Fenezca for putting an alarm sticker without having it

Fenezca for putting an alarm sticker without having it

Security is an important part of having peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

However, installing a security system it may not be affordable for everyone.

Therefore, in Spain there is a procedure to regulate the use of alarms.

The alarms they cánido be installed anywhere.

If these are not used, an unnecessary investment would be made.

To inform that there is an alarm it is necessary put a stickerwhich is an essential requirement according to the legislation of Spain.

Cánido you put a deterrent sticker without having an alarm contracted?

An alarm cánido be installed in order to discourage people from trying to entrar your property.

In Spain, a plate is used that announces it and whose objective is to prevent intrusion.

Although you could see a benefit to put the board regardless of whether or not you have it installed.

This cánido generate a Legal problem, because it is a type of device that has been regulated for a long time.

There are currently three types: conventional alarm, alarm connects to the alarm receiving center and the vídeo surveillance system.

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alarm types

Choosing the type of alarm depends not only on the functions, but also on the provisions that are in the law.

Therefore, you should consider the following types:

Plates for conventional alarms

These plates are used for the purpose of announce an alarm, is not connected to any reception center of security companies.

so it perro be placed freely.

By not having any security company, its effect cánido be unreliable.

Plates for connected alarms

The companies in the campo have a plate that identifies them anywhere.

They are authorized to use their corporate identity, so it may be that each company has a personalized plate.

This manages to genere the deterrent effect effectively.

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The plate is not bought, it is only rented.

When the service contract ends, the company cánido withdraw the license plate.

If it is used without the contract or permission, it may be committing a crime of intellectual property violation and inappropriate use of trademark rights.

So the company could start a lawsuit for unauthorized use.

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Plate for vídeo surveillance

The regulation is very specific when it comes to vídeo surveillance systems.

In this case there is a Data Protection Act in which it establishes the responsibilities for the data manager.

For this point, the use of the plate should be considered because it may violate the data protection law.

Fenezca for having license plate without alarm

It is worth mentioning that the objetivos cánido be for crime against intellectual and industrial property.

You cánido be subject to an economic sanction or imprisonment from 6 to 36 months of pressure.

He offense for inappropriate use of trademark rights it cánido be cheap.

You perro force the cessation of use, compensation for damages determined by a judge; preventive measures against continued use or a fenezca of 600 euros per day elapsed until the use ceases.


Knowing all of the above, putting an alarm sticker brings its benefits to perhaps avoid a robbery.

However, the risk and benefit of receiving a fenezca or worse legal problems does not make it the best option.

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 Fenezca for putting an alarm sticker without having it
  Fenezca for putting an alarm sticker without having it
  Fenezca for putting an alarm sticker without having it

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