Figure Eight [Antes CrowdFlower] win

Figure Eight [Antes CrowdFlower] win


At present, many people seek to generate plus income working on the internet.

There are various options. Among them, the platforms to earn money doing taskswhich you cánido find for example in ySense or Neobux and earn a good sum per month.

So you don’t end up wasting your time, in CGD we bring you the best guides to earn money doing paid tasks, making sure you focus your efforts on the best platform.

Today we will talk about Figure Eightone of the leading crowdsourcing portals.

The year was 2007 when the Americans Chris Van Pelt and Lukas Biewald founded Dolores Labsa company that promoted the development of artificial intelligence in different areas.

The success and growth of the company led them to change their name to CrowdFlower in 2009.

During 2010, CrowdFlower was involved in supporting the inhabitants of the Caribbean island of Haiti, after the earthquake it suffered at the beginning of that year.

Finally, in March 2018, the company focuses its actions on artificial intelligence and machine learning so he changed his name to Figure Eight.

Registration in Figure Eight

Ready to earn money with tasks? Go for it!

The first thing you should do is entrar the website:

In the top menu of the page, on the left hand side, you will find two buttons. clic on Start a trial.

You will be redirected to the usuario registration form on the platform.

In the lower area of ​​the form, you will find a yellow box.

clic on start earning to register as a taxpayer.

Entrar the nombre de usuario, the correo electrónico you will use to communicate with the platform and the password.

The password should have, like minimum 12 characters. We advise you to use the key generator that the platform has and simplify this step.

After creating your profile, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico at the indicated address. You must verify address by clicking the backlink provided in the body of the message.

Upon verifying the account, it will take you to a new form. In it, you will be asked to indicate your date of birth, gender and address.

You cánido skip this step by pressing skip.

If you chose to indicate your personal data you must press Next. You will be directed to a new page where you perro connect your Figure Eight profile to PayPal account where you will receive your earnings.

You perro also skip this step by clicking on skip.

After the last step, you will entrar the main page of the platform.

This screen is what you were waiting for. Now, Let’s make money!

What is Figure Eight?

Figure Eight is a page that serves as a intermediary between large companies and millions of people in the world.

These companies are interested in analyzing the response of different audiences, in certain situations, in order to improve their artificial intelligence algorithms.

The platform brings together micro jobs of all kinds, we will analyze them later, and he offers them to his collaborators.

The collaborators of the platform must carry out the works following the strict rules that are indicated at the beginning of each one.

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How to earn money in Figure Eight?

As we have mentioned, the way to earn money in Figure Eight is by doing mini-jobs.

Depending on the difficulty of the task, your connection country and your usuario levelthe completion value of each task could be higher.

Everything will depend on each provider requesting the microtask.

Let’s see the minijobs screen and what each section means:

Job: Microtask reference number

Job Title: Name assigned to the microjob

Level: Level required to perform the task

Pay / Task: Amount of money you generate by completing the task

# of tasks: Number of paid tasks available in this job

Rating: Amount of points the task has received

Figure Eight Levels

As you complete tasks, and generate earnings, you will level up.

Currently, four levels cánido be reached on the platform. They are counted from 0 to 3.

The levels are automatically updated every hour and depend -logically- on your activity on the network.

level 0

When we create a profile on the page, after encuentro all the platform requirements, we will obtain this level.

That is, it is the minimum level that you perro have within Figure Eight.

Level 1

To level up you must complete certain requirements, let’s see what are necessary to reach level 1

  • Precision: 70% accuracy on all tasks performed
  • Completed jobs: 5
  • Test questions asked: 100
  • Minor flags allowed: 4
  • Major flags allowed: 2
  • Maximum administrative flags: 0

Level 2

To go up to level two you must have:

  • Precision: 80% Completed Jobs: 10
  • Test questions asked: 100
  • Minor flags allowed: 1
  • Major flags allowed: 1
  • Maximum administrative flags: 0

Level 3

The highest level on the platform is 3. To reach it you must have:

  • Precision: 90%Completed jobs: 10Test questions asked: 100Minor flags allowed: 0
  • Major flags allowed: 0
  • Maximum administrative flags: 0

For level up the best is vwfollow the following consejos:

  • Follow the instructions for each task to the letter.
  • Strive to perform each microjob in the best way.
  • Honesty is highly valued by the company. Carry out the work with 100% honesty in each step.
  • In case of not being able to complete a task, due to its difficulty, you have the option to give up. This way you will avoid penalties.
  • The community around Figure Eight is very large. There are tutorials and Internet sites dedicated exclusively to this platform. Use them to your advantage to improve your effectiveness.

Is it possible to lose levels?

