Figure Eight | EARN MONEY doing

Figure Eight | EARN MONEY doing

Figure Eight is a crowdsourcing portal that pays us to do mini-jobs.

It belongs to the company Appen Ltd.

and has been active since 2007.

It is considered an eminence within the ámbito.

This opinion is due to its collaboration with sites like Neobux or Ysense.

Figure Eight jobs are the main source of earning money on these pages.

So it doesn’t hurt to know how they work.

And so, get the most out of it.

I hope with this Spanish tutorial on Figure Eight everything becomes more enlightening.

Many users start working on sites like Neobux and end up leaving their account after a few days.

The problem is that they make the clicks, they add up to $0.04 a day and due to the lack of earnings, they quit.

What is the difference between those who follow and those who don’t? Figure Eight mini jobs.

As is evident, it is not the same to work Neobux only by seeing ads, to do it by exploiting all the channels that it makes available to users.

And the minijobs are, without a doubt, the most profitable way of all.

Figure Eight minijobs perro be done in various PTCs.

However, they are more profitable if we do them in Neobux.

And to a lesser extent in ySense.

What is Figure Eight?

Figure Eight Mini Jobs They are small, low-paying jobs..

The most positive part, from our point of view, is that all users have access to those tasks.

The purpose of the platform is to have the maximum number of workers possible.

And if they are from different countries much better.

This guarantees you recruit staff at low-cost and reach different language areasthus predominating the Spanish and English-speaking areas.

There are dozens of platforms dedicated to crowdsourcing.

In fact, in the blog we have already talked about other websites that have works very afín to those of Figure Eight.

But not all task platforms are reliable.

You have to tread carefully.

In this sense, as we have seen in the introduction, Figure Eight belongs to Appen Ltd.

A piece of information that assures us of charging for all those tasks that we finish without any problem.

The Figure Eight function is to mediate between users and companies.

Or what is the same, bring together in the same place people who want to work and companies that cánido offer tasks.

With this system everyone benefits:

✅ Figure Eight manages to hire people from all over the world.

In this way, you cánido cover more mini-jobs, of different themes and in several languages.

✅ Sites like Neobux or Ysense, get small rewards for each of the minijobs completed by their users.

So somehow we contribute to keep both portals en línea.

✅ The usuario, that is, us, receive a reward for each completed mini-task.

Update – From the beginning of 2021 Figure Eight has stopped collaborating with Neobux, ySense and other afín pages.

From now on, mini-jobs perro only be done from the Appen portal.

How are the minijobs of Figure Eight

The tasks available in Figure Eight have various characteristics.

And naturally, each one is different from the other.

These differences could be segmented as follows:

Theme ⏩ Depending on the subject that each minijob deals with, it will be easier or more difficult for us to carry out.

Duration ⏩ The greater the difficulty of the minijob, in principle, the longer it will take to finish each task that is entrusted to us.

Although it doesn’t have to.

Remuneration ⏩ Similarly, the more difficulty the greater the reward that we will receive Only for those that we complete correctly.

Language ⏩ There are mini-jobs available for Spanish-speakers and for Anglo-Saxons.

To a lesser extent we perro also find minijobs in French, Italian, Russian, etcétera.

Level ⏩ In Figure Eight there are three levels of users.

As we complete minijobs tasks, we will improve our numbers.

At the same time, we will level up and have access to better jobs.

available tasks ⏩ Within each job we will find more or less mini-tasks.

Depending on the task at hand, there may be more or fewer hits to complete.

It may happen that a job only has one task and that another contains 200.

The money we earn in Figure Eight is added to the cómputo of the page from which we have accessed the tasks.

If we access from Neobux, the earnings will be added to the PTC cómputo.

Task Format in Figure Eight

In the following screenshot you perro see the format of the Figure Eight minijobs.

Following the same order in which they appear in the image, we will see:

The job identifier.

The title of it.

The required usuario level.

The reward for each minijob.

The evaluation of the users.

The minijobs are listed in order of identifier.

However, in this case I have ordered them placing the best ones at the beginning.

this is how it looks the true potential of this crowdsourcing portal.

Normally, mini-jobs are paid from $0.01 to higher amounts.

No limitation.

If we do a Figure Eight minijob in Neobux, we won’t be able to do it in any other PTC.

Tutorial to do the minijobs of Figure Eight

For better understand how to complete the minijobs of Figure Eight, it is best to use a real example.

