FaucetHub | Microwallet, faucets and much more

FaucetHub | Microwallet, faucets and much more

FaucetHub is a cryptocurrency microwallet that acts as an intermediary between the faucets and our main wallets.

Some of the faucets that we work with on the blog do not pay us directly to our wallet, but rather through microwallets like FaucetHub.

Precisely for this reason it is essential to have a microwallet that allows us to withdraw the profits we obtain in them.

Also, as we will see throughout this articulo, FaucetHub not only limited to that.

From the website itself we perro earn different cryptocurrencies using their faucets and offer walls.

How Facethub works

FaucetHub is managed by Faucet Gaming Network, a platform that has extensive experience in the bitcoin campo.

Apart from FaucetHub, Faucet Gaming Network also manages other systems and faucets to earn free bitcoins.

Among others, sites like FaucetGame or Pokebits stand out.

Last update ” mawthub closes and it’s already sin conexión.

The microwallet has stopped working as such and is no longer an alternative to receive micro-payments from some faucets and PTCs.

As an alternative we perro use coin pot or Faucetpay.

From a practical point of view and as we have already seen in the introduction, FaucetHub allows us to accumulate in the same cómputo the small profits that we obtain in different pages, to later send them all together to our bitcoin wallet.

With this action, what we achieve is to save fees, so all the satoshis that we earn in faucets and PTCs will arrive clean in our wallet.

Websites like KickAssTraffic already have FaucetHub among their payment methods.

Using these two pages as an example, we see that the minimum payment of the first is 20,000 satoshis and that of the second is 3,000.

In the case of CoinAdder it would not be appreciated as much, but in the case of KickAssTraffic it is evident that if they charged us a commission for sending that money to our wallet, we would receive a pittance.

With FaucetHub what we achieve is to unify those payments and those of other pages, in order to accumulate a larger amount and have it deposited into our wallet without commissions and in a single transaction.

How to register on FaucetHub

The first thing we will have to do is create an account in FaucetHub and associate it with the address of our bitcoin wallet.

If you want, you perro follow this backlink that will take you directly to the registration form.

It goes without saying that creating an account on Faucethub is totally free.

In section “Wallet” we have to paste the address of our main bitcoin wallet, either from Xapo, coinbaseBlockchain… As soon as we have completed all the fields, we accept the TOS and clic on “Sign Up”.

As usual, FaucetHub will send us an correo electrónico to confirm that we created the account.

We follow the backlink in that correo electrónico and we will be able to access the web.

The most recommended thing as soon as you entrar our account in FaucetHub is add the addresses of our wallets bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etcétera.

After registration, the second step will be to complete all the fields on the tab “Wallet Addresses”, which is where we will add the addresses of our wallets.

If we only intend to work with bitcoins, it will be enough for us to paste only the address of our bitcoin wallet.

But if we want to work with other cryptocurrencies, we will have to fill in the relevant fields with the addresses of the wallets they touch in each case.

How to earn satoshis on FaucetHub

By adding the addresses of our wallets, we will be able to withdraw both the cryptocurrencies we receive from other sites and the ones we win on the FaucetHub website itself.

In other words, FaucetHub not only saves our money, but we cánido also get additional satoshis with the faucets, watching ads on the offer walls or participating in games of oportunidad.

▶ Mawthub’s Faucets

There are many faucets available to earn cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

Of all the faucets that we have listed, several factors must be taken into account.

Some are veterans and some are newer.

Some pay without problems and others do not pay.

Or there are even some that pay less than what they claim to pay.

It is important that we look at the trust bar next to each faucet.

that bar indicates the degree of trust of the users of FaucetHub themselves.

Compilation of the best dogecoin faucets on FaucetHub.

▶ OfferWalls or Walls of Offers

Between the FaucetHub offer walls there are some who pay us to answer surveys or download aplicaciones.

As for the surveys, I personally prefer to answer them on other pages like ClixSense.

As regards the applications, I do not generate much confidence.

Hence why I never download them.

What I do regularly is entrar the walls of PTCWall and MinuteStaff, which have quite a few PTC ads.

These ads allow me to add satoshis while doing other things.

▶ Gambling

We cánido also get plus satoshis by participating in the FaucetHub Gambling.

When dealing with games in which the luck aspecto intervenes, it is necessary to start from the base that the most posible thing is that we lose what we play.

There are three different games:


TurboLottery ⏩ The typical lottery game with 10 winners per draw.

2. Rock Paper Bitcoin ⏩ A classic of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

3. Rambo Bitcoin Says ⏩ The Hi-Lo or High and Low card game.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

FaucetHub opinions and interesting facts

There are some features of FaucetHub that we should know before using the platform:

✅ At FaucetHub we cánido store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin and Primecoin.

As with bitcoins, to receive these cryptocurrencies we will need to have a wallet for each one.

If you still do not have a wallet for any of these cryptocurrencies, you perro take a look at this website that allows us to have and manage different cryptocurrency wallets in one place.

✅ Continuing with the previous point, note that in FaucetHub we perro perform a cómputo exchange using an internal microwallet service.

With this exchanger we cánido earn some cryptocurrencies and exchange them for others.

✅ The minimum amount to be able to send bitcoins from FaucetHub to our wallet is 20,000 satoshis.

In the tab of “Withdraw” We cánido see the minimum required amount that the rest of the cryptocurrencies have.

✅ FaucetHub too offers us the possibility of creating our own faucet.

Any usuario who wants to perro have a faucet with the collaboration of FaucetHub.

✅ There is a level system that defines the commissions we receive for the activity of our guests.

If we are at level 1 we will earn 1% of the profits obtained by our referrals.

When we get to level 2, we will increase that percentage by 1% and earn 2% of what they generate.

To add experience points and level up we have to use the faucets or complete offers.

This way we will earn satoshis and experience points at the same time.

For each level passed, they will add 1% to the percentage of profits.

The more active we are, the higher the percentage of profits.


Of all the pages we work for earn free bitcoinssome do not pay us directly to our bitcoin wallet, but they do it through microwallet.

As we have seen today, in this sense, FaucetHub perfectly meets our needs.

In my opinion, it is convenient to have the least amount of money in microwallets like FaucetHub.

I explain.

If we look at the latest microwallets that have swarmed the web, we cánido agree that, sooner or later, they have all become scams.

First it was Paytoshi and FaucetBox, and the last to fall has been ePay.

Not even a month ago.

That is why I recommend sending the money to our wallet as soon as possible.

I don’t want to be jinxed, far from it.

But as they say, prevention is better than cure.

Why do we want to save money in FaucetHub when we cánido have it in our wallet?

With FaucetHub we not only add one more site to get free bitcoins, but it will allow us to withdraw our earnings on other pages.

Pages like koiniom either Coinpayu who have stopped using ePay for obvious reasons and now pay through FaucetHub.

If you are working on these pages, you plan to do so or you simply want to earn cryptocurrencies from the website itself, you cánido register with my backlink by clicking on the banner below.

And as always, if you have any questions or want to ask me any questions, you cánido do so through the comments or through popular networks.

Thank you and see you next time.

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 FaucetHub |  Microwallet, faucets and much more
  FaucetHub |  Microwallet, faucets and much more
  FaucetHub |  Microwallet, faucets and much more

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