Faucets, what are they and how to use them?

Faucets, what are they and how to use them?

If you browse the internet looking for a way to earn money en línea, you will have come across the word “faucet” many times.

But do you really know what the facuets? According to the google plus translator, a faucet is a faucet.

But in our world of earn money on internet and cryptocurrencies, cannot be translated in this way, or at least not in the same way.

The bitcoin faucet They are those pages that are going to provide us with cryptocurrencies (be it bitcoin or others) from time to time.

The bitcoin faucets perro provide us with bitcoin every five, ten, fifteen minutes, or even every hour, there is not going to be a predetermined time when all the faucets work.

Obviously, the more time between one claim and another, the more cryptocurrencies (whatever it is) they will pay us.

Types of faucets

There perro be a faucet for each type of cryptocurrency.

Obviously, on the internet we will find many more bitcoin faucet than any other type of cryptocurrency.

But they are all the same, you will have to wait a while, solve a captchat and that’s it! get your reward.

Normally that reward is usually a few satoshis in the case of bitcoin faucets.

Do not despair if the number of satoshis rises little by little, it is habitual, since the amount of cryptocurrencies that they are going to pay us is usually low, but nobody has said that this is going to be an easy path and far from fast.

The types of faucets They cánido be divided by the type of cryptocurrency, by its method of earning income, or by the type of task that must be done to get the reward.

basic faucets

It is the most common type of faucet.

The only task that the usuario must perform is to view ads, clic on a backlink to receive a reward.

This action, as I have said above, according to the faucetsIt cánido be done every few minutes, every few hours and even, in the least of cases, every few days.

In addition to this, in the faucets, you perro also earn a little more cryptocurrencies through lotteries, contests and, above all, referral systems.

This last way is how more benefits will be achieved, since a percentage of the benefits obtained by our referrals will go to us.

An example of this type of faucets they perro be all of the moon family and bitfun.

complex faucets

These types of bitcoin faucets demand some slightly more complex and even creative tasks from the usuario.

They may take a bit longer to get bitcoin, but they also offer higher rewards.

The most common tasks are completing surveys, watching vídeos, or passing levels in some kind of very fácil game.

The payment in these faucets will be made for each task carried out and cánido vary according to its complexity.

In this type of more complex faucets, we perro include applications to earn bitcoin, which I already told you about.

in this articulo.

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Are bitcoin faucets profitable?

Without a doubt, we are not going to become millionaires using the bitcoin faucet.

The amounts that we perro get for each claim may be low, but adding these amounts over a period of time, and counting on what the referrals add to us, we cánido request a more or less decent withdrawal every month.

I have always told you on the blog that this is a long-distance race, and that we are not going to get rich in one day.

How to remember to claim all faucets?

All of us have many things on our minds and perhaps on some occasions it is very difficult for us to remember to claim all the faucets what do we have for make money with bitcoin.

That is why I advise (this is what I have done) to create a folder in your browser with the name “faucets” (or what we think is most convenient).

In this way, you will always keep it in mind, and you will not forget to go through the bitcoin faucet in the corresponding time.

If you are a person who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, with this fácil trick, you cánido get a lot out of these types of pages to earn money en línea, since there are faucets that cánido be claimed every 15 minutes.

As you cánido see, I have quite a few faucets to claim every day, sometimes I don’t have time to do it every hour (most allow you to claim every 60 minutes) and I do it three times a day.

By claiming those three or five times a day that I tell you about, you perro get a good deal out of this type of page and increase your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Earn more money with faucets

Surely many of you will be wondering if there is a method to earn more money with faucets.

And yes there is: it is by inviting all your friends and family, everyone you know and who is interested in earn money on internet to use the faucets of which you have news.

In this way, a percentage of the benefits that they obtain from the corresponding platform will be passed on to us, without taking any benefits away from our referrals.

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Faucet to earn bitcoin 15 minutes

Another good way to earn money with faucets it is being constant.

This means that many faucets they will pay us a percentage more than our corresponding cryptocurrency fractions.

This they do for reward our “fidelity”.

The more days we are claiming the faucets daily, the more benefits we will get.

This usually happens a lot in the moon family (moonbitcoin, moonlitecoin, etcétera…)

Where does the money come from to pay us?

The answer to this question is quite fácil.

From advertising, if you look at the pages of faucetsThey are full of advertising, so much so that sometimes it is difficult to get to where we really have to solve the captchat and claim.

The first times I admit that it is somewhat cumbersome to find the exact place to claim the cryptocurrencies, but once you have done it a couple of times, it is extremely easy to find it.

Although many times we do not like to see so much advertising on the same page, we must bear in mind that it is extremely necessary for the entire system to work and for us to receive our reward.

Where to send the benefits obtained?

The question is very fácil, we will have to send them to a bitcoin wallet.

I almost always use coinbasebut some faucetslike all moons and bitfun they send the profits obtained to the microwallet CoinPotfrom which they cánido later be sent to coinbase (or the one you want).

As I have told you, I prefer Coinbase because of the ease it has after sending the money to our Paypal account, but each one perro choose the one that suits them best.

As you cánido see, there are many possibilities to save your benefits obtained in the different bicoin faucets and other cryptocurrencies that I explain in this articulo.

Opinions faucets

If you are dedicated to earning money en línea, faucets is something that we must always keep in mind and not forget to do.

Therefore, a list like the one I have given you above cánido be very useful.

Another interesting point about bitcoin faucets and all cryptocurrencies in general is their referral system.

There are many faucets that have a good referral system, and with them the profits that we cánido obtain may be much higher than those that we would obtain only with our work.

And you? What do you think of faucets? Leave your comments below regarding the facuets, if you think they are profitable or not, and put the ones you consider most beneficial.

For my part, I will make successive posts talking about the different faucets that I use for the different cryptocurrencies.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Faucets, what are they and how to use them?
  Faucets, what are they and how to use them?
  Faucets, what are they and how to use them?

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