We will not rely on images to write the guide, which always help to see everything more clearly.

The minijob that we are going to complete consists of identifying various Fb posts and saying if they are contenido publicitario or not.

Thus, we will be paid a reward of $0.08 for each completed task.

Let’s see, step by step, how we would carry out this work:


The first thing we will do is read the instructions.

this is basic.

It may seem silly, but depending on the task it is recommended to read these instructions twice or more.

The ones that are needed.

remember that the better we do the tasks, the higher our level will be.

With the pertinent advantages that this entails.

Right here we perro see an extract of the instructions that I had to follow to carry out the minijob.

I have ignored the first two points because they were images.

But for the case, which was to espectáculo an example, it already does the job for us.

It is clearly seen how they explain what is considered contenido publicitario, what is not, and what steps to follow to successfully complete the job.

Test phase

Once the instructions have been read, we will have to pass a preliminary test.

This will confirm that we have understood the work.

LThe first task of the minijobs will always be as an exam and screening.

If we answer well, perfect.

We perro move on.

If we don’t get it right, they won’t let us continue with that task and they’ll kick us out.

We will have access to the other minijobs, but that one will be restricted.

The testing phase, in the Fb articulo minijob, equipo me specific guidelines.

Among others, of the 10 Fb posts that I had to evaluate I could afford to err on 3 of them.

Or what is the same.

Of the 10 posts, I had to answer at least 7 of them correctly.

In total 70% correct.

Evaluation of the test phase

When we finish answering all the questions, they will tell us, automatically and instantly, if we are suitable to start working on that minijob. In the supposed case of obtaining a percentage below expectations, and therefore not having passed the test, a window like this will appear.

If we have passed the test correctly, the minijob will continue to be governed by the same guidelines as during the test.

If in the test phase they ask us for a 70% hit, during the paid phase we will not be able to go below that same percentage.

If we go down, they will kick us out and block our access to that task.

paid mini-jobs

If we have passed the test phase, we will be considered fit to perform the tasks.

And therefore, we cánido start to make money with mini jobs.

Below you cánido see the second task of the Fb posts minijob.

For now, I have passed the test phase with 100% successes.

The truth is that it was quite easy.

But hey, I still cánido allow myself the occasional failure in paid tasks.

In the first paid task I have again made zero errors and my success rate is still 100%.

This fact perro help me in two factors:

✅ On the one hand, it allows me to continue doing tasks in this minijob.

AND keep making money.

✅ And on the other, it gives me more flexibility when it comes to possible mistakes.

In this way, if in the first task I could make 3 errors so as not to go below 70% correct.

In this second one I could allow myself the luxury of making mistakes in some other answer.

The percentage would still be greater than 70%.

Once again I have made zero mistakes.

As you cánido see, the percentage continues to mark our rating all the time.

This means that, as we go through and overcome tasks, we continue to be evaluated.

We cannot lower the bar.

If we fall below the stipulated hit percentage, they will kick us out of the task and block access.

Is it mandatory to finish the Figure Eight minijobs?

Finally, just to say that we are not required to perform all tasks in one go.

Without going any further, I managed to carry out 10 tasks of this minijob, I closed the window and continued the next day.

The only difference is that the second day I started starting from task number 11.

The minijobs have limited staff quotas.

It may be that we start one and the next day it no longer appears as available.


There are many ways to earn money both in neobux like in ysense.

Without going any further, the most recurrent is to do it by responding paid surveys.

But as true is this as that you don’t have to discard the minijobs just like that.

It is important to take both pages patiently.

And above all be persevering.

At first, you perro have some difficulty starting to perform mini-jobs.

However, when we get the hang of it, everything is much easier.

I perro assure you that it will not take you more than five minutes to complete each task.

Or even less, depending on the task entrusted to you.

You see it.

I tell you sincerely, that if you have an account in Neobux or ySense and you gave up on your day, do a reconsideration and sintetiza them.

Figure Eight deserves a second oportunidad.

And more since it belongs to Appen.

I am sure that by following these guidelines, you will be able to earn as much money as tasks you are capable of performing.

Has there been any doubt? You perro leave me a comment below with everything you need.

Until next time and hit the minijobs of Figure Eight!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Figure Eight |  EARN MONEY doing
  Figure Eight |  EARN MONEY doing
  Figure Eight |  EARN MONEY doing

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