I stopped using Fancitos a long time ago, they did not pay me claiming that they had changed owners and they did not take care of the above.

It is declared as SCAM and I stop recommending it.

You cánido earn money with your popular networks in this backlink

fancitos It’s not a new page It has been running since 2012, but today we added it to I get out of the crisis.

If what you need is to increase the number of followers in your popular networks this is your page.

The mechanics of this page is very fácil: likes exchanger.

We like various popular networks, so we will earn points.

We cánido exchange these points for likes or likes to our pages or for money.

Your registration is very fácil, and like all the pages that I recommend in I get out of the crisisfree.

You just have to clic on this backlink and it will take you to the registration page.

Once on the registration page, you must clic on “new usuario

I’m sure this also interests youUniclique and Cliquesteria do not pay

Once inside, we will have to fill in our data, solve a small captcha and verify our dirección de correo electrónico in the correo electrónico with which we have registered.

After this, we perro start to earn points to exchange them or for money or for visits to our popular networks.

Once registered, we will vea that we start with 100 coins and €1.

If you want to start this well, we will only have to clic in this backlink.

The operation of little entusiastas It is very fácil.

It is based on the exchange of clicks between users in order to get followers, fanes and followers for your popular networks.

Its interfaz is very fácil, on the left side we cánido see the administration of our account.

From here we perro add the popular networks that we want to promote, add money, see referrals, etcétera.

In the lower box we find the popular networks and backlinks with which we will earn coins.

I’m sure this also interests youPayzabux is SCAM

When we clic on the left section on “add page“We perro choose the type of campaign we want to do, we must add the url and choose a title.

We also have the option to configure the amount of coins we want to spend on each exchange.

Also the limit of daily and total clicks that our campaign will receive.

Apart from exchanges, we perro also earn money and coins with the friends that we invite to this platform.

It is the so-called referral system.

Fancitos has a good referral system.

G.we will earn €0.25 for each friend we invite, in addition to 100 coins, yes, the commission will become effective when our friend (referred) completes his first thousand exchanges.

If you want to register with my backlink and earn money and referrals.

You perro do it through this banner.

final conclusions fanes

For a long time I wanted to have a page of this type, since popular networks are a very important part of en línea businesses and fancitos will help us get more followers for our networks.

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste any more time and I would register quickly.

It is easy, and with a little effort, we will see that our followers in the different networks are increasing.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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