Hello friends! We start the week talking about Ferrantum.

Ferrantum Bank is a Maltese bank that wants to entrar Spain.

And what better way to do it than by giving your new clients a debit card (we cánido only spend what we have in the account) with a €10 cómputo.

It’s not bad right.

Before continuing, tell you that this promotion is only valid for Spain and Spanish DNI.

Why do I say that? because You will have to verify your identity through your ID.

Also tell you that all transactions are completely free.

Account maintenance, transactions will also be free.

they will send us one home debit card completely free.

We cánido withdraw money at ATMs completely free of charge up to four times a month.

Besides, the debit card comes with €10 cómputo, which we cánido use for whatever we want.

Either we take them out at once or we cánido use them to make offers on the offerwalls that appear many times on the different pages.

Everyone who emplees them as they want.

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First of all, tell you that I don’t know how long this promotion will be valid.

It’s been a week since I did it and it took me about six days to get home (not counting weekends).

When I asked for it, it said that the promotion would last about 30 days.

In other words, if you want to get €10 completely free of charge, you are taking a long time to ask for it.

The mission of this offer is to make itself known in Spain, there is no cat locked up.

To register in Ferrantum you have to download an application, you perro also do it vía the web, through its page www.ferrantumbank.com, but I did it through the application.

The application cánido be downloaded here.

you will have to fill in your details and make a vídeo call through the aplicación.

It’s quite a curious thing.

you will have to Have your ID handy, as they will ask you to espectáculo it, from the front and back, that you move it and that they cánido see (in my case it was a girl) that the DNI is true.

Only then will they register you at the bank and you perro get your €10 free.

The thing It will not take more than 5 minutes and you will have your account open and the €10 in your possession.

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Ferrantum debit card

In a matter of six days (there was a weekend in between) I had the card at home, now all I have to do is pre-activate it.

To preactivate it you have to go to the application (you perro download here) and pre-activate it by tapping on “Activate”.

The card will be fully active when you make your first withdrawal at an ATM or make a purchase in a store using your pin.

You perro use this card worldwideat ATMs that accept Master Card.

You perro withdraw in different currencies such as pounds, Swiss francs, and of course, euros.

Very useful if you travel to other countries within Europe.

One important thing: Ferrantum does not have commissions, neither for maintenance, nor for income, you do not have to make any minimum operations.

He told me by phone and by dirección de correo electrónico.


Easy money to earn.

Once I have the card in my possession, what do I do with it? Do I take out the money it has and have a few beers or add gasoil to the car? Do I entrar the PayPal money there? I don’t know, I have to think about it.

The case here is, the money is seen in the account and perro be spent.

The only problem that I see is that It is only for Spanish users and it does not have a referral system, But hey, it’s something.

And nothing else to tell you guys.

Regards and until next time!!

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