Field Agent: complete missions and earn money

Field Agent: complete missions and earn money

Field agent is a new mobile application with which we cánido earn money by completing missions.

They define themselves as the first company to mezcle crowdsourcing with mobile technology to offer business information in real time.

The company was born in Fayetteville (Arkansas) 10 years ago.

is currently Expanded in 8 countries worldwide (United States, Canada, México, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Romania, South Africa and Australia).

The good news for us is that next June 9 it has made its landing in Spain.

In addition, they will soon expand throughout Latin America.

Download Field Agent

The application Field Agent that we perro download it for both iOS as for android.

You perro download it right now.

The application is already available on the two main platforms, you perro download it from the backlinks above or from this button below.

Once downloaded to your móvil inteligente, the first thing we will have to do is register and fill out a small profile.

You will not take more than 3 minutes to do both, always through your móvil.

To register you will only have to put your name and surname, dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Once the registration is done.

You must fill out a small profile.

They will ask you the habitual things in this type of application: age, gender, who is in charge of the purchase, where you buy, in which places, both physical and virtual, we usually buy, etcétera… Once registered, you will send us a welcome dirección de correo electrónico, there is nothing to do with this dirección de correo electrónico, everything must be done through the application.

In this correo electrónico they will give us a series of consejos (tricks) how to update the profile from time to time.

How does Field Agent work?

Field Agent combines the power of crowdsourcing with the power of mobile technology.

For companies it will be very important to see how their products and brands work at the point of sale or consumption.

The operation of the APP Field Agent It is very fácil and we perro summarize it in three fácil steps:

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find a mission

You will have to check the application constantly to find an ideal mission for you.

You cánido find the missions on the button “find quests“.

From there you perro see the missions in the “missions” or you cánido see them by selecting “map“.

When you find a mission you must select it to see the details of each one and accept it.

You must remember that missions are awarded to whoever reserves them first.

You will be able to filter the missions by various parameters.

You cánido find all of them in the upper right part, by clicking on the three lines that you will see you perro order them by “better paid“, “closer“, by your zip code or by distance.

You cánido limit the distance in which the missions cánido appear.

It perro be less than three kilometers, less than 10 kilometers, less than 20 kilometers and for the most travelers less than 90 kilometers I have limited to a distance of less than 10 kilometers, but each one perro put the one that seems best to them.

complete the mission

Once you have booked the quest, you will have 2 hours to complete it.

You must ensure that you follow the instructions scrupulously.

The missions entrusted to us in Field Agent may vary, from a fácil purchase such as “mystery shopper“even an audit of a local.

It will depend on you to accept one or the other, nobody forces you to accept a mission, everything will depend on your self-confidence and attitude to go unnoticed.

get paid

Once the mission is completed and approved, your money will go directly to your account Field Agent.

The way to collect in this application is by bank account.

You must fill in your bank details in the “payment” section.

There you will have to continue through two screens until you reach the screen where you have to entrar your bank details.

Don’t worry, the reason there is no direct shortcut is for your own safety.

You should get to this screen.

Once on this screen, you must entrar your bank details.

When you want to collect your benefits, you will receive a transfer sent with the name of”Valley Arkansas sl” Keep in mind that they will withhold the taxes corresponding to personal income tax on a quarterly basis.

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Types of missions that we cánido find

In Field Agent We will find three types of missions, although we as agents will not know how to differentiate one from the other.

They will only be differentiated for the companies, they are the ones that will be able to commission different types of missions to weigh up the different companies.

Of course, in each of the types of missions they will be different if it is one or the other.

Here I explain the types of missions that exist in Field Agent.

  • audits.

    This type of mission consists of collecting data at the point of sale or consumption

  • Market studies.

    In this type of missions we will have to complete a series of surveys either from home or in places of consumption

  • Mystery Shopping.

    The typical mission of going to a site and pretending to be a customer and buying a product that the application tells you.

    Then you must say how you found the sale, the seller and the transaction in general.

    It perro also be when you visit a lugar de comidas.

Does Field Agent pay?

Indeed, this application does pay, shortly after completing two missions, I have achieved the minimum to receive payment.

This minimum is €5, payments are made every 15 days and they will send them to the bank account that we have put in the application.

In this case, it was 6 euros that went directly to my bank.

Here I leave the proof of payment, with the €6 that I am talking about.

Field Agent Opinion

This is a new aplicación in I get out of the crisis, I have always been curious to have this type of mission applications.

However, I have never installed one.

With the launch of Field Agent on June 9, I think it would be a good opportunity to earn money with this type of application.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I recommend you do so, it’s totally free.

The application has a ten-year journey through different countries, therefore, we will not have any problem regarding payment.

Without further ado, I encourage you to download and register in the application, in this type of application it is convenient to be among the first, since we will acquire more experience and we will be able to choose between more missions, since there will be less competition from users in the first days.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Field Agent: complete missions and earn money
  Field Agent: complete missions and earn money
  Field Agent: complete missions and earn money

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