Faucet Crypto: up to 17 cryptocurrencies with

Faucet Crypto: up to 17 cryptocurrencies with

Faucet Crypto It is currently one of the best options to earn cryptocurrencies that we have on the internet.

From a single portal we will have the possibility of earn up to 17 different cryptocurrencies.

This page has been en línea since 2017 and since then it has been managed by the company Dante Cloud Network, which at the end of 2019 gave it a good image wash.

Since then Faucet Crypto it has experienced a great growth of users and has gained a lot of popularity within the world of cryptocurrencies.

This popularity may be due in large part to the oportunidad to win up to 17 cryptocurrencies different without leaving the page.

All this through its different sections of PTC, faucet, backlink shortener exchange and achievements.

Although it seems to you that the possibility of earning 17 different cryptocurrencies is very confusing.

Faucet Crypto offers us a very intuitive interfaz and a really clean design.

For this reason it will be very easy and fácil to earn cryptocurrencies with this platform.

If you like the world of cryptocurrencies and want earn bitcoin From here, I invite you to continue reading.

Sign up for Faucet Crypto

registration in Faucet Crypto, as in all the pages that I put in the blog, it is extremely fácil.

You simply have to put an dirección de correo electrónico, a nombre de usuario and a password.

As you perro check by doing so, open an account at Faucet Crypto It won’t take you more than two minutes.

You cánido register from that backlink or in the lower banner, as you wish.

Once we register, we will find a screen very afín to this one, where we will find on the left the different ways to earn cryptocurrencies that we have.

On the right, we will find your nombre de usuario, the level we have on the page and the plus percentage.

As we go up in level, also the plus will go up and so will our earnings.

How does Faucet Crypto work?

The operation of Faucet Crypto is extremely fácil.

Although it is true that the platform is in English, it is not too complicated earn cryptocurrencies with this platform.

As I have told you above, on the left of the page you have the different ways to earn cryptocurrencies that the page offers us.

Keep reading, I’m going to explain one by one all the forms that the page has.


With the faucet we have in Faucet Crypto we cánido claim coins every 40 minutes.

You will not need to solve any captchat, you just have to wait about 12 seconds and clic on the button that will appear below, “get reward“.

At the top you will see the amount of coins (the currency that you perro later exchange for cryptocurrencies).

You perro clic on the bell on the main page so that the page emits a sound when the 40 minutes pass and you perro claim again.

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In this section you perro earn coins by visiting shortened backlinks.

The process to complete this type of backlink shortening task is extremely fácil.

  • We clic on “complete backlink” and wait a few seconds.
  • We select “generate backlink” and we see a screen with a button with the text “Shower Timer/clic here“.

    We will have to press on him.

  • A new tab will open several times.

    You must press two to three times until a counter is activated on which you must wait until it reaches zero and then, when it reaches zero, clic on “continue“.

PTC ADS (paid ads)

The most traditional and easy way to get coins.

Viewing ads and advertising, to see the ads we must clic on the button “visit website“and a tab will open where you will have to wait for a countdown of six seconds to clic again on “visit website“.

From there you will be directed to a tab where you must wait for the countdown to claim your coins.

The negative point of these ads is that they have “adfocus”, which means that we will have to have the tab active so that the counter does not pause.


They are the typical offers where you must fill in your information to get coins.

On this platform you must reach level 20 to have access to the offer walls.

They are a very good way to earn large amounts of coins by performing different actions.

But as I always tell you, be careful with the personal data that you put in the offers, because in addition to riddling your correo electrónico with advertising, if you put your phone number, you perro get a surprise on the phone bill.

How to earn in Faucet Crypto?

As in all the pages, there are other ways to earn more cryptocurrencies than the usual ones.

In Faucet Crypto The same thing happens, individual constancy will be rewarded through a system of achievements and objectives (the so-called achievements).

Thanks to this system of achievements and objectives, you will be able to see your activity within the platform rewarded.

You perro see it in the section “earn coins/achivements“You will have access to the page with all the available achievements.

You will be able to see the progress in each of the active achievements.

When you manage to completely fill each of the bars, you perro claim it (claim) to level up.

referral system

In Faucet Crypto there is a good referral system.

Inside the section “cómputo/referral” you will have access to all the promotional material and a unique invite backlink with which you cánido start inviting other friends and family to join the page.

Every referral we get will give us a 20% lifetime commission.

Another of the positive parts of this referral system is that there are no limits, you cánido invite all the friends and family you want.

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How do I cash out on Faucet Crypto?

If you have come this far, it is because you are interested in this page and the ways it has to earn money en línea.

At this moment there are 17 cryptocurrencies available from which you perro request the payment.

Sounds interesting right?

You will find all the information to charge in the menu “withdraw“.

Once you are inside this menu, you will see an image afín to this one.

You will see that some coins you perro collect (in green) and others not yet (in red).

Those that you cannot collect is because the platform does not have enough stocks to pay you You cánido do two things, wait until you do have or choose another cryptocurrency.

Where will the cryptocurrencies that I perro withdraw from Faucets Crypto? Well, it will depend on each currency and the available funds.

When you access each cryptocurrency, you will see a menu called “withdraw method“, they may have one or two options available.

  • Direct Withdraw.

    If this option appears, you perro indicate any wallet that supports this cryptocurrency.

    I always choose coinbase.

  • faucetpay.

    If, on the other hand, only this option appears, you cánido only withdraw your benefits to the Faucetpay wallet.

All withdrawals are free of commissions and payments are practically instantaneous, what more perro we ask of a page to earn cryptocurrencies?

Opinion Faucet Crypto

If we find a page with which we perro earn up to 17 cryptocurrencies completely free of charge and we perro withdraw them immediately, what would you think?

Something cool! That is what it offers us Faucet Crypto, earn up to 17 cryptocurrencies and easily withdraw them to a wallet.

In a totally safe way and almost without effort we will be able to earn free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in many different ways.

This page is not limited to a faucet, where you entrar automatically from time to time.

The page offers us many other possibilities to earn, such as paid ads or backlink builders, offer walls and achievements for being an active usuario.

If you escoge to try it, here is the registration backlink, you perro start earning money today! You cánido leave me any doubts that may arise in the comments.

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 Faucet Crypto: up to 17 cryptocurrencies with
  Faucet Crypto: up to 17 cryptocurrencies with
  Faucet Crypto: up to 17 cryptocurrencies with

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