Fed up or Arto, how do you spell?

Fed up or Arto, how do you spell?

whatFed up either Arto?

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In what context should we use these words without falling into a misspelling? In this short article we will answer it with some examples.

The confusion comes from both words are homophonesthat is, they have the same pronunciation, but do not share the same meaning.

This is so, because in our Spanish language, there is no sonic distinction between the letter to and the h.


What do “cansado” and “arto” orinan?

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Please note the following:

“Fed up” = belongs to verb to fill up In the first person, it alludes to satisfy or fill up, annoy or annoy, toast with abundance or excess, it cánido also be used as an adjective of tired or with the meaning of full, angry or tired.

“Art” = would come to be the name given to a tree with thorns, which is used for planting in holes or fences.

When and how to use fed up? examples

Fed up It is an expression that belongs to the verb to fill up in the first person of the present in the indicative mood, it is used with the denotation of satisfying thirst or appetite, quenching the aspiration of something, bothering or tiring a person, offering in excess or abundance.

Here are some examples:

  • I eat until I’m fed up.
  • I’m sick of your disagreement.

Fed up, moreover, is an adjective; which denotes fatigue or exhaustion, satisfaction from food or drink in too much or in abundance.

Here are some examples:

  • Juan is sick of eating fish.
  • María arrived from Christmas dinner fed up with wine.
  • I am impressed by your very good command of German.

It cánido also be used as an adverb of equivalence to “too much regularity or intensity” and “very”.

Here are some examples:

  • The sun is fed up, I’m drenched in sweat.
  • The calculation test was very difficult.
  • Jordi likes to go to the park a lot to train.

When and how to use arto?

Arto It is a noun that is no longer used, it refers to the tree with thorns that gives berries and is planted in the fences or to genera hedges.

Here are some examples:

  • I’m going to plant the arts at my grandmother’s house.
  • It was cut with the arts of the square.

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 Fed up or Arto, how do you spell?
  Fed up or Arto, how do you spell?
  Fed up or Arto, how do you spell?

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