys, respondents must choose to answer one of the two options presented in a list formulated by the researchers. This way of surveying results in answers that are easier to quantify and of a uniform nature. The problem that these surveys perro present is that there is not an option in the list that matches the question that the usuario wants to give.

How to fill in the profile?

And here the most important part of the articulo. The tricks or consejos that I use to fill out the profile correctly. Obviously, each one must adapt it to their situation, but in general terms, this way of filling out the profile correctly usually works very well. Follow these steps both on Ysense and on other platforms, you will see how the sending of surveys goes up. Let’s go there!

This would be the correct way to fill in the profile:

  • your sex? It doesn’t matter, I think you have to put your own, that’s a matter of luck.
  • Year of birth: Calculate to have about 25 – 45 years (from 1971 to 1991 put the one you want).
  • Your location? It is best to put one big citylike La capital de españa, Barcelona or Bilbao (do not put the town of your parents).
  • Civil status? married and well married.
  • How much do you earn? a moderate thing 15,000 to 34,999 euros per year, because if you put very little, you will not have to spend and if you put a lot, why the hell do you do a survey for 0.35 dollars?
  • You have children? yes, two, one 11 year old girl and a 15 year old boy.
  • Your wife (or you, if you are a woman) is 4 or 5 months pregnant.
  • Do you make most of the decisions in your home? A YES like a castle.
  • Have pets?, yesa cat, a dog, two hamsters and a fish
  • How many people live in your home? I have added four right?
  • Your house or apartment is in the propiety.
  • You are employed at full time (8 hours).
  • What is the level of responsibility in your company? well you are a middle chargeanalyst, manager, assistant or associate (an average thing)
  • Annual income of your organization? I leave that to your choice.
  • The employees who work in your company is also at your choice.
  • What department do you work in? It would be convenient if you worked in administration.
  • Do you have influence in the following departments? In the mostThat’s why you’re an administrator.
  • You have a owned car.
  • What electronic products do you have in your house? put most.
  • What do you use regularly to play? put the majority too (never put that you don’t play).
  • Finally, you fly a lotboth inside and outside your country.

How to fill out the profile correctly. Opinions

This would be a good way to fill out the profile to receive the largest number of surveysalways try not to miss the truth, if it is not what the truth is, put what you would like to happen.

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Remember that the profiles cánido be changed every 60 days, in case your personal situation changes, you adopt a pet, have a child, get married, etcétera. Be careful! It is not mandatory, only optional, but if you see that you do not receive many surveys, I advise you to change it, perhaps that is the reason. For my part, I say goodbye until next time, but not before reminding you that you cánido see the best survey pages on this banner.

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 Fill out the profile correctly
  Fill out the profile correctly
  Fill out the profile correctly

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