FaucetPay | Microwallet for your cryptos

FaucetPay | Microwallet for your cryptos

FaucetPay It is a recently created microwallet that will allow us to earn and store fractions of various cryptocurrencies instantly.

Without a doubt, the web has benefited from the sudden closure of FaucetHub, filling the gap that it has left among users wanting to earn fractions of free cryptocurrencies.


In fact, I recently showed you how another website with afín characteristics works, Express Crypto. What sets FaucetPay apart from this one is that we won’t have to register on most websites to receive payments directly in the wallet, that’s one of the differences, but there are other features that make this page a very but how interesting.

Sign up for FaucetPay

In just a minute we will be able to open an account in FaucetPay. Registration is free and all you will need is a nombre de usuario, a password and an correo electrónico.

Do not worry about your nationality, since this platform accepts users from anywhere in the world, without any restriction in that regard.

By entering this information in the form and confirming the account, we will go to our dirección de correo electrónico, there they will send us a message with a backlink where we will have to clic to verify and be able to entrar the platform and start receiving payments.

* The currencies currently accepted in FaucetPay are: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash and Litecoin.

Start earning money on FaucetPay

The truth is that FaucetPay is a fairly complete microwallet, since we not only have the option of generating profits with the faucets, in addition to that, it has other features that we are going to review calmly.

In section Earn From the main menu of the web, we are going to find a few different ways to earn money.

(1). Faucet List

Here we will be able to access a huge list of faucets available to earn money instantly.

Earn money in the faucets

The faucets are separated by cryptocurrencies, along with a lot of data that we use to classify them, such as; the amount of money that each one has paid today, the number of likes received or the total number of users who are using them.

All you have to do is select the coin you want to win and go to any faucet to claim your prize, it’s that fácil. The earnings will go directly to your wallet depending on the selected cryptocurrency.

(2). Rock Paper Scissors

This is a section focused on all users who like to play betting their money. This is the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. It goes without saying that we must bet on these types of games with caution.

(3). offer wall

The typical panels of offers that are so habitual have become on every page to earn money. Walls like Offer Toro, TheoremReach or Pollfish among others, will help us increase our cómputo by completing different offers.

The offers in question perro be registrations on pages, completing en línea surveys or downloading and testing applications. With this we will add USDP points. The conversion right now is 400 USDP = 1 dollar.

(4). Paid to Clic

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get Satoshis. We simply have to visit the available ads and we will receive the corresponding commission instantly.

multiply btc game

Like other prestigious pages such as FreeBitcoin, FaucetPay has its own game to multiply our benefits on the web.

Bitcoin Multiplier

The operation is fácil. You only have to entrar an amount of Satoshis that you want to multiply and choose how much you want to multiply it by, up to a maximum of x 9,500. It also goes without saying that this game must be taken very calmly, because there is a risk of losing everything.

FaucetPay Exchange

FaucetPay has its own exchange service, where we will have the possibility of exchanging the different cryptocurrencies that we have stored in the wallet.

Simply choose the coins you want to exchange and the amount, then clic on the button Make Exchange and your funds will be transferred instantly to the chosen cryptocurrency with a small commission.

If you have cryptocurrency in another wallet that doesn’t allow you to exchange it or charges a high fee, FaucetPay is an excellent option. Just send that money to the address of any currency supported by this wallet and in this way you will avoid losing money along the way.

* If you are looking for a site that does not charge commission for exchanging cryptocurrencies, the best option at the moment is Coinpot.

FaucetPay referral system

Of course, we perro also earn money by recommending FaucetPay to other users, since it has a very interesting affiliate system.

To begin with, it must be said that although we will only have one level of referrals, this will be unlimited, therefore, we perro invite as many people as we want or cánido.

The commissions granted by this system are these:

Rock Paper Scissors 2 Satoshis every time a referral earns
Multiply BTC 50% of each bet of your referral
Exchange 50% of each commission to a referral
offer wall 25% for each offer completed by a referral
PTC 100% of each ad seen by a referral

As you cánido see, the commissions that FaucetPay grants for each action of a referral are quite notable, especially that 100% commission in the PTC section.

Does FaucetPay pay?

The answer is clear and conclusive, YES, FaucetPay pays and it does it quite quickly. In my case it only took a couple of hours to do it.

Payment received from FaucetPay

The payment is associated with a small commission, this commission will vary if we want a quick payment or a habitual payment. In my case I have chosen the habitual one, totally, it seems stupid to me to pay a higher commission for not being able to wait a couple of hours.

Final opinion on FaucetPay

I think I have not left anything in the pipeline, so we are going to close. Not without first saying that my opinion of FaucetPay is quite positive.

The web comes to fill a gap left by FaucetHub, since for most of the people who are dedicated to earning fractions of free cryptocurrencies, this gap was essential to fill.

Personally, although it is true that I have been using it for a very short time, I like it much more than its predecessor. It has a nicer interfaz, its use is even easier and the winning options or potential is somewhat higher.

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 FaucetPay |  Microwallet for your cryptos
  FaucetPay |  Microwallet for your cryptos
  FaucetPay |  Microwallet for your cryptos

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