FamilyBTC pays

FamilyBTC pays


FamilyBTC stopped working at the beginning of 2020.

It is officially declared SCAM and I stop recommending it

FamilyBTC paysand although I have verified it last year, It is today when I make the articulo explaining it.

Because? Well, mainly for health reasons.

I ended the year 2017 quite badly in terms of health and I started the same.

Yeah You follow me on Twitter, popular network in which I entrar a lot, you would know it.

If you don’t follow me I recommend that you do it.

My nick is @salgodelacrisis.

But hey, these are perks of the trade.

Today taking advantage of the fact that I am a little better I come to give you my first payment of this great BTC.

Surely you will remember FamilyBTC.

perhaps many of you are working on this page.

Therefore, I will not elaborate on explaining it, I will leave you the backlink to articulo where I talked about her.

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This it’s my first FamilyBTC paymentlike other afín pages will pay us portions of satoshis for viewing ads.

Given the price that bitcoin is having, it would be a bit illogical if these types of pages are not worked.

Therefore they are 100% recommended.

I am going to remind you, above, how satoshis (portions of bitcoin) were earned in FamiliyBTC.

Bearing in mind that this is our ultimate goal. We perro get the satoshis by going to the “earn money” section of our main panel.

Go for it!

  • viewing adsthis is the main system that we all use when it comes to earning satoshis, They are ads from 5 to 30 secondsdepending on the waiting time, our reward will be higher or lower
  • Faucets, every fifteen minutes we perro see an advertiservisit your site for 5 seconds and we will get our reward, usually 5 or 10 satoshis
  • OffersIn this you have to take into account what I always tell you, be careful with giving your phone numbers for offerssince sometimes you are subscribed to a premium messaging service with which your losses will be much greater than your gains
  • clixgridthe typical boxes, here you perro win the possibility to put our own ads in this sectionwe will have 250 possibilities
  • flip the coin This possibility is new since the first articulo.

    Is the typical heads or tailswe will play 10 satoshis to heads or tails.

    Luck depends a lot here, so be careful with your greedsince expertise counts for little

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And as I have told you before, After a while, I have received my first payment, which for sure, will not be the last.

Here I leave you the proof I have cashed it out by CoinPayments, great wallet that accepts a large number of cryptocurrencies.

Here is the backlink where I talked about her.


People say that 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrenciesthat’s why we will have to pick them up from anywhere.

FamilyBTC has become one of the benchmarks in the world of BTC.

Therefore, you have to have it yes or yes, and more knowing that FamilyBTC pays without any problems.

Nothing more for today friends.

I wish you a good year, to those who haven’t, and lots of success!

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 FamilyBTC pays
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  FamilyBTC pays

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