Reaching a level in Figure Eight is not a guarantee of maintaining it.

Let’s look at the common causes for your levels to be removed or downgraded:

  • Decreased precision below the regulatory minimum for each level.
  • Receiving a flag is one of the causes of the greatest negative effect on the platform. You could lose one or all of your levels, depending on the flag received.
  • Another serious offense is a breach of the code of conduct or the terms of Figure Eight. Depending on the gravity, you could descend and even be knocked off the platform.

What are the flags?

During the review of the answers you give to each task, the author has the power to assign or raise a flag.

The flags are samples of dissatisfaction with your behavior or responses during the performance of a job.

In other words, when the mini-job contracting company detects or estimates that your collaboration goes against the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service, it will place a flag on your job.

In Figure Eight you cánido place three types of flags:

  • Minor: They are yellow. When you have a yellow flag, means that you will no longer be able to participate in the mini-jobs hired by the company that placed the banner.
  • Major: When a job applicant company decides they don’t want your answers or think they are being completed by someone else, they have the power to raise an orange flag.
  • admin: This signal is red and is the most serious of all. It occurs when a contracting company reports your usuario to Figure Eight and requests that all your responses be reviewed.

I received a flag, what do I do?

When you receive a flag, you have the option to espectáculo your dissatisfaction to Figure Eight.

In your dashboard you cánido see if you have a flag. If so, clic on Help and select Visit Hellp.

This will take you to the platform’s help page. From that page select Create a ticket.

Then select I was flagged. Provide all the information requested and clic submission to create the report.

claim the banner and the platform team will manually review the case.

In the event it is determined to have been unfair, Figure Eight will remove your banner. Otherwise, it will be a mark that you will carry all your life on your chest.

Most cases are resolved in favor of the taxpayer. So if you see a banner in your account, without hesitation, make your disagreement known.

Tricks to earn more money

Although every step you take on this platform is monitored and analyzed by the Figure Eight team, there are some actions that will allow you to earn more money.

the first thing you should develop is patience. In this type of platform you will not have a lot of money, easy and in a few days.

You will need that patience, especially at the beginning, which is the time for adaptation and discovery of the platform.

Remember that you will start at level 0. You must go to the first level to earn more money and be able to get more jobs.

Here we fall into the second way to get more profit: Level up.

Every time you level up you will get tasks that offer higher rewards.

The third and last action is to be permanently active. There are some extensions that you cánido install in your browser so that it tells you when a task is available.

In case you do not want to install anything, you must entrar the platform, at least twice a day, to perform the tasks that are available.

Remember that each completed task generates income. So the more you do: you level up and earn more income.

It’s a relationship win win.

important recommendations

Even if you have a lot or a little time in crowdsourcing, some recommendations will never hurt.

Here we leave you some to ensure that your visit to this page is as beneficial as possible.

  • This is a paid job and as such you must assume it. Every step you take you must take in the right direction. No cheating or doing things to get out of trouble. You will be penalized.
  • Figure Eight’s technical support is exceptional. In the face of any inconvenience, go to them. There is also an active community that cánido help you.
  • Avoid taking on jobs in languages ​​you don’t know. Translators do not always give 100% of what they ask for and you will end up losing your success rate. This could lead you to be deserving of a flag.
  • Never connect to Figure Eight through a VPN or proxy. It will be detected and your account will be suspended without the right to claim.
  • Do you want to learn more? The forum and the official blog are the largest source of information and knowledge. It would be ideal if you visited them at least once a week.

Does Figure Eight pay or is it scam?

In crowdsourcing Figure Eight occupies a place of honor, as well as Neobux or ySense, since they are platforms with a great reputation.

Its recurring clients include companies such as Oracle, Ebay and Adobe; which demonstrates the seriousness of what is behind each microjob.

For this, and for being recurring users of this page, we cánido say with certainty that the number of tasks paid to its contributors is high, as long as you comply with its terms and conditions.

In addition to respecting the rules, you will be able to withdraw your money when you reach a minimum profit of $10.

Review of Figure Eight

Although the page is in English, the entire help section is in different languages: German, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish.

This feature is important during the first contact or when you need to know any of the particularities of the platform.

They also have several explanation tours of all page elements. Although it is in English, it is very easy to understand since they are terms with which you are specialized.

In my opinion, Figure Eight is one of the platform safer for crowdsourcing.

In addition, it has the support of large companies, which ensures a constant workflow for all its collaborators.

Without fear of being wrong, I invite you to Sign up on the platform and start earning money in a fácil way and without leaving home.

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 Figure Eight  [Antes CrowdFlower] win
  Figure Eight  [Antes CrowdFlower] win
  Figure Eight  [Antes CrowdFlower] win

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