FaucetHub It is a microwallet that although I discovered it a while ago, I have not seen until a few days ago its potential.

What is its potential, you ask? Its potential will be to be the recipient of different faucets, that the same microwallet gives us and in all the cryptocurrencies that you perro imagine..

Or at least the most important of the moment.

FaucetHub will allow us to collect cryptocurrencies from different faucets that the same microwallet will provide us.

I assure you that we will have a choice.

We cánido earn different cryptocurrencies:

You perro choose the cryptocurrency that you like the most or that gives you the best feeling.

I at the moment I am collecting etherumsince I am quite confident in the rise of this cryptocurrency.

To collect cryptocurrencies We will have hundreds of faucets to choose from.

Here I put a picture

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When we choose a cryptocurrency we must have an address of the cryptocurrency in question.

That we perro get it, going to the “Deposit” section.

Once in that section We cánido generate an address for each of the cryptocurrencies. It is the one that we will use to carry the profits in satoshis, szabo or the corresponding cryptocurrency.

When we have a significant amount of cryptocurrencies (for example, 20,000 satoshis), we cánido pass it to our microwallet that we use.

Usually I use Coinbase, since it allows us to transfer cryptocurrencies to our checking account more easily.

The transaction will be made in less than 24 hours and with very few feeds.

In Etherum, as we see in the image above, the minimum withdrawal would be 0.01 ETH.

With a feed of 1.5something that is bearable.

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In order to make the withdrawal to our Coinbase wallet we must go to the “Wallet Address” section.

Add the address to which we want to pass the cryptocurrency and wait 48 hours.

After those 48 hours you cánido withdraw it without any problem.

Once added the address in “Wallet Address”, and waited those 48 hours.

We must go to the “Withdraw” section to be able to withdraw our satoshis to our Coinbase wallet.

In FaucetHub we cánido also mineas in other pages to earn bitcoin.

Mining cánido be done in the “Mining” section.

This is a section that I have not used so far, but it is good that you know it for whoever wants to do it.

FaucetHub also has a referral section, We will earn 2% of what our referrals earn in the different cryptocurrencies and also 2% of the cryptocurrencies that our friends mine.

There is no referral limit, we perro invite all the friends we want.


This page It is a great opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies.

Although I present it as a microwallet, gives us the opportunity to work hundreds of faucets that only accept payment to Faucethub.

You have to take advantage of it.

While you make other PTC or earn other cryptocurrencies by other methods.

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time and I would register without hesitation in FaucetHub and I would start working on the faucets that are recommended to us..

What are you waiting for? Here is the backlink! Greetings and much success!!

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