fanes | gain followers on fb

fanes | gain followers on fb

What is Fancitos about?

Fancitos is a page where the objective is for us to support each other to obtain many likes in all our popular networks.

This will make you start to be known.

Why should you make yourself known?

➡ If you want to earn money with Youtube you need visitors

➡ If you want to earn money with a Blog you need traffic.

➡ If you want to earn money selling products on instagram you need followers

➡ If you want to earn money with PTC style pages you need referrals

And the list perro continue to lengthen.

The point is that to succeed on the internet you need people to see what you offer.

This is obviously not mandatory, but it will determine if you are going to earn a little or earn enough to live comfortably.

Try to grow.

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain! In addition, the work is nothing special, for example if you rely on little entusiastas to get your first group of followers and referrals the tasks are as fácil as liking a articulo on fb or +1 to a person on google plus agregado, subscribing to a youtube channel, etcétera.

Characteristics of Fancitos

Minimum withdrawal: €5 euro.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Forum: No.

focus: No.

Requires verified PayPal: No.

How to register in Fancitos?

Before earning money and fame with fanes, the first thing we must do is register.

For this we only clic on the banner that I leave below… Just for joining from my backlink they give you 1 Euro and 100 coins.

Register in Fancitos

Once we entrar the Fancitos page we will notice a box that says “Usuario Access”.

Clic on the “New Users” button and you will have to complete a small form where they ask you:

  • Nombre de usuario
  • Dirección de correo electrónico
  • Password
  • Gender
  • Country

To finish the registration process you will be sent an dirección de correo electrónico to confirm your account.

And that’s it, as you cánido see, it’s easy and fast.

You cánido start working now!

How to earn coins in Fancitos?

How fancitos works is fácil, you like my fb page and then I like yours, that’s what the exchange of users consists of.

The more likes you give to other pages, the more likes you will receive on yours.

The good thing is that they work with the most habitual popular networks.

The exchange system is carried out through a virtual currency, each usuario is free to choose how many coins he wants to offer for each like, visit or subscriber he receives.

The page orders the campaigns of the users according to how many coins they offer, with the people who pay the most coins occupying the first positions.

We know that not everyone is interested in becoming habitual on popular networks, for those who do not want to exchange their coins for likes or anything like that, they have the option to exchange them for money in PayPal.

How to earn your first coins and make exchanges?

You will see how easy it is to receive a reward within little fanes… Notice that on the left side of your screen it says earn coins and a menu is displayed with a series of options.

  1. Shorten Backlinks: You earn coins by visiting the typical backlink where you must wait 5 seconds and give SKIP AD.
  2. Fb: You earn coins by liking pages, photos, websites and sharing a articulo.
  3. instagram: To earn coins you have the option to like or follow.
  4. pinterest: You get coins by following, liking and doing repins.
  5. soundcloud: You get coins for following, liking and listening to music.
  6. Traffic Exchange: In this you earn coins by surfing as you would in any traffic rotator.
  7. Twitter: You get coins for posting a mensaje de Twitter, retweeting, following and adding to favorites.
  8. Youtube: We will earn coins just for watching vídeos, liking or subscribing to a channel.

As you have seen, there are a variety of networks available on the platform, but it is not necessary to use all the options, with about three is enough.

If you don’t want to use Fb, work with Instagram and so on… Obviously you must be registered in the popular networks with which you are going to work and have the session open.

If, for example, we choose that let’s work with twitter A list of small boxes will appear with all the available tasks, as shown in the image below.

Now we just have to clic on the green button that says “Follow” and a window opens for us to execute the action.

To finish, you close the window and the coins are instantly credited to your cómputo.

The procedure is exactly the same for all the other sections that you want to work on.

Easier impossible!

entusiastas claim coupons

This is one of the characteristics that I like the most about fanes, sometimes I’m busy with other things and I don’t get a oportunidad to get on the page, but despite that I perro continue to fill my popular networks with people thanks to entusiastas from time to time Time gives us a little coupon that doesn’t fall badly.

In the time I’ve been working with Fancitos send at least one coupon every month, even sometimes it is 1000 coins.

Coupons arrive by correo electrónico.

How are the contests?

The contests are held every day, the winners are the three users who make the most exchanges, if your goal is to earn money for PayPal instead of followers, then these contests will help you a lot, with the prize you perro reach the minimum payment much faster.

daily plus

Every day if you make at least 50 trades you receive a plus of 40 coins.


As you use the seguidor page and you increase the completed exchanges, you cánido access some prizes, although they are only coins they are free, if you want to claim a prize go to where it says “Prizes” Located in the top menu.

Then just look at what prizes you have already unlocked and clic on “Request” and the coins are immediately credited to your cómputo.


Leveling up is an excellent help to earn a little more each time, when we are new they only give us 40 coins of the daily plus but this figure increases with each level we reach.

Below I leave a table for you to check.

How to publish your vídeos and your pages in Fancitos?

To publish your popular network pages, what you must do is on the left hand side select the button that says “Add page” and a drop-down appears in which we must choose the type of publication that we want to activate.

After you select what you need to promote, example Fb Likes.

You will need to equipo up your ad campaign as shown in the image below.

In url paste the backlink that Fb assigns to your Fanpage, in Title you name your page, in coins per clic It is used for you to escoge how many coins you want to pay for each like (I recommend placing 5).

In daily clic limit leave it as it is and in Total clic limit select the number of likes you want to receive, in this case I equipo the campaign to pause when it reached 100 likes.

Finally you just have to clic on Add page. the same procedure applies to each popular network.

The options that I usually use more in entusiastas are fb like and twitter follower.

Tricks, strategies and doubts about Fancitos


do two things at once

Fancitos is one of those sites where you don’t have to be aware of what you are doing, for example: You perro divide the screen in two and while you earn coins with vídeos on YouTube at the same time you do your things on the other half of the screen (Task university, movies, chat, work on another page, etcétera).

Looking Dragon Ball Super while working on little fanes


How to deactivate a publication?

As long as you have an active campaign, whenever you make points, that page you have activated will eat them.

If you want to upload views on another vídeo or like other fanpages, you must pause or delete the previous ones so that they do not consume coins.

To do this you must go to where it says “My pages” and look for the type of publication.

Then you give it editar and you perro delete it permanently or just deactivate it momentarily.


Earn money with visits in the backlink shortener

From Fancitos you cánido send many visits to adfly and the different shorteners that are on the internet.

The seguidor traffic is based on real people located in different parts of the world, so we are not at risk of being banned, the page perro be left working with complete peace of mind in that regard.

Fancitos is not perfect but if you make a comparison with the competition (fanslave, fanporfan, among others) Fancitos has more conversion than the others and by a lot.

I say this because I have tried several pages afín to Fancitos and the truth is that these websites do not generate practically any visits in the shorteners that I use.

It is a good way to win with shorteners (Cutwin, GoldShorten, OUO, Etcétera)


Do you recommend buying a VIP account?

No… I work for free, I was reading the benefits of investing in Fancitos but at least nothing caught my attention.

It is best to stay with the free account.


I don’t want money… I want to be famous!

Excellent, that is the best use you cánido give to Fancitos.

You perro gain hundreds of followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus Agregado, Fb, etcétera…

You perro even change the currencies to send traffic to your website.

If it is your wish, you perro collect money to your PayPal account when you have enough.

But if you have entered here it is because you have asked yourself the question… How cánido reeds get followers if you are from scratch?

That is exactly what Fancitos is for!

Whoever emplees it to earn money is not bad either, but you don’t earn much on these types of pages.

To earn money we have other pages that are 100 times more profitable, in this backlink I leave you one of my favorites: How to use SEO Esprint?


Seguidor Bot

The truth is that there is no bot for Fancitos, the most they cánido do is download an autoclicker and configure it to automate the clicks.

However if they catch you they ban you.


How to convert coins into money and how many coins do I need?

You cánido exchange the coins for real money every time you reach 5000 thousand coins they give you the option to claim 1 euro.

To do so, clic on “Withdraw money” and you will see something like this:

The first step is to select “Coins for money” to convert currencies to euros. You must have a minimum of 1000 thousand coins to be able to do it.

The second step is that when you have 5 or more euros in your cómputo, clic on “Withdraw money” entrar the amount you want to collect, entrar your PayPal dirección de correo electrónico and finally press the green “Send” button.

The bad thing is that they are slow to pay, payments cánido take up to 1 month to be processedbut the important thing is that they do pay.

If you are one of those who do not like to wait and only look for pages that pay instantly, then you should try Rucaptcha the best page that pays for solved captcha !!


fake popular networks

You have to be very careful not to use your main accounts because popular networks may find out and may even cancel the account.

Bearing in mind that when popular networks like Fb disable your account, they do so permanently, it is best not to risk it and to work on this type of page, use fake popular networks and not the real ones.


referral system

This page does not ask you for referrals to be able to collect.

You perro collect even if you don’t have a single one based on your own effort.

But still, as always, getting referrals helps… So why not look for them?

It should be noted that a referral will be valid only when they have earned at least 50 coins on the platform, that is, if you invite a person and they register but do nothing, you will not receive a commission from that guest.


It is not always convenient to invest coins in subscribers

It is better to change them for visits, if your vídeos on YouTube increase the number of visits that the subs have, they arrive alone.

In case a page spends coins on likes, but not your seguidor page, it’s better if likes are assigned to posts to promote them.

In the same way, that causes more people to see your publications and the organic likes begin to arrive on their own.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive aspects:

  • They give you 1 euro for free when you sign up.
  • Excellent help to improve your popular positioning and popularity in your niche.
  • It is a secure site that is paying since 2011
  • Pay by PayPal the most versatile processor for people from Venezuela.
  • Fancitos has an abundant number of users, that allows you to get followers too quickly.
  • Subscribers on Youtube 100% legal.

    The great thing about Fancitos is that subscribers are not bots, so you don’t run the risk of being sanctioned by YouTube.

    Try to give at least 5 coins so that people subscribe to your channel faster, if you put less the process will be slower.


  • Fb cánido block you for giving likes, so it’s best to create a new account and use it exclusively for Fancitos.

    Do not use your personal account because by giving many likes there is a possibility that Fb will suspend your account for suspicious activity.

  • Not all the subscribers or likes you get are maintained, keep in mind that Fancitos is based on real people who interact with your pages, many times these people are only interested in earning coins and over time if your content is not interesting to them they will unsubscribe.

There are websites where the subscribers you get are pure robots (SubscriberTrain, YTMonster, etcétera.) That doesn’t work and they cánido delete your account, YouTube easily detects that they are bots.

That’s why the best is Fancitos.


There is little left to say about this page, earning money or followers by liking other people’s pages and who in turn reward you by liking your pages seems great to me.

Especially when you’re starting out, it’s a great help, because it’s not only useful for earning money, you cánido use Fancitos for any topic you’re focused on.

The question is that when your numbers grow you start to give people confidence that is interested in your niche, most people when it comes to watching a vídeo or joining a seguidor page, tend to pay close attention to how many subscribers you have or how many people follow you.

People say “Fuck this guy everyone is following him, he must be good at what he does”.

And so more and more people start to follow you.

This type of aid is being used by many people, for example… Haven’t you noticed that singers, especially reggaeton and trap are they paying a lot of advertising to youtube?

You cánido appreciate the millions of views they have regardless of whether the song is good or bad.

Celebrities know that the more views a song has (even if they are purchased views) people entrar the vídeo because they think “Wow, this song has millions of views, it must be great.” And with all that marketing they stick.

If, on the other hand, they see that you barely have 2 subscribers and 100 visits, you will be ignored.

Don’t keep being ignored! Join Fancitos for free to start earning money and people to follow you… Just clic on the banner below !!

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 fanes |  gain followers on fb
  fanes |  gain followers on fb
  fanes |  gain followers on fb

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