FaucetVille | Faucet BTC to earn satoshis

FaucetVille | Faucet BTC to earn satoshis

FaucetVille It is one of the most complete bitcoin faucets I have seen.

Dispose of several sections with which to earn free satoshis.

And not just claiming BTC in the classic faucet.

To generate profits in certain faucets we need to spend a lot of time and be very persevering.

However, in FaucetVille, if we make the most of its full potential, we will be able to get good profits and reach the minimum payment in a matter of days.

Interesting right? Well, if you like, let’s get down to business and see how Faucet Ville works.

What is FaucetVille?

FaucetVille is a bitcoin faucet that has been en línea since the beginning of October 2020.

It is a relatively new faucet, especially if we compare it with much more veteran ones such as bitcoin.

However, in a short time It has become one of the most habitual faucets in the industry and already has thousands of registered users..

This is largely explained by the multiple options that it makes available to us to generate free satoshis.

Same as almost all faucets and PTCs that pay in bitcoin, to withdraw the winnings in FaucetVille we will need a bitcoin wallet.

I usually use Coinbase to collect a large part of them.

Including Faucet Ville.

But for that matter, any wallet that supports bitcoin will do.

If you do not have a BTC wallet yet, I recommend that you open one before continuing with the tutorial.

This way you will have everything you need to receive payments from this one as well as from other faucets and PTCs.

Coinbase Tutorial in Spanish

FaucetVille Registration

The first thing we will do is register in FaucetVille.

If you want, you perro access the faucet directly from the button below, which will take you to the home page.

Once there, we will clic on the tab «Sign up» that appears in the top menu and will take us to the registration form.

In it, we must write down our nombre de usuario, an dirección de correo electrónico address and a password.

Then, we accept the TOS and the Privacy Policy, solve the captcha and finally clic on “Register Account”.

Update – FaucetVille is a scam.

Since January 20, it has not paid, so I stop recommending it and I remove all the backlinks from the blog.

We will only have to carry out a small procedure.

When we create the account, FaucetVille will send us an dirección de correo electrónico to the correo electrónico address we provided during registration.

When we open it, we will see a message welcoming us to the faucet with an attached backlink.

Finally, we will have to follow that backlink and our account will be correctly activated.

From now on, we cánido work the site and start earning free bitcoin.

How FaucetVille works

As soon as we access FaucetVille we will see the faucet timer and a menu at the top.

In this menu all the sections that the site has to get satoshis.

Before seeing how each of these sections works, we are going to briefly review all of them.

In this way, when we get into the matter a little later, we will identify much better what we are talking about.

FaucetVille Sections

Following the same order in which they appear on the FaucetVille website:

» Roll Now ➤ The typical section of faucets where we perro earn bitcoin claiming once every hour.

» Shortlinks ➤ In this section we cánido get more satoshis.

All you have to do is resolve shorlinks.

And for each one that we complete, we will receive a certain amount of satoshis.

» Lottery ➤ In FaucetVille there is a weekly lottery in which, if the winners come out, they pay us the prizes in bitcoin.

Tiques to participate in lotteries must be purchased.

» offers ➤ We also have the option to get free bitcoin by answering surveys and completing offers.

Without a doubt, the most fruitful option of all.

» ads ➤ Watching ads is another of the ways that we have at hand to obtain satoshis without investing.

» savings ➤ Faucet Ville offers us an annual interest rate of 7.11% if there are more than 35,000 satoshis in our cómputo.

» referral ➤ As in all faucets, we cánido generate plus satoshis by inviting our friends to use the faucet just like we do.

» More ➤ From here we perro withdraw the winnings, add funds or change the password and contact correo electrónico.

Earn free satoshis on FaucetVille

Now that we have identified all the sections of FaucetVille, we are going to see how to start earning satoshis.

As is logical, there are some that are more productive, but working on one or the other is something that I leave to your choice.

My consejo is use those that are most profitable for you.

So that the relationship between time invested and profit generated is as optimal as possible.

Let’s go see them.

Faucet by FaucetVille

What I like most about this faucet is that the minimum reward we cánido get is 20 satoshis.

Is a amount much higher than what they usually offer in other faucetsso it’s well worth it.

At FaucetVille we cánido request a satoshi claim every hour.

As soon as the timer reaches zero we cánido return to claim again.

These rewards cánido go down or up depending on the price at which bitcoin is trading at any given time.


To participate in the weekly lottery we have to buy the tiques.

The good part is that we perro pay them with the cómputo of our cómputo.

That is, with the profits that we have previously generated in the faucet.

Each participation has a cost of 10 satoshis and 10 prizes are distributed every week.

The amount of the prizes varies depending on the money raised from ticket purchases.

The more tiques sold, the higher the prizes.

Faucet Ville Ads

Earning BTC by watching ads is something common in PTCs, but not so much in faucets.

In Faucet Ville this possibility does exist and, in my opinion, it is something that It is very good for us to continue adding satoshis.

To view the ads we just have to clic on one of them and wait for a kind of popup to open.

When the timer reaches zero, the winnings will be added to the cómputo and we cánido close the window.

The same applies to the Shortlinks section, in which for each one that we solve, we will receive satoshis in addition to the faucet.

Paid Surveys on FaucetVille

The paid surveys from CPX Research are, for me, the most profitable option of all.

The first time we want to access one they will make us answer the typical profile questions.

That in the end, they will be the ones that will define the kind of surveys that will come to us.

Once we have our complete profile, survey invitations will begin to arrive.

The format with which we will see these invitations is as follows:

Once the survey is answered, the satoshis will be added to the cómputo and we cánido close the window.

There is something very positive in these surveys and that is that, in those that rule us out for not giving our profile, we They give away 25 satoshis simply for having tried to complete them.

In the offer walls we perro also answer surveys, test applications or register for offers to earn more satoshis.

Earn satoshis with web mining

In FaucetVille we perro even get bitcoin by mining.

mining already It is not usually profitable if we use domestic equipment like ours.

In fact, it is something that I do not like to recommend since, in the long run, it ends up damaging the computer.

However, by using it responsibly, we will be able to generate satoshis without doing anything and our team will suffer much less.

I want to qualify that in Faucet Ville we cánido configure the power that we want to transfer.

If we give up 100% of the computer resources is when the cpu suffers the most.

And in fact, it cánido slow down your overall PC performance quite a bit.

However, by yielding an average percentage of 50%, the computer suffers much less.

And, although we will earn fewer satoshis, we will be looking out for the health of our team in the long term.

FaucetVille Annual Interest

The last option we have in FaucetVille to earn free bitcoin.

In this case, as in the previous point, also we will generate profits completely passively.

This faucet offers us an annual interest of 7.11% on the satoshis that we have in the cómputo.

Or what is the same, an interest of almost 0.02% daily.

The only condition is have more than 35,000 satoshis saved.

In the “Savings” section we cánido calculate how many satoshis we would earn based on a certain amount.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

FaucetVille pays

We only have to know if FaucetVille pays or not.

And how could it be otherwise, of course she pays.

He minimum payment equipo is 20,000 satoshis and send payments directly to our bitcoin wallet.

How to withdraw winnings

To withdraw the earnings from FaucetVille we will only have to do the following:

1- First we go to the top menu section «More > Settings».

2- Next, we will see a section that says “Update Withdraw Address”.

We paste the address of our bitcoin wallet in the first box.

And, just below, our password in FaucetVille.

Then we will clic on “Save Withdraw Address”.

3- As soon as we have completed this step, we will go to «More > Withdraw».

From here we cánido request the payment by writing down the amount of BTC we want to withdraw and clicking on “Withdraw”.

4- Our payment will be requested and pending confirmation.

As it is the first withdrawal, the payment it is done manually and perro take up to 48 hours.

From the second, payments are automatic.

Main Features of FaucetVille

We already know how FaucetVille works and how to make a profit.

After going through all the sections and having requested a payment, it is the best time to do a general analysis of the faucet.

As always, this analysis will include my personal opinions about the site.

Thus, you cánido get a better iniciativa of ​​why I recommend working on it.

There they go:

✅ The most relevant thing about FaucetVille is that It’s free and completely reliable..

In addition, it is the faucet that gives the best prizes.

What’s more, I I do not know of any that as a lower prize than a reward of 20 satoshis.

If we add to this the rest of the sections that it has to generate profits, it becomes one of the best faucets on the internet.

✅ Faucetville withdrawal fees apply.

These fees may vary since they are not applied by the faucet itself, but are due to the commission applied by the miners of the BTC network for carrying out the transactions.

✅ The possibility of earning bitcoin with surveys is very interesting.

Although there are panels like Idle Empire either SurveyTime that allow us to earn BTC by answering paid surveys, there are very few faucets that have this type of section.

In my opinion, it is a aspecto that we must take advantage of.

Without a doubt, we it will help to add more quickly.

✅ At FaucetVille we will also earn satoshis for recommending the faucet to our friends.

As long as they register through our backlink and are active users.

They they won’t lose anything and, doing so, we get plus commissions according to your activity.

The referral system rewards us with 50% of what they earn in the faucet and 5% of what they get in the offers section.

FaucetVille Reviews

FaucetVille is one of the best bitcoin faucets that I’ve seen.

I have already mentioned it at the beginning of the articulo and as you have been able to verify, it has several different ways with which to accumulate satoshis.

It particularly strikes me that it does not have any investment section.

AND It is something that speaks highly of the site.

Working with offer walls and surveys, in addition to advertising, allows you to generate enough money to make your business model stable.

Which, in the end, assures him a source of income strong enough to continue with his activity.

That FaucetVille maintains good financial health plays very well in our favor.

Thanks to this, you will always have funds to pay users.

My opinion on FaucetVille is very positive.

I hope you also liked it and that, with this guide, you perro earn free bitcoin easily.

I always say that my intention is to get BTC now to sell it when it rises in price.

and faucet ville it is a perfect place for it.

In the long run, bitcoin will be worth much more than now.

Hence my advice is to work on reliable sites like this one that do not require investment of any kind.

So far we have come for today.

As always, if you have any questions regarding FaucetVille, I invite you to leave a comment below.

Or if you want, you perro find me on Twitter, Fb and Telegram and I will help you in any way I cánido.

Until next time and long live bitcoin!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 FaucetVille |  Faucet BTC to earn satoshis
  FaucetVille |  Faucet BTC to earn satoshis
  FaucetVille |  Faucet BTC to earn satoshis